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佰筑建筑: 奔流的熔岩是旨在激活一处新建的商业与住宅区步行街的城市公共空间与装置项目,位于中国浙江省人口第二大的港口城市-宁波市。

100 Architects: Magma Flow is a stimulating urban activation of a pedestrian street from a newly built commercial and residential area in the port city of Ningbo, second most populous city in Zhejiang Province, China.


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One of the most characteristic features of this place is the presence of grand stairs that serve as pedestrian access to the open second floor of the commercial street. In order to activate this pedestrian junction and turn it into an eventful and eye-catching public space, colonizing the stairs extending and detaching the proposal from the horizontal plane of the floor was early identified as a key action to gain visibility, and from which the rest of the proposal could be articulated.


▽到二楼空间的楼梯给了设计灵感 The stairs to the second floor space gave the design inspiration

▽逐渐延伸为流淌的熔岩概念 Gradually extending to the concept of flowing lava

▽整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view

▽平面图 Plan



Thus, what before were just simple stairs to access the second floor, is now a volcano of public activity by inserting several amphitheaters at different levels, providing the stairs with platforms for hanging out and resting; shading structures mimicking the violent eruptive process, while providing shadow to the new resting areas; and even some slides resembling the erupted lava going down the hill.


▽象征着火山的不同高度露天剧场 Amphitheatre of different heights symbolizing the volcano

▽提供休憩遮荫 Provide shade for rest



To continue with the narrative on the rest of the space, a huge stain of erupted magma razes the ground level with color and playful functions for kids and adults alike, generating a very eye-catching multifunctional plaza right at the pedestrian junction. The flow of magma creates an intense & vivid circuit of events and spaces arising by its side.


▽轴侧图 Axonometric view


▽岩浆广场鸟瞰 Aerial view of magma square

▽成年人也需要娱乐和放松 Adults also need entertainment and relaxation



Among the functions that we can find on the magma plaza, there are several seating and resting areas located under shadowing canopies, as well as mahjong & tic-tac-toe tables and a lounge area for adults. For the joy & entertainment of kids, we equipped the space with a swing pergola, seesaws, slides, hills and bumps, tunnels, punching bags & challenging obstacles along the circuit.



▽通行、交谈,这是一个无边界的场所 Passing, talking, this is a place without borders



Altogether, the proposal creates an incandescent public space that acts as an urban attractor and entertainment hotspot within the new commercial and residential development.


▽顶棚的暖灯光 Warm lights on the ceiling

▽整体夜景 Overall night view




设计团队:Marcial Jesús,Javier González,Mónica Páez,Lara Broglio, Michelle,龚勋,蒋静璇,赵芳波,黄思韻,张忠进 & 刘耘彤,沈春香
项目管理团队: 范江涛,吕强& 江清霞
面积: 1,350 m2
摄影师: 邹及人
视频摄影师:Lalo López

DESIGN: 100 Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
DESIGN TEAM: Marcial Jesús, Javier González, Mónica Páez, Lara Broglio, Ponyo Zhao, Keith Gong, Cosima Jiang, Hayley Huang, Michelle Aldora, Jango Zhang & Yuntong Liu.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TEAM: Jenny Fan, Nicholas Lv & Eva Jiang.
CLIENT: Vanke China Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Division)
SIZE: 1,350 m2
LOCATION: Ningbo, China




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