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栖地设计设计行业发展至今,我们始终秉持着不断创新的前瞻精神,探索更加前卫、摩登的表现形式。“新希望堇麟上府” 在定位上具有前沿性,引导宁波人居未来发展方向。我们汲取前人优秀的设计理念,从中找到了一些启发。结合解构主义(Deconstructivism)的设计风格和“less is more”少即是多的设计思考,探索时代的发展和空间变换的哲学理念。

QIDIWith the development of the design industry, we have always adhered to the spirit of continuous innovation and explore more avant-garde and modern expressions. “New Hope Jinlin Shangfu” has a leading position, guiding the future development direction of Ningbo City Residents. We have learned the excellent design concepts from our predecessors for inspiration. Combining the design style of Deconstructivism with the “less is more” design thinking, we explore the development of the era and the philosophy of spatial transformation.


浩瀚星海,时空漫境,这是一场漫步于时空之境的星光盛宴 The sea of stars, the infinity of the cosmos. This is a starlight feast of walking in time and space



We use the concept of “Realm of Star Ocean” to find design elements, integrate modern innovation methods. We extract, deconstruct, and reorganize to form a unique design language and build a pure artistic space.Through extracting the essence of the star sky, the development of light, material, color, plant and other design techniques, and the change of the characteristics of the space, we make the site has its unique personality.


项目实景鸟瞰 Aerial view

最终稿“星海之境”模型鸟瞰 rendering Aerial view


星海光年 初见倾心 Star Ocean and the light year, moved by the first glance

远远看去白色的建筑宛如时光飞船,穿梭时空星海降落宁波这片希望的土地,建筑主入口朝向一处交叉路口,入口广场空间开阔并可以聚集人气,创造一处充满科技感与艺术性的生活场景。示范区外界展示面一体化设计,“星海之境”的设计元素延伸到每一处。设计师将对解构主义与“less is more”的思考注入设计,把时代的需求精简表达融入景观中。明亮畅快的白色幻境,赋予了这个城市一抹最亮丽的光,令人眼前一亮,初见即倾心。

Looking from a distance,The white building looks like a time ship, Traveling through time and space and the Star Ocean, we land on this hopeful land, Ningbo.The main entrance of the building faces an intersection. The entrance plaza is open to gather popularity.The union design of the exterior of the demonstration area presents the idea that the design elements of ‘Realm of the Star Ocean’ extending to every corner. The designers put deconstruction and “less is more” thinking into the design, and integrates the needs of the ear into the landscape. The bright and vivid white illusion gives the city the brightest light, which makes it shine.




The “Stargate” has a novel design and distinctive personality. The design of the door head highlights the tension of the line with a smooth and rounded structure.The irregular diamond-shaped spiritual fortress is interspersed with the head and the head of the vertical, and the extension of the pavement, the longitudinal light belts are continuous, the layers are progressive, and the flow of people is introduced to open the interstellar journey.


这是一次关于意境化空间的探索,关于发现结构主义的美学尝试 This is an exploration of the artistic spiritual space, an aesthetic attempt to discover structuralism



“Star River of Joy” landscape wall: dark gray plated steel plate edge and profiled white aluminum plate form an obliquely curved steel structure frame. Diamond pattern and small orange peel glass bricks are combined to become a crystal curtain wall. Each piece of small orange peel glass brick is wrapped with warm yellow light strips, creating the night screen effect of “Star River of Joy”.



星海漫境 心生涟漪 The Infinity of the Star Ocean waves our hearts.


The movement of Light and Shadow,Between abstraction and figuration, time becomes clear.Swirl in the vortex of the Star of the Ocean.From the periphery into the internal transition space, the vehicle circulation, the plaza circulation, and the entrance to the park meet. At night, the building shines brightly. This is the birth of a new start, and the most beautiful energy blooms to the extreme.


光影塑造了不同角度变换的形式美,空间在阳光的照射下有了灵魂Light and shadow shape the beauty of the form from different angles, and space has a soul under the illumination of the sunshine

折线灯带延伸至场地内部,强调了墙体的流线感,暖光源也为整个空间增加了温暖的气氛 The line of light extends to the interior of the site, emphasizing the streamline of the wall. The warm light source adds a warm atmosphere to space as well



The “Realm” of Star Ocean, the large waterscape of an area of 520 m2 is the main theme of the frontcourt. Black Galaxy, as the major stone material of the waterscape and black titanium mirror stainless steel as the edge, the curved ribbon sculpture seems to float on the water surface, which has the beautiful meaning of “no wave in a quiet ocean.”


一道流年,醉卧在水中央 The time lies in the middle of the water



The design of the underwater “Nebula” is shimmering at night. The large glass curtain wall floats on the surface of the water, quiet and romantic.From simple to complex, static to dynamic, sci-fi to reality, a curvy line to the curved surface, the scene is constantly changing and the multi-element design of the star sky impacts people’s visual focus.




The design language of the entrance to the building and the elements of the interior seamlessly meet the landscape space, echoing and reflecting each other. The diamond shape entrance complements the fashion language as well.




Walking in the garden surrounded by green, the boundless plain fringed with stars hanging low, the moon surges with the river on the flow. The backyard corridor space displays the concept of life with new hope, illustrating the true meaning of pursuing life and giving people a warm living experience.



结语 conclusion


The developers and we continue to strive for perfection. We have made in-depth adjustments to the realization of the design and construction operability. The in-depth discussions with the construction team and repeatedly on-site visits finally realized the project.As the starting point of the Star OceanTour, the “Star Gate” is the spiritual symbol of the entire demonstration area. The overall length is about 130m and the area is 440m2. The mass volume and the curved surface structure bring great trouble for construction.


施工现场 The construction site

实景效果 Effect of real




Project name: Majestic Mansion
Year completed: July 2019
Project area: 5416㎡
Project location: ningbo, zhejiang, China
Landscape design: QIDI design
Lead designer: Huanzhang Pu
Design team: Jinlin Li, Bingbing Zhang, Cheng Yuan, Daxiong Liu, Ying Luo, Aizuan Zheng, Meiqiong Luo, Xiaoyu Zhang, Xiaohan Li, Yue Xu, Ying Zhang, Yumao Li, Xiao Xiao, Huicong Liu, Yang Cao, Xudong He, Wenyue Cai, Cheng Wang
Client: New Hope Group Ningbo brand
Construction: Zhejiang Huizhou Landscape
Photography: Hoil Landscape Photography


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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