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Lacime Architects:Lacime Architects:A rain in early summer brings a hint of coolness to Changsha. From afar, the elephant trunk nest is like a veiled girl shrouded in misty rain, with natural authenticity hidden among the mountains, constantly nourishing the agility and warmth of the land.





Due to the terrain of the mountains, the Tianqing Mansion in Changsha has hidden this natural undulating charm in the courtyard, using a small to large gardening technique to respond to the call of the distant mountains and return everything to the most simple state. When people walk into the garden, they feel the closeness and freedom with nature, and their hearts harvest pure relaxation.

In the heat of summer, I invite you to enter the sky, shake off the hustle and bustle of the world, and be drenched in poetry.



01 迎客山门 Welcome Mountain Gate



Song style aesthetics emphasizes introspection and artistic conception, which is pure, elegant, light and profound, emitting a strong charm of humanistic spirit.

Returning home is presented through a 26m horizontal Oriental sloping rooftop building gate street, which not only expresses the overall tone of the project, but also imagines the connection to future commerce, becoming an expansion space for local brand commerce in Changsha. Gathering fireworks, it interprets the bustling street scenery of Zhang Zerui’s “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” by the Northern Song Dynasty painter.


▽一块块的石头与地形咬合,再现自然之处。Pieces of stone interlock with the terrain, reproducing the natural place.

▽门街,内是静谧庭院,外是城市烟火气。 Gate Street, inside is the quiet courtyard, outside is the city fireworks.

▽山门,约40m坡屋面连廊,通过双层檐口、序列格栅与福鼎黑石材的虚实对比打造轻盈的立面Shanmen, about 40m sloping roof corridor, creating a lightweight facade through the contrast of double layered eaves, sequential grilles, and Fuding black stone.

▽木色饰面格栅/“朴素而天下莫能与之争美” Wooden finish grille/”Simple yet unparalleled in the world for beauty”


02 寻涧鲤池 Xunjian Carp Pond



“Lying still on the rocks by the creek, listening to the rain and wandering in the carp’s dream”

The pond wrapped in the forest, the jumping koi in groups, the leisurely and natural ducks, After walking over the stone bridge, winding and graceful, Being already within the mountains, I naturally feel at ease.




Customized Binzhou green stone paving and patchwork, restoring the beauty of stone and experiencing the fun of stone bridge amusement park.





Climbing up the stairs, my gaze was filled with mountains and forests, but my ears were filled with the melodious sound of falling waterfalls, like the perennial flowing water of high mountains, and like the gentle breeze blowing through the pine forest.

The most subtle expression of Eastern literati – to speak of character, simply talking about “pine” is enough. The green needle is thin and dense, cold and aloof. Infiltrate into the pine wind, immerse yourself in the realm of pine, and let your heart soar between heaven and earth.



03 青绿水院 Qinglvshui Courtyard


Chinese gardens focus on “artistic conception”. Mr. Tong Jun once summarized Chinese gardens as “three-dimensional Chinese paintings”. There are landscapes to find, paths to travel, and springs to listen to.




Feeling nature amidst the changes of the four seasons, avoiding the hustle and bustle, and expressing emotions towards the mountains and rivers is the original intention. It is early summer now, and all things are green and green, as if they have fallen into the immortal forest and spring water courtyard, sharing the same summer with the ancients.




Amidst the pine forest, a falling waterfall stands abruptly. Underneath the winding and undulating terrain is a leisure platform, with a fireplace set up under the forest for friends to chat around. Although this place is just a stone’s throw away from the city wall, one can still enjoy the joy of the distant mountains and springs.


▽松林掩映其间,跌落的瀑布陡然而立 Amidst the pine forest, the falling waterfall rises steeply

▽一盏灯,一片林,一幅画,青青苔藓,自然石点缀,温润自然 A lamp, a forest, a painting, green moss, natural stone embellishments, warm and natural


04 伴山庭院 Banshan Courtyard


我们将一整座山水装入庭院中,建筑以拥抱的姿态包裹整个山水,自室内的每一扇窗望出,映入眼帘的皆是山水之景,在山水中游泳、运动、小憩,目之所及是溪涧湍流,还是层叠山峦,亦或是深远幽静的山中小径。We put a whole landscape into the courtyard, and the building envelops the entire landscape in an embrace. From every window inside, what comes into view is the scenery of the mountains and waters. Swimming, exercising, and taking a nap in the mountains and waters, one can see whether it is a turbulent stream, a layered mountain range, or a deep and quiet mountain path. Take a leisurely stroll through the mountains, watching the mountains and springs surrounding the secluded rocks.


▽氤氲水雾犹如商琦《春山图卷》中的云烟,在山岚中蒸腾,空灵缥缈,出落得更加灵动。The misty water mist is like the clouds and smoke in Shang Qi’s “Spring Mountain Scroll”, steaming in the mountain mist, ethereal and ethereal, and falling more flexibly.



In the dust-free tea room, listen to the wind and gaze at the water. In the clouds and smoke, see the mountains and rivers, and search for oneself.




Beyond stones, there is no saying that they are the most beautiful. Beauty lies in self reflection, beauty lies in speaking without saying anything. Gardens and stone density are inseparable. “One punch leads to a thousand searches for beauty.” Gardens are precisely in the pursuit of realm, where small, medium, and large reveal small.




The mountains and rocks are scattered and varied in shape, with deep valleys and murmuring streams. The sound of water in the crevices of the rocks is cool, and the stirring naturally gives rise to the clear sound of the mountains and rivers.




The sparse shadows slant horizontally, and the water is clear and shallow. The branches are sparse and scattered, and the horizontal slant is unique, complementing the clear and bottomless water surface.




Sitting with whom? The bright moon and clear breeze make me. Through the corridor, one can see the beauty of heaven and earth, accompanied by the clear sounds of mountains and rivers, the clear moon and breeze, and the infinite nature within a short distance.




Scenery arises from light, while emotions arise from different environments. The enchanting Chinese tallow, intertwined with rocks, is naturally scattered, making the courtyard more serene and profound.



05 林影青翠 Green and lush forest shadows


Unlike the large mountains and rivers in the front yard, it adopts the secluded technique of wandering alone on the fragrant path of a small garden, without going to the banquet hall, sitting in a poor spring valley.



06 营造过程 Construction process


For a project, the outcome is beautiful, and the construction process is arduous! The team has gone from selecting rocks and trees to providing on-site guidance for landscaping. Together with the client and colleagues from the construction team, they have worked tirelessly to create a landscape in their hearts, allowing each tree and stone to show a natural sense of relaxation.


▽施工过程 Construction process



Gardening is not an unreasonable stacking. Let nature and beauty flow into life without leaving any traces. Let’s compose the picture, render the landscape, follow the rhythm of nature, and slowly relax our body and mind…


▽元 盛懋 《山居纳凉图》Yuan Shengmao’s “Mountain Dwelling and Cooling” painting

▽远山与天青融为一幅现代《山居纳凉图》The distant mountains and the sky blend into a modern painting called “Mountain Dwelling and Cooling”





Project Name : Merchants Shekou Changsha · Tianqingfu
Project Location : Intersection of Leigao Road and Meixi Road in Phase II of Changsha Meixihu International New City
Owner Unit : Investment Promotion Shekou Changsha Company
Landscape Design : Shanghai Lacime Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Architectural Design : Changxia Anji Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Interior Design : Zhuhai Mingde Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Landscape construction : Hunan Cube Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd+Guangzhou Huayuan Landscape Co., Ltd
Landscape area : 12500m²
Design time:November 2023 to May 2024
Completion time : May 2024




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