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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: A journey that touches the heart. A poetic town that provides Zen experience. A benchmarking work by ΜΟΜΛ & S.P.I. – Lianhua Town of Jiuhua Mount. A cultural tourism town allows you to experience the Zen style in slow life.




Nowadays, tours and travels are usually rushed. Instead of slowing down to appreciate the sunrises and the bells, people often travel in a hurry to get a superficial impression of a destination, which may be easily forgotten in a short time. Therefore, we’ve tried to create a place, where people could slow down to enjoy the beauty of life and find the peace of heart. We proposed to tell a story about the Zen culture of Jiuhua Mountain with six immersive experiences. A series of dramatic scenarios are created, allowing people to experience and understand the meaning of Zen in daily life unconsciously.




Located in Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Spot of Chizhou, Anhui, the 40-hectare project, which is orientated as a world class Buddhist tourist town, is serving as a supporting facility for Dayuan Culture & Tourism Park. In order to upgrade tourism experience and establish a unique brand of Buddhist Zen culture, the project is blended with both residential and commercial use to have complementary economic benefits. The project was officially started from November, 2017, and it took two years before the 18,000㎡ exhibition area was opened to the public. Though the design has been modified for many times due to the policies, the final outcome is highly approved and praised because of the consummate collaboration between the design team and client’s support.


▼项目区位 Project site

▼项目定位 Project location

▼项目施工过程图 Construction process



It is a good opportunity to advertise the Buddhist culture of Jiuhua Mountain through Lianhua Town. To highlight the style of the project, as a result, the design concept is defined as ‘rain drops fall on the lotus leaves, a tiny flower represents a chiliocosm, and a single tree covers the Bodhi’, using lotus to as a spiritual symbol.


▼项目手绘草稿图 Hand-drawn draft of the project



Scenes change as the visitors move forward, telling different stories and attracting people to explore more. Four space experiences are eventually created, allowing visitors to feel Zen, seek Zen, understand Zen and see Zen.


▼项目实景俯视图 Overlook

▼四大空间体验规划图 Plan

▼元素图片作者:当代艺术家 田旭桐 Elements by contemporary artists Tian Xutong


顿·禅——见山入境 Feeling Zen Upon Entering


At the entrance, the scene of the 99 peaks of Jiuhua Mountain is pretty shocking, just like what is described by the poet Li ai ‘I look at Mount Jiuhua from distance while boating on Changjiang River, waterfall seems to be dropping from the galaxy, and the peaks are the same as nine lotuses.’ The Ksitigarbha sculpture shining divinely under the sun, leads visitors into a realm of Zen.


▼项目实景鸟瞰图 Aerial view



Zen exists everywhere, and the shapes and forms of all things depend on human’s mood. Lotus is the symbol of Buddhist culture that inspires designer to create a unique entrance: it is made up by layered ‘lotus petals’ and covered by green, presenting its natural property. Walking into the Zen world through the entrance, visitors will have an experience of modern Zen lifestyle.


▼莲瓣山门,三解脱门(设计效果) The rendering of gate



The Lotus Pavilion grows and stands in nature, providing an ideal place for visitors to enjoy the landscape, listen to wind and rain, read the scripture aloud and reflect on themselves.


▼莲花亭(设计效果) The rendering of Lotus pavilion



The image of “rain drops falling on the lotus leaves” is created by a series of circles in the front yard, where diverse Buddhist scenarios can be experienced, such as the blessing trees, the underwater Bodhi, the mirrored water and the lotus-like cascades.


▼前场水景手绘图 Waterscape drawing of the front court

▼前场水景手绘对应实景图 The corresponding scene of waterscape


寻·禅——步步生莲 Seeking Zen – Subliming


With the fantastic lighting effect, the circular steps look like lotus flowers blooming on the water. The sunken water path and the circular steps lead to the round Buddha yards, which connect with the reception center by the floating bridge. It provides rich Zen experiences alongside.




Spatial connection provides the interests of exploring in nature: Buddhist cavern with a six-meter diameter means six Samsaras, while the twenty four steps stand for 24 solar terms in traditional Chinese calendar, encouraging visitors to reflect on themselves and have a better understanding of the external world along the way. Here all the constructions are in perfect harmony with the natural environment.


▼水中曲径手绘图 The water maze hand-drawn

▼水中曲径实景图 The corresponding scene of water maze

▼55 米长,2.5 米高,268 字的水幕景墙 The water curtain wall is 55 meters long, 2.5 meters high and 268 characters

▼镜面水景手绘图 Hand-drawn picture of mirror waterscape

▼镜面水景手绘对应实景图 The corresponding scene of mirror waterscape


▼下沉禅台,静坐诵课 Sunken meditation platform


▼水月洞天手绘草图 Buddhist cavern hand-drawn

▼水月洞天手绘对应实景 The corresponding scene of buddhist cavern


悟·禅——花开见佛 Understanding Zen – Enlightenment


In the mirror water, lotuses swing with the gentle breeze, creating a Buddhist atmosphere which allows visitors to sit quietly and relax themselves.


▼净水莲池手绘草图 Lotus Pond hand-drawn

▼净水莲池手绘对应实景图 The corresponding scene of Lotus Pond



Within the inner yard is the Buddhist tea house, in which there are underwater petals, floating Zen islet and the mirror lotus pond. In such kind of atmosphere, the state of mind will change freely with the surroundings, and then comes the enlightenment.



在活动中悟禅——沉浸式深度参与 Activity Innovation – Immersive participation


A range of Buddhist activities are skillfully put into the landscape axis to create six functional spaces which provide tourists with the chances to pray, chant, matin, strike the bell, evensong and light up lanterns. In this way, it not only allows visitors to experience the Ksitigarbha culture but also makes them part of the place.



禅之光影秀——沉浸式深度参与 Lighting Innovation – Artistic and interactive spatial experience


Night Tour enriches the tourism experience and it is an important part of Night Economy. Colorful night experiences promote the development of night tourism and enable people to enjoy fantastic lighting design.




With the help of high-tech lighting systems, landscapes and architectures in the exhibition area present an artistic effect within an interactive lighting environment, which allows visitors to participate in the unique time and space travel. Innovative lighting design contributes to an immersive night tour that enables tourists to experience different Zen style.



在诗意禅境工作是一种什么体验?What’s the feeling of working in poetic and Buddhist atmosphere?


It is a kind of comprehension and respect to the site. Every time we stepped into the site and worked under the blessing of Ksitigarbha, we would have further understanding and deeper respect for the site. We really hope that visitors to the Lotus Town will enjoy the beautiful landscapes and find their inner peace here.



创新体验,看见更好的九华山 Innovative experience for a better Jiuhua Mountain


Built in Jiuhua Mountain, the carrier of regional culture, the Lianhua Town has integrated into the mountain and will greatly upgrade the tourism experience here. In our opinion, at present, it is Jiuhua Mountain that makes the Lotus Town known to the tourists. In the future, however, we hope the Lianhua town will become a brand of the Mountain and allow people around the world to know a better Jiuhua Mountian.







Project Name: Lianhua Town of Jiuhua Mount
Entrusting Owner: Anhui Dangdai Jiukai Properties Ltd.
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd.
Architecture Design:Lacime Architects
Lighting Design:Shanghai ATL Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Construction:Shanghai Jialai Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project Planning: Cyber Tourism Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.
Project Location: Chizhou, Anhui
Design Area: 18000 ㎡(Display Area)
Design Time: 2017.11
Built In: 2019.05
Some pictures are provided by Anhui Dangdai Jiukai Properties Ltd.


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