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L&A design: Beauty of life. Eternity is in the stillness, and the shimmering of eternity is in the movement, humble but abnormal. Life is flowing water, day and night. Integrating the beauty and emotion of life into space is not a simple combination of form, but a symbiosis of affection.



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简而为一 Simplicity


With the complexity fading away, space is shaped with intention. The space shape is simple without fancy decorations. Shapes respond to emotion to create a real and eternally experience to give prominence to the place.



自由开放 Free and open


It depicts spatial emotion and satisfies life needs. The emotional expression in the space is the artistic landmark of the district. It is a space for daily activities. An open community welcomes and embraces visitors to enjoy and relax here.



雅戈尔江汇城项目坐落于宁波五江湾城区。设计缘起对五江湾地域气质的回应,秉承化繁为简、简而为一的理念,呈现此处的情感魅力 —— 生命之涌,律动不息。“江汇、江汇”,五江湾江水涌聚,于韵律中孕育着生命律动,将生机与活力融合发散,在社区中荡起一片涟漪。

The Youngor Jianghui City is located in the Wujiangwan urban area of Ningbo. The design inspiration responds to Wujiang Bay. The concept of simplification to ‘one’, presents the emotional charm of vigorous life here. “Jianghui, Jianghui”, the rivers of Wujiang Bay are meeting here, nurturing lives, distributing vitality, and bring new opportunities to the community.


▼生命之韵,源远流长;生生不息,永恒无尽 The rhyme of life is along, life is growing strong and will be eternal.


圆之恒 · 壹 Eternal Round · One


The circle is a shape showing same the same elevation at a different perspective, which is easy to blend into the environment. The arc flows without direction, which can be considered moving or static at the same time to make the space eternal.




The sunlight illuminates the vitality in the water like pearls and jade, sending it to the center to meet. But it spreads in an instant, like life moving with the river.


▼6M水盘外边由香槟金包裹,高度与宽度形成可坐区 The 6M water disk is wrapped in champagne gold making a seating area.


▼流水潺潺,沄沄吐玉,水流由四周汇集,璀璨透明的水柱涌漾而起 The flowing water gathers from all around and spills to the center. 



The favorite activity of childhood is to play at the waterfront. The water flow and its clarity attract children. Kids stretch out to reach the water, feeling the coolness, and smile instantly. Grandpa is also smiling at this moment. It’s just a cycle of life.


▼孩童在此嬉戏打闹时,这便是家长最佳的看护区 This is the best nursing area for parents when children are playing here.



The zelkova trees are arranged in a matrix from south to north, standing on the square and offering shelter and greenery. The marble round benches under the trees provide a place for rest and communication in the plaza. The marble stool surface has a large white veneer, showing the tendency of flow, where the vitality and communication of life converge.




The concave inward oblique detail for the bottom of the disk to provide a landing area for people. The natural concave arc provides a comfortable place for pedestrians.


▼四处圆盘,静立于此;承载生活,平缓流溯 The spreading discs come to standstill here offering rest place for visitors.


绿浪涌 · 贰 Green Two


On the periphery of the site, green is growing. The designer uses a single kind of shrub and the same order to make the most concise and direct statement of life. Here is the concise and infectious boundary of the entire district.




The greenery brings vitality to the south, east street, and north plaza, like a gentle and peaceful stream flowing as a continuation of the emotions of life.


▼律动但不汹涌,平和却不平凡 The design is rhythmic but not turbulent, peaceful but extraordinary.



People can feel the continuous vitality spread out to the surroundings and understand the design concept of ‘growing strong’.



鱼非鱼 · 叁 Beyond Shape three


The stone installation is half-hidden in the water, like fish flopping and swimming into the shore. The agility and vitality of the water soften the pavement in the courtyard, nourishing life as well.




The designer did not choose the common black pool finish but select the same material for the garden path to reduce the reflection and oppression of the building and to save the vitality of life.


▼池底的涟漪制造器本意为以升降变化制造水波,却揽得鱼藏池底、偶间吐波的妙趣灵巧,生气四溢 The ripple maker at the bottom of the pool intends to create water waves with up and down movements to imitate fish occasionally spitting waves.



People can enter the courtyard when feeling tired to soothe emotions. Looking at the pond, people can observe the movement of life here.


所谓生机徘徊,律动层叠 The vitality is the rhythm.



The ripple maker at the bottom of the pool intends to create water waves with up and down movements to imitate fish occasionally spitting waves.




The rhythm of vitality is the slow inflow of green waves outside the court. The ball-shape holly undulates and gives life to the courtyard. To reduce the scale pressure of the building facade and extend the “rhythm”, the designer and the owner canceled the north wall of the building after coordination, and visually connected the atrium and the plaza.




The design is not easy to be implemented. The construction process of Jianghui City is very difficult. The simple green wave needs the most attention. The construction party did an off-site experiment. They first try to plant green balls on the wave crests and piled soil in the troughs, but the waveforms were not straight and would be color differences. After researches, the density planting on the grading terrain solves the problem, which requires extremely high construction technology.


▼项目鸟瞰 Aerial view of the project




The zelkova trees need to be planted between shrubs and the root ball must be hidden. Also, the narrowest width of the green wave ]is 1.5 meters, which brings great challenges to the hiding and landing of the root ball. The water disc and the stone bench require the shape of purity. Therefore, the cutting, processing, and joint treatment of the stone are full of challenges. The combination of waterscape equipment and the water disc, and the water outlet method also require more professional research and cooperation.

As a result, the completion of Youngor Jianghui City combines the trust of Youngor, our client, the dedication of the construction party, and the professionalism of the designer.



设计师说 About the Design



Jianghui City is growing strong. The site is emotional and the simplicity and minimalist design style present the vivid life and happiness here.

We are not only creating a space for visual pleasure but an open community. The water is Jinaghui’s emotion. The Circle is Jianghui’s spirit. The central court is Jianghui’s liberty.




景观设计:奥雅设计上海公司 项目二组

​Project Name: Ningbo Powerlong & Youngor Jianghui City
Project Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
Project Type: Residential Experience
Area: 5200㎡
Building Area: 1100 square meters
Landscape Area: 4100㎡
Customer Name: Ningbo Hejiang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Aoya Design Shanghai Studio Group 2
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Interior Design: Ningbo Hanya Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Construction Unit: Ningbo Zhonghuan Building Decoration Co., Ltd.
Design Time: March 2020
Completion Time: August 2020


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