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LAURENT:Faced with the transformation from campus to open technology park, starting from the three dimensions of “time, space and users”, actively explore the campus spirit and the needs of people brought by the new business format, and seek an inclusive multi-complex The space not only carries the growth imprint of the campus, but also provides people with a dynamic and open life scene, creating a new immersive campus office experience.


▽庭院鸟瞰 Garden have a bird’s eye view of




产业的更新势必会带来人的更新,当园区的主要使用人群从学校师生变为上班族、访客、居民等多类型人群时, 如何实现校园的场所精神与新的业态需求融合共生,成为了关键的破题点。

Nanjing Normal University Zijin Campus is located in Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, by the Xuanwu Lake and under the Zijin Mountain. It has experienced 65 years and started the transformation from the campus to the Xuanwu Science and Technology Park of Nanjing Normal University, focusing on software information and cultural creativity. Leading the industry, creating an industrial innovation complex covering technology research and development, office, business, talent apartments and other functions.

The renewal of the industry will inevitably bring about the renewal of the people. When the main users of the park change from school teachers and students to office workers, visitors, residents and other types of people, how to realize the integration and coexistence of the campus spirit and the new business needs to become a key breaking point.




Thinking: How to seek a balance between “time, space and users” under the circumstance of limited site conditions, complex needs of the masses, obscure cultural imprint, and relatively low cost?



01 资源整合与最小化更新
Resource integration and minimal update


Comply with the original texture of the site, respect the spatial pattern and native plants of the site, sort out and integrate the existing resources of the site with recognizable organic renewal methods, and activate the site more efficiently in a low-intervention way.


▽保留校园入口空间形式,延续场所记忆 Retain the form of campus entrance space and continue the memory of the place

▽原生植物成为空间的主体,形成特色主题场景 Native plants become the main body of the space, forming a characteristic theme scene

▽整合现状高差与植物资源,形成阶梯课堂和生活剧场 Integrate the current height difference and plant resources to form a stepped classroom and a living theater


Functional interpretation and scene vitality


Whether the space scene has vitality is closely related to the use of people. The site responds to the diverse needs of office workers, surrounding residents, old school teachers, etc., and attracts more people to participate in the use of the site through reasonable functional implantation, injecting fresh energy into the site ,and provides more possibilities.


▽舒适的林下阶梯提供休憩交谈的可能性 Comfortable under-forest stairs provide the possibility to rest and talk

▽叠级水景为儿童提供戏水玩闹的空间 The stacked waterscape provides a water play space

▽杉林庭院舒适自然的办公景观 Comfortable and natural office landscape in courtyard

▽操场成为足球爱好者的乐园The playground becomes a playground for football lovers


Eco-organic and natural elastic work


The rainwater collection and ecological protection system is installed, and the slope ratio and runoff are controlled according to the site terrain for rainwater management, so as to relieve the pressure of urban drainage, the rainwater on the roof of the building and the surrounding sites can be effectively infiltrated, retained, purified, accumulated, utilized, discharge, let nature do work, and show the beauty of ecology and art.


▽雨水花园流程示意 Schematic diagram of rain garden process

▽雨水花园储水排放细节 Stormwater garden drainage details


Memory Superposition and Campus Feeling Regeneration


Taking “Indus Tree” as the spiritual symbol of the park, it connects the values, naming and visual system, and evokes the good memories of “Four Seasons ” on the Zijin Campus of Nanjing Normal University. Combining the shield emblem, phoenix leaf, culture and the collaborative spirit of hands and lines, combined with the VI color scheme of the project, to create a romantic and humanistic Gemdale • Wutong li Indus exclusive logo system.


▽保留的“奔之歌”雕塑Preserved sculpture

▽“梧桐·吾同”VI视觉体系VI visual system




The renovation of the Zijin Campus of Nanjing Normal University is a new attempt by JYL Studio in the field of urban renewal. In the old part of the city, the university campus is a unique area. With the popularization of higher education and the expansion of colleges and universities, many universities have established a new campus has been established, and the old campus in the prime urban area is used as a small number of departments or graduate schools, and like the Zijin campus of Nanjing Normal University, have been transformed into industrial parks. Such old campuses have their unique characteristics,good location, strong college atmosphere, and profound cultural heritage. However, there are also characteristics such as old buildings and dilapidated sites. If such old campus sites can be renovated with quality, the entire block can be revitalized, the cultural heritage of the site can be preserved and promoted, and the surrounding people can be benefited. In the process of design.Grasp the three elements of “time, space and users”, make the site change from the campus scene to the work and life scene, and re-empower the site, so that every element can be just right in the new scene.The continuation of the project, the organic combination of the old campus site and the science and technology park, has become a quality urban renewal.



摄影单位:RIF Studio

Project address: No. 78 Bancang Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
Developer: Gemdale Properties & Investment
Landscape area: 23550 m²
Completion time: 2020.08
Landscape Design: LAURENT
Logo Design: K Art
Planting design:Laurent Weimu Flower Border Studio
Architectural design: DUTS design
Interior design:DUTS design
Construction unit: Shangahai Zongrui Co.,Ltd
Photography unit: RIF Studio



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