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MIND STUDIO: The project is located at Panzhou, Guizhou Province. The planned construction area is around 144 mu. As the site is far away from the downtown, and surrounding urban facilities are insufficient. The square paved with cement was only severed as a parking lot. It’s a flat rectangle. From the municipal road to the square is only one walkway away. Noise and exhaust fumes filled the field.


项目一期门急诊医技综合楼前广场鸟瞰 Aerial View




The project focuses on perfecting functions with a limited cost. It mainly solves two problems,one is a existing contradictions between people and vehicles,another is activating the potential charm of the venue. After agreeing with the Project Party, the original parking will be changed to the underground parking lot,which builds newly. Car and vehicle operate independent. And emergency car parking spaces will be reserved on the west side of the outpatient building.

We think, through the design method of landscape natural creation, the site will be open, active, ecological, and healthy, and the scenes that born naturally will be returned to the venue. It conveys the message of human care and conflict resolution, which is both a practical place to encourage dialogue and social intimacy, and a healing space to help patients recover.


项目改造前的现场是全部硬化的地面广场,仅作为停车功能,绿地匮乏 The site before the transformation of the project is fully hardened ground square, which is only used for parking function, and green space is scarce

项目总平面,通过重新规划停车功能,整合零碎绿地空间,为场地注入新的发展和绿色活力 Master plan, we hope to inject new development and green vitality into the site by replanning the parking function and integrating the fragmented green space


设计解读Design Interruption


The curve has a transcendent power and gentleness that evokes the inner gentle feelings and infinite thoughts. In the design, the curve becomes the image leader. It integrates, divides, organizes the space, and forms a connection with the surrounding environment rather than conflicting with each other. Through the design methods of extension, overlap and reciprocation, the relationship between waterscape, landscape wall, green island, big tree and municipal road is combed to form a harmonious interface bite and efficient streamline guidance.




Considering the particularity of the site, ambulances are the only allowed vehicles to pass through. The car route and the pedestrian route operate independently to ensure the efficiency and safety of the traffic system. The linear extension of the ground cover with green belt can effectively guide different functional sections. As the fastest and most convenient route, the barrier-free green passage to the emergency entrance area gains particular emphasis during the design stage.


项目功能流线分析 Project flow line analysis



The area in front of the outpatient building serves as the most crowed public space for social contact. As a main landscape node, the central interactive waterscape is arranged in a safe and welcoming environment to meet the crowds’ need in communication, interaction and wellness treatment. The curved flower pool benches provide rest places for crowds. The gentle curve reduces space distance between people and promote communications.




With the curved linear design, the green island and trees form a health forest. It can effectively isolate the dust and noise from the municipal road and can support an upper space for the pedestrian path to create a comfortable under-forest environment for passengers. The spring water, the flower and the tree make the originally flat and open space rich and diverse. While enhancing the interest of the space, the green island consolidates the relationship between people and the surrounding. It provides an outdoor leisure space for medical staff, patients and their families.




Light source should be selected according to the skin texture of the building. Lights should be in a proper arrangement to avoid light pollution. Warm and soft point light source project a safe and comfortable to light up the environment, which creates a relaxing visiting atmosphere, helps to lighten up patients, improves somatosensory comfort and relieves fatigue of medical staff.



结语 conclusion


With the joint efforts by many parties for communication and cooperation, the project has been basically completed. We see that more and more people choose to stay here for a while. It has become a place to provide emotional, social and practical support for patients. It is like an open park to everyone. Let people improve emotional discomfort, get maximum relaxation and cure.



设计技术支持:贵州迈德景观设计师事务所有限公司(简称Mind Studio)
项目设计 & 完成年份:完成时间2018

Project name:Landscape of Panzhou People’s Hospital
Design:Tianshang Design Group Co., Ltd.
Design technical support:Mind Studio
Design year & Completion Year:2018
Leader designer:Jun Jiang, Xiue Yang, Nanfei You
Design Team:Fengmeng Yang , Ya Yang, Yu Wang, Hanhan Tian,Tinghuan Deng, Xin Liu, Cong Li, Min Chen, Huaying Chen, Dengbo Yuan
Project location:Panzhou,Guizhou
square meters:8300㎡
Photo credits:Mind Studio
Clients:Panzhou People’s Hospital



项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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