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WTDMore interesting, more artistic and more natural; Rouse the resonance in deep memory, Achieve the dream of returning to original nature in the method of simulating the nature; Create brand new lifestyle, Create brand new legend story.




The project is located in Chengdu City Tianfu Xincheng which is the core of one city including six districts and is adjacent to Luxelakes Ecological Park, with superior location. The demonstration area is the land of the original kindergarten, and the greenfield is constructed in agency by depending on park, which is the first level of community home in the future. The landscape wants to express a kind of organic and natural sense of atmosphere to bring a kind of home-coming sense to people in soul by comparing the community and city.




The design originally aims at the life pursuit of returning to the origin: seek for a tranquility and nature in the noise. The project, by depending on the former natural resources of Luxelakes, aims at building more beautiful natural landscape than Luxelakes and build more modern, more artistic and more natural new living environment.



风之谷——捕捉风的形状 Valley of the Winds– Capture shape of wind


As the guidance segment of front field, it designs the clean and pure space and combines the dynamic billowing wheat image. The road and the billowing wheat plate strewn at random discretion form the multiple-dimension and rich sight change, while the billowing wheat device also makes the wind more concrete. The wind and the billowing wheat jointly build the landscape memory point to rouse the emotion memory in deep mind, and strengthen the guidance effect of front field.



最初设计使用了铝材来制作麦浪装置,调整了颜色形态,虽然铝材重量较轻,但由于不适用于大批量生产,转而选择尝试了以麦秆塑料为原料颗粒的 3D 打印,满足了更低成本、可塑性强、轻重可控制等多种要求。


The aluminum product is used to produce the billowing wheat in the initial design, and the color pattern is adjusted. Although the aluminum is lighter, it isn’t suitable for the mass production. The 3D printing with the straw plastic as raw material particles is selected to meet the many requirements, such as lower cost, strong plasticity, controllable weight, etc.

However, in our first pneumatic test, the device is still….


▼麦浪装置设计稿 Design process of  the installation


▼麦浪装置风动原理 Principle of  the installation


我们调整设计、重新打样、增宽迎风面、调整形态、调整厚度……再通过不断实验 3D 打印叠加配重,得出上下配重比关系及风速影响。一番调整下来,装置对风速要求变小了,我们终于成功了。

We adjust the design, re-make a sample, broaden the windward side, adjust the form and thickness…. then conduct constant experiment, 3D printing, overlay and counter weight to work out the relationship of the upper and lower weight ratio and the impact of wind speed. After adjustment, the device reduces the wind speed requirements. Finally, we obtain the success.



谷之镜——景与影的对话 Environment of valley–dialogue between scene and shadow


The atrium of Sales Department reflects the clear scene of Valley of the Winds in the landscape wall through transition from the ground glass to mirror glass, and reflects the image of billowing wheat, building, city and people. In such space, people generate the fantastic exchange with the scene and the inner self in mirror to form the wonderful interaction experience.



天空之城 Sky City



The backfield space pays more attention to the nature and comfort. One complete landscape painting occurs in the eyes at the initial entry of backfield: The flying bridge is like a bond which passes through the up-and-down terrain and turf and connects the forest discussion space encircled by the flower border and the participatory rest space under lotus leaf corridor. If the purity and interest in the front field let people slow their footsteps unconsciously, the quietness and beauty in the backcourt let people stay.

The whole landscape design focuses on taking the natural technique into account. We design the lotus leaf corridor here to hope to combine the nature more closely and let people participate in it.




We design the corridor with the form of slant in order to cater the natural form of lotus leaf, add the motion sense and tend to be more novel in form; The design team calculates and analyzes the data rigorously to achieve the final effect for the purpose of solving the mechanical problems brought by the slant.




You could see all beautiful scenery in the open space within the vision when sitting or lying on the shaking hammock.




The hills, still water, billowing wheat, green plants and lotus leaf corridor jointly constitute one beautiful and quiet homeland in such prosperous city. You could forget the noise and fickleness in city when staying in it and indulge in such natural ease and leisure.





主创:李卉  张黎  唐志杨
设计团队:赵冬舸  沈梦茹  郭燕

Project name: Park Legend of Chengdu Vanke
Project location: Chengdu, China
Client: Chengdu Vanke
Design firm: WTD
The main landscape designer: Li Hui, Zhang Li, Tang Zhiyang
Design team: Zhao Dongge, Shen Mengru, Guo Yan
Architect: Challenge Design
Partner: Guangzhou Huayuan Garden Co., Ltd.
Design time: 2018.03
Completion time: 2019.03
Landscape area: 13000 ㎡
Photography: Lujing Architectural Photography


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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