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Longting:In the vicinity of Beijing Nanhaizi Park, we introduced the local element “Southern Autumn Wind” to create a “floating forest secret environment”, hoping that people who return home can have a comfortable, quiet and holiday-like experience.




Through the low-key entrance hall, you can feel the fresh and pure greenery. Slowly stepping into the art gallery from the front court, as if entering a valley full of time imprints. The graceful welcoming pine conveys homecoming greetings through the glass screen.


▼透过玻璃屏风的迎客松 Welcome pine through the glass screen

▼精致的细节 Exquisite details



The transitional courtyard hides the interface between the inner courtyard and the city. The dry landscape and the graceful tree pose create an interesting contrast, creating a small and exquisite oriental atmosphere with a long-distance artistic conception in a square inch.




The wind-moving art installation “Butterfly Dance Secret Realm” dances with the wind, and a little spot of light is projected on the scenery wall, as if the imprint of time, the quiet journey home begins.


▼间断的长廊巧妙的结合水景打造 The intermittent corridor is cleverly combined with water features to create

▼透过长廊看到的“蝶舞秘境” “The Secret Realm of Butterfly Dance” seen through the promenade



Wetland, water mist and sky light form a fantastic floating forest, creating an immersive experience space. The waterscape, scenery wall and garden are organically combined, and the depth of the space is perfectly displayed.


▼漂浮森林鸟瞰 Aerial view of floating forest

▼林间的涌泉水景鸟瞰 A bird’s-eye view of the spring water in the forest

▼景墙与水景形成的空间纵伸感 Sense of vertical extension of space formed by scenery wall and waterscape

▼简洁的条形植物与镜面水景的融合 The fusion of simple strip plants and mirrored water features



The fog gradually rises, and two fawns that have broken in from nowhere, listening like elves, merge with the forest of the floating island.


▼薄雾迷离的林间放置的鹿子雕塑 Sculpture of deer placed in the misty forest

▼镜面水景的细节处是小鸟雕塑 The detail of the mirrored waterscape is a bird sculpture



The natural and comfortable space isolates the hustle and bustle of the city, and the architecture is highly integrated with the environment. Quiet floating forest will also be part of the future living area. In addition to being a home for daily life, it also provides more possibilities for outdoor recreation, cultivation and rest, and friends meeting.


▼静谧的户外休闲空间 Quiet outdoor leisure space

▼廊下的会客交流场所 Meeting place under the corridor

▼漂浮森林夜景 Floating forest night scene

▼廊下会客厅夜景氛围 Night view atmosphere of the hall under the corridor



The project is designed based on on-site exploration, and the boundary of the space is extended to the surrounding environment by the method of borrowing the scene. Without deliberate decoration, quality is portrayed through details and craftsmanship. The space progresses layer by layer, interconnected and each has its own characteristics, combined with materials, colors, plants, etc., with the language closest to nature, bringing the fun of life and relaxation of the body and mind.






Project Name: Poly Green City·Hejincheng Garden Physical Exhibition Area
Project location: Beijing|Daxing District
Completion time: 2021
Owner: Beijing Zhixing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Owner’s design team: Xiong Yifeng, Tian Yu, Wang Jianbang, Wang Dan
Landscape design: Hangzhou Langting Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Design team: Yang Feng, Wei Hongbing, Zhang Qingjiang, Shen Shichao,Jin Kunjian, Wang Feiyan
Landscape construction unit: Beijing Xin Landscape Ecological Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.
Architectural design: GOA Group of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
Photography: Holi Landscape Photography



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