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The Oval Partnership:于 2018 年年底开幕的曲江创意谷,是西安首个以文化和创意为主的商业综合体,由擅长 打造生活体验和开放式街区的欧华尔顾问有限公司负责总体规划和设计。而位于地下空间 的文化展演中心,亦于 2019 年 7 月正式开幕,有望成为曲江新区乃至整个西安的一张文 创新名片。

The Oval Partnership:Designed by award-winning international architects The Oval Partnership, the Qujiang Creative Circle opened its doors in late 2018 and is being hailed as Xi’an’s first-of-its-kind creative cultural complex. The long awaited subterranean cultural venue, which is destined to become the heart of the city’s civic district, officially opened to the public in July, 2019.



曲江创意谷文化展演中心的设计灵感源自更迭了 13 个朝代的古都城市脉络,撷取出中国 古代建筑中连接不同建筑物的连廊作为基础元素,赋予现代的设计语言和手法,将之全新 演绎成为一种对城市变迁的回响,由宏观至城市层面,到微观至人本尺度,贯穿其间。

The design of the Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre responds to its local context, incorporating elements and materials that evoke a modern re-interpretation of Chinese architectural repertoires and traditions characteristic of the Xi’an region. This design vocabulary is seamlessly embodied throughout the development, spanning all scales—from city level down to the smallest of details.



地下宫殿 A Subterranean Gem

文化展演中心位于曲江创意谷中央广场的地库层,占地约 2,000 平方米,其中的景观亭 成为广场上的集合点,也是通往文化展演中心的主要入口。

The Creative Cultural Centre is slotted beneath the central plaza of Qujiang Creative Circle as a strategic component of the integrated masterplan. A sympathetically placed pavilion rises above ground and serves as the primary entrance to the Cultural Centre, standing prominently as a civic meeting point within the 2,000 square metre public realm.



通过景观亭引导进入地下后,随之而来的视觉冲击便是铺天盖地的金属矩阵,由当地匠人 纯手工打造的 8 千条铜管自上而下贯穿至 13 米长的现代连廊,坚硬的金属如水般流动起 来,铺展成一幕具有强烈对比的“流动盛宴”——永恒与短暂、坚硬与柔软、光明与黑暗、 挤压与收缩。这里便是文化展演中心的前厅,它的本质上是一个多用途的公共空间,既是 引领至大剧院和表演区的主要通道,也是举办各类型文化、展览活动的理想场地。

The pavilion opens into an elevated vestibule which functions as the primary public arena serving the main theatre and performance space. It also provides a multi-functional space for creative events and exhibitions. The design experimented with the notion of poetic exuberance, exchanging spatial dialogues between permanence and ephemerality, hard and soft, light and dark, compression and contraction. Inspired by the traditional Chinese ‘Lián Láng’ — a connecting structure between buildings — a modern interpretation has been composed in a spatial arrangement of 8,000 pieces of intricately crafted bronze metal flutes, finely honed and detailed using local craftsmanship. These sculptural flutes are suspended from the ceiling; cantilevered from the walls; and rise from the floor. In the centre of the space, a 13m long metallic draping veil provides contrasting softness and juxtaposes the verticality of the flutes. Together they create an emotionally uplifting spectacle and a sense of “weightless suspension”.



文创摇篮 A Cradle of Creativity

作为西安首个能媲美世界一流剧院的多功能活动文化空间,文化展演中心提供一个配有 400 个可拆除座位的多用途剧院、演出及彩排室、多用途展览廊、展览空间、工作室、餐 厅及酒吧,以及相关的办公室及后勤区域等,可全面满足各种文化活动的需要。

The Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre comprises a retractable 400 seat multi-functional theatre, a performance and rehearsal room, a multi-purpose gallery, exhibition spaces, workshops, a café and bar together with supporting office and auxiliary spaces. This state-of-the-art multi- functional facility will host a diverse programme of cultural performances, concerts, educational events and exhibitions.




It is where social interactions, community engagements, cultural inclusion, local creativity and the collective identity of people in Xi’an can be nurtured and celebrated. The Oval Partnership’s vision was to create a legible connection between multi- cultural activities within the heart of a new urban district, providing a sustainable framework to inspire the new generation of innovative and creative pioneers converging around Xi’an.



▼轴测图 Isometric





Name: Qujiang Creative Cultural Centre
Client: Xi’an Vanke & Xi’an Qujiang Cultural Industry Investment (Group) Co Ltd
Location: 3369 Yan Xiang Lu, Qujiang New District, Xi’an, China
Size: 2,000 square metres
Completion: July, 2019


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