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ArchiBlur Lab: The creation of the landscape is based on the human body scale, focusing on the relationship between the body, space and field in the state of motion.



City Fertile Land


“City Fertile Land ” is a work in the most downstream site of the first phase of the Fengyuan Huludun project. The platform boundary with different curvature changes invites people to participate in the field. The entire section of the irrigation canal can be observed at the highest point, and different views are produced at each location.




The eight structural flower clusters nourished by water and land are the system developed based on beam columns as units. The relationship between the path and crossing is defined in the layout, and each unit is constructed and integrated through the gradient top. Combined with the blooming flowers and the atomization system, the boundary and appearance of the water appear differently on the ground. It is hoped that through this work, the relationship between the water and the city will be re-connected, and that people will open their perception to experience the relationship between the city and the hydrology.


▽行人可以进入,用身体感受城市与水文的关系 Feel the relationship between cities and hydrology with your body

▽步道上的水年表 Water chronology on the trail


丰原囝仔ㄟ河 (2018)
River of the Fengyuan Kids Group


This time, “Hear Me” cooperated with elementary school children in Fengyuan to imagine the sound of river, and discuss the birth of rivers and their merging with the sea, as well as their connection with rice fields and animals together with the “Feng Yuan Elementary School Choir” and “Fengrong Community Fengyuan Kids Choir”, also known as “Fengyuan Kids Music Dreamer”. All the sounds in the composition were created by the children, and no other sounds were added. Starting from the sound, the children connected with various forms of “water” with their body and brought the river of the city origin back to our lives.

During the construction of the project, the existing landscape of the canal, the relationship between the living environment and canal, the transition from the suburbs to the city center, and the landscape composition of the border were all reflected, and the current environmental relationship was truthfully recorded.


▽孩子们想象河流的声音 The children imagined the sound of a river


Sketch of water: Dong

场所里有什么,便试着与它对话,在河上投了块小石,是水波晕染后 如回忆。 以河为明镜,让光柔软,与水共生。

艺术家回忆家乡里的一条河,当投入小石头,水中以渐渐泛起的涟漪作为作品的想象的起始,水缓慢的流过波纹,搅散在河面的瞬间,捕捉静止的那片刻。在白天,有如水中凝结在时间里的雕塑,以低限的视觉语汇,如同一幅速写,画了几道柔软的曲线,安静地贴近河面。当夜晚来临,水转变成为一面反射光线的明镜, 透过光与流动的河纹,随着场所里的水波,映照着流动的光景。

Try to talk to the things in the place. A stone cast in the river is a memory painted by the river. Take the river as a mirror, let the light be soft, and coexist with water.

The artist recalls a river in the hometown. The ripples in the river after a stone is cast are the beginning of the imagination. Water slowly flows through the ripples, dissipating in the river, capturing the moment of stillness. During the day, it is like a sculpture condensed in time in the water with a low-level visual vocabulary, as if it is a sketch that draws a few soft curves, quietly lying close to the river. When the night comes, the water turns into a mirror that reflects light and the flowing landscape through the light and the flowing river patterns, along with the water waves in the site.


▽用柔软的曲线,诉说水落在地面的意象 With soft curves, it tells the image of water falling on the ground


Underwater Settlement

「水」是生命起源最重要的元素,人类的生活脉络亦常逐水草而居。地景艺术的创作企图透过作品阐述水的故事。「水底聚落」是以从水底的波光带出丰原葫芦墩圳的水源故事,创作者以五座圆型顶棚如浮萍如睡莲静静的躺卧在水面之上,透过顶棚水波纹样的玻璃在阳光的照射下木平台上产生水波的光影, 而顶棚下方的木平台以六边形框架作为铺面,象征水分子相互连结的形态。

作品在民众进入水波光影的范围,就彷彿置身于水底,作品亦设置街道家具,目的在吸引民众可以进入作品内部休憩,当民众伫足于作品内的家具,犹如聚落般 的产生,届时作品才算是完整。五座顶棚中有两座民众可以自由的转动,使水波光影产生扰动,彷彿开启水闸门产生湍急的水流从上游而下,创作者希望藉由开启水闸门的动作,让在地的民众关心丰原水圳的故事。

“Water” is the most important element of the origin of life. The life context of human beings often overlaps with places where water and grass are available. The creation of landscape art attempts to interpret the story of water through works. “Underwater Settlement” tells the story of water source in Fengyuan Huludun canal through the glistening light of waves underwater. The artist places five round ceilings on the surface of the water, lying quietly as duckweed or water lilies, and the glasses of the ceiling with water ripples produce water and light on the wooden platform under the sunlight. The wooden platform below the ceiling is paved with a hexagonal frame, symbolizing the form in which water molecules are connected to each other.

When people walk in the range of water and light, they will feel as if they were at the bottom of the water. The work also sets up streets and furniture for people to rest inside, and it is only complete when people gather inside to form a settlement. Two of the five ceilings can be rotated freely to cause a disturbance in the water and light, as if the water gate is opened to produce fast-flowing water from upstream. The artist hopes that by opening the water gate, people will be concerned about the story of the Fengyuan irrigation canal.


▽开启水闸们,让水流入水圳 Open the locks to let water into the aqueduct


Light of the Returning Water
( 洄:水回旋而流 ; 上水、逆流之意。swirling water going against the current )

掀盖计划召唤溪河圳沟,水犹如从历史废墟中逆流回返,河涛溅鸣砂石吟咏潺潺之声,再度传唱记忆中的余歌曲调。纵使人类早已搞不清河圳的流向,并不意味着这是场华美大梦,将就此消逝于梦中呓语──他是城市富饶的灵魂,未曾消散的历史踪迹。一条重见天日的河流,是象征人们对生活的新态度,更是对土地的情感回归。除了乘载历史风华的复甦外,我们思索着这条回返之河,将建构着何种新意义?水流与先民的日常生活有着极大的重要性,犹如光线之于现代人类 的意义。

The uncovery plan calls for streams, rivers, canals and ditches, as if water returns from the historical ruins. The river splashes on sands and gravels with perpetual sounds, singing the songs in the memory again. Even though humans have long been baffled by the flow of rivers and canals, it does not mean that it is just a splendid dream, and everything will fade in the dream — it is the soul of the city, the historical trail that has not dissipated. An unearthed river is a symbol of people’s new attitude towards life, but also the emotional regression to the land. In addition to the recovery of historical glory, we ponder the new meaning of the returning river. Water is of great importance to the daily life of the ancestors, just like the meaning of light to modern humans.


▽起伏在水面的不锈钢“河流” Stainless steel ‘river’ undulating on water


依此,选用「光线」作为创作的主要媒材,塑造一座新的地景符码与文化象征。装置造型沿着葫芦墩圳的轮廓起伏于河道上方,带状的曲线勾勒出水峻的躯壳样貌。单体朝天的部份选用镜面不锈钢,白日可镜射蓝天与周遭景观,将装置巧妙地隐身于地景之中;夜晚则成为水波的反射界面──邃黑河面上映照着水光粼粼 的艳色倒影,时时刻刻闪耀着繁华身影,即将再次夺回关注的目光。《洄川之光》作为一座连结过去记忆与未来展望的地景艺术装置,将为这座城市带来新的 记忆,与居民产生新的情感连结。这项新的文化指标,将促使他被更多人理解,看见过往被忽视的城市命脉。

Therefore, “light” was selected as the main medium for creation to shape new landscape codes and cultural symbols. The shape of the device rises and falls along the river course along the contour of the Huludun canal, and the curves outline the appearance of a watery body. The mirrored stainless steel is used for the part facing the sky. During the day, it mirrors the blue sky and the surrounding landscape, and subtly hides the device in the landscape, while at night it becomes the reflection interface of the water wave. The bright reflections of the hustle and bustle on the river will once again recapture the attention. As a landscape art installation that connects the past memories and future prospects, the “Light of the Returning Water” will bring new memories to the city, and create a new emotional connection with the residents. The new cultural indicator will help more people see the lifeline of the neglected city.





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