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Z+D Landscape:Water gives people a sense of tranquility, builds a quiet court,and people walk under the forest,The shadow of the trees is whirling the heart is hidden in the city, and all prosperity ends in self harmony.





Opening the door to see the scenery and returning home is also full of ceremony. The small bridge flows with flowing water, and the pine tree partially covers the door, bringing the jewels and prosperity of the whole life into the courtyard.


▽庭院入口The entrance to the courtyard



The indoor dining area is connected to the courtyard through Tingbu, with guests toasting each other, providing a beautiful view of the courtyard and a panoramic view of the interior.




Poetic life, where wise people live by the water, with a zigzag water feature set in the landscape, creating a unique and charming experience.


▽下沉庭院sunken garden



Exquisite copper metal curtains hang down like gauze, creating a comfortable and secluded semi private space. The sunken steps create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.




Four modern metal palace lanterns define the height of the space, with upward extending lines and exquisite plant clusters forming a fusion of fashion and classical elements.


▽由下沉庭院看向室内Looking indoors from the sunken courtyard



The sunken private room interacts with the indoor living room for visual interaction, and the entire courtyard serves as an extension of the social scene and an important supplement to the indoor functions.


▽庭院一角Corner of the courtyard



Exquisite grilles surround the courtyard, and private resting spaces are hidden among lush plants.


▽庭院一隅Corner of the courtyard



As the most important product type of the Shangjingtai project, Courtyard residence plays an important role in setting the tone of the project. The exquisite and classical landscape design, modern and fashionable, creates a modern Chinese style product full of unique emotions.





The way of tea, the heart of peopleand prosperity are all smoke and cloudfind a moment of leisure in a busy life.





The spatial layout of the garden is mainly to supplement indoor functions, with a wide seating area and a flowing tea table, forming a scene of staying under the forest.


▽流水茶台Flowing Tea Table



The rough black stone and warm champagne colored metal edge create a contrast between light and dark, cold and warm. Flowing water passes through the stones on the tea table, carving memories of time.


▽入口屏风Entrance screen



The screen at the entrance is not only the first landscape interface for entering the house, but also an important means of storage and enclosure in the landscape.


▽花园看向室内Looking into the garden towards the interior



The garden seamlessly connects with the living room, allowing the boundaries of the indoor space to melt into the garden.




Listening to the sound of water, a lazy day passes unconsciously.


▽室内望向花园Looking into the garden from inside



The three trees planted in the garden support the entire courtyard space, and the Chinese tallow planted in the middle creates a green and mottled spatial effect. Combined with the vertical green background, a multi-level facade landscape is created at the ultimate scale.





The world is full of fireworks, and the social distance is between square inchesIn the light smile and whisper, in the cup changing, people are intimate.





The designer has set up a comfortable bar on the second floor terrace to meet the leisure and gathering needs of users, while also carrying the function of viewing.


▽ 露台balcony



Flower border, bar counter, and comfortable soft decoration extend the indoor space, extending the exquisite life in luxury homes to the outdoors.




Dusk soothes the scorching heat of summer, and artworks adorn the space, making it a gathering place for family and friends.





Starry and leisurely, creating a natural art living theater on the terrace.

Designer’s language: The design process of a series of garden projects is the ultimate pursuit of residential quality and product details. Although each project is not big, Zhudi, together with the team from Party A, put in as much effort in the design process as in large-scale projects, and the results were pleasant. The garden series of works is also an important conceptual practice process in landscape projects of land construction. I hope that every project we do will incorporate the spirit of garden design, which is to allow our users to feel calm, peaceful, and free in a beautiful space.



项目名称:香港置地 | 招商蛇口 上景臺展示花园

Project name: HongKong Land | Merchants Shekou Shangjingtai Display Garden
Completion years: 2020~2022
Project location: Yubei District, Chongqing
Design Company: Chongqing Tsukiji Landscape Design Co., LTD
Contact email: 37303747@qq.com
Chief Designer: Chu Rui
Design team: Z+D Landscape
Client: HongKong Land | Merchants Shekou
Construction team: Shengjingcheng Garden Engineering (Group) Co., LTD
Soft outfit team: Chongqing Box Fashion Space Design Co., LTD
Photographer: NatureSpace Natural Space Architectural photography



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