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Astree Design Agency: Shanghe City is located in the eastern part of Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, and its customers are mainly local aborigines. With the traditional streets created by the landscape, we hope to evoke more resonance of customers and convey cultural marks through the design of soft decoration.


如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛

▼项目鸟瞰 Project bird’s eye view

如树设计 ©三棱镜



With time fleeting, when the prosperity of the city come over the bow, the fashion water town lights up. Rivers meandered and sunlight shined in former days. In the sunset glow, the ripples stirred by the sculls and boats, the baskets, the bamboo hats, the sunset glow, and lamps and candles of a myriad families are deeply engraved in the memory of the city…



原创单品 |Original Items


Brassaiopsis glomerulata, boats, fishing baskets, bamboo hats and familiar life scenes gradually become images in our memory. In this project, we extracted the profiles of these cultural elements as the form carrier of soft decoration to evoke people’s familiar memories.


▼灵感来源 Source of inspiration


▼原创单品:户外景观灯具 Original Item: Outdoor Landscape Lighting



霞岸 |Sunglow at Bank


Sails pass by, sunset clouds rise, sculls and boats sway, and the sunglow covers the river wall. The classic colors such as apricot yellow, sunglow in the sky and yellow lead from the scenes are combined with the soft outfit, forming the sails ad sunglow picture of Shanghe City.


▼颜色提取 Color extraction


▼户外家具鸟瞰 Aerial view of outdoor furniture

如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛
如树设计 ©三棱镜
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛

▼融合的场景与配色 Blended scenes and colors

如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛



“Sunglow in the Sky” mentioned in “Chinese Traditional Colors: Color Aesthetics in the Forbidden City” indicates that in ancient times, this color has gained a good reputation; The extraction color of yellow lead, which is used for processing traditional Chinese medicine, is adopted as the active color;The transition color apricot yellow makes people associate with scene of yellow plum fat apricot in wind.


▼精致的细节展示 Exquisite detail display

如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛


泊灯|Dock Lighting



As night falls, people watch village operas with lanterns. Village operas become a traditional entertainment form in Shaoxing. Sculls sway, the music sound rises and falls, and go out and meet by the river. They sit under the lamp in groups and appreciate the operas quietly.

The east side of the project faces the water, and the chairs and lamps are arranged to simulate such a scene.


▼场景意境营造 Scene artistic conception creation

如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛




Through the extraction of the elements of fish basket and bamboo hats, we adopt the bamboo hat element in the lighting shape. The slim shape and gradual change of light spot like the lights near the river walls.

Combined with the railing height, you can adjust the height of the bar chair. With a panoramic view of waterfront spring scenery , it creates a comfortable experience.


如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛


静庭|Quite Yard


Osmanthus blossoms fall in spring. In the languid afternoon sun, warm colors melt in the environment. The tone tables and birds create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.


如树设计 ©三棱镜
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛


童嬉|Happy Children


如树设计 ©三棱镜
如树设计 ©须然建筑 邬涛


| 产品 材质及工艺 |
金属家具/灯具| 不锈钢电镀
遮阳伞座 |一体成型金骨架/美国SUNBRELLA户外面料
卵石转椅花器| 玻璃钢汽车漆

| Product Material and Process|
Metal furniture/lighting| Stainless steel plating
Sunshade base |All-in-one gold frame/American SUNBRELLA outdoor fabric
Pebble swivel chair floral organ| Glass fiber reinforced plastic automobile paint



设计团队:夏超 周星宇
摄影:须然建筑摄影 邬涛,三棱境

Project name: Shaoxing Jinke & Xuhui Shanghe City
Owner: Jinke & Xuhui real estate
Landscape area: 4930 square meters
Project address: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Landscape Design: Weitu Design Agency
Landscape soft decoration: Astree Design Agency
Design team: Xia Chao,Zhou Xingyu
Architectural Design: Thousands of Designs
Landscape construction: Zhejiang Huizhou Landscape Co., Ltd.
Completion time: 2021
Photography: Wu Tao, Shrimp Studio,Prism



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