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栖地设计:  镇江,在民国时为江苏省省会。特定的历史地位,让镇江随处可见近代建筑,走进这些旧时风景,感受一砖一木散发的深厚内涵。融创银城盛唐府便座落于这座充满民国风情的城市。

QIDI:  Zhenjiang was the capital of Jiangsu province during the Republic of China. Due to its special historical position, modern architecture can be seen everywhere in Zhenjiang, entering these old scenery and experiencing the profound connotation of brick-by-brick distribution. Rongchuang yincheng shengtang mansion is located in this city full of the customs of the Republic of China.




QIDI design deeply digs into Zhenjiang’s cultural spirit of connecting the past with the future, the alternation of the old and the new, the collision, blending and inclusion between China and the west during the Republic of China period. it has created a moving and story-telling living environment with modern design methods.




Stepping into the grands boulevards, I am full of expectation for the homes I have never met, and my heart will be relaxed. Stocky Republican buildings floating on the surface of the water, cheering loudly to the returning people: Come  here, Listen to time tell stories!




Two huge trees floating on the water surface echoed each other from afar, creating a magnificent and elegant momentum. From a distance, it looked like two loyal guards standing on both sides of the trail to guard the pure land and the guests going back and forth.




The mirror water on both sides of the steps were laid down horizontally, which was postponed to a gentle overlapping of water, creating a quiet space spirit and artistic conception landscape. Decorative lights with plum blossom marks put on the water, adding space and etiquette to the front court.




Through the sales office, the red vine color is sprinkled to the eyes, full of joy. The backcourt breaks the conventional rigorous and symmetrical pattern and uses natural methods to realize the connection between modern ( gallery ) and classical ( architecture ) so as to create the illusion of chrono cross. The experience of moving scenery in different steps is realized through the backward moving line design.




The 34 sapium sebiferum trees with the most distinguishing degree in the whole space are graceful, and each tree looks like a quietly elegant and leisurely woman. After a thousand years of vicissitudes, smoothing the edges and corners adds a languid laziness without losing its delicacy.




The sapium sebiferum forest in the light, the tree and the reflection mirror each other into interest. The sunshine flickers, sprinkled on the pool surface and wall surface… the morning wind blows filar silk and microwaves, and the mysterious veil is being lifted bit by bit.




There seems to be a dialogue between sapium sebiferum, which tells the story of the Republic of China.




The pool is full of clusters of flowers and the tall sapium sebiferum, which are interspersed with the actual situation, are dense and alternate with each other.





The clean space combined with fog forest has created a very ethereal atmosphere on the water. Shadow in the water, the wind strikes, just like the past rippling in the heart.




As the seasons move around, the sapium sebiferum with different looks in each season will surely produce beautiful scenery one after another.




Get up to continue  explore along the underwater trail … the overlapping water shape of the back field echoes the front field, and the small waterfall at the corner falls on the gravel, skillfully creating the artistic conception of the source water.




Strolling in the winding gallery, letting the time pass and feeling the modern Republic of China style quietly. People wander in the long gallery and the rest space, hide in the woods, admire and be appreciated … full of time passing and nostalgic feeling of time.




The partition of grid shape makes the division of space and space elegant but not boring. Light moves and shadows move, giving the space hazy order beauty and flexible.




The rest pavilion at the edge of the pond is a living space created in the garden scene of the back yard, and is also an excellent perspective for watching sapium sebiferum forest. The negotiation space in the corner contrasts with the space near the pool, creating a quiet and private atmosphere.





Building experience:

In order to make 34 sapium sebiferum trees the most recognizable element of a project, and to make the space a natural, fresh and sculptural scene, we have repeatedly designed and deliberated, multi-round seedling selection, numbering comparison, on-site adjustment, and 360 on-site simulation optimization. This may also be a microcosm of everyone’s understanding and practice of ingenuity.



▼总平面  Plan


项目名称:融创银城 · 盛唐府
业主设计管理团队:融创上海区域南京公司 王玮、王正、赵伟等
摄影:Holi河狸-景观摄影、Arttteeezy 摄影

Project name: ShengTang Mansion
Project address: Zhenjiang,Jiangsu,China
Land area: 141,266 square meters
Completion date: June 2018 ( demonstration area )
Client team: Sunac Shanghai regional Nanjing company Wang Wei, Wang Zheng, zhaowei, etc
Architectural design: TOTAO Design
Interior design: Greentown United Design, FAXIAN Design
Landscape design: QIDI design
Design director: nie ke
Design team ( demonstration area ): Gao feng, Hu pian, Zhang pan, Liu relaxed, wan ling, sha Tao, Zheng aizhan, Luo ying, Xiao Xiao, Wang Yonghong, Luo meiqiong
Photography: holi – landscape photography, arttteeezy photography


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