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Jeffrey Design:Children like dust, their whole body and soul are hungry for sunshine like flowers. ——Tagore, “Tagore’s Criticism”

[There are N whys in the course of growth] Through the upward sunflowers, we seem to have found the answer,But it’s not quite right, and the charm of growth is precisely this mystery to be solved…


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The company is located at the origin of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up-Shekou Net Valley, so it often passes by the nearby CSG Building. Just across the road, there are eight Chinese characters: “Empty talk leads to the country, work hard to rejuvenate the country”. These words are not only the spirit of Shenzhen, but also Always inspire me to lead the team across several economic cycles. I often think: In a certain design case in the future, Shenzhen can retain the pragmatic and innovative spirit of Shenzhen, but also have more scenes that seem useless but can be deeply empathetic.

At the beginning of the design of this school, I had some hazy ideas and scene fragments. Shenzhen is a city of innovation and execution, but in this fast-developing city, what kind of life do we desire? What kind of space does the child need to learn, interact, relax, and create during his or her school age?




If the architectural planning has provided an ideal spatial structure for the deepening of the landscape, when our team got the three-dimensional model of the building, it was very much like a three-dimensional aerial playground, and the team fell into joy and contemplation. Therefore, each main creator first defined a development direction by himself, and then started brainstorming. After multiple rounds of comparison, the theme of “Shushan Stacked Courtyard” was determined.


▼项目整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view





Every parent hopes that every one of his children will become an excellent child. In this process, it is actually just wishful thinking of our adults, and children have their own ideals and hopes.

Based on this starting point, our landscape architects hope that children’s use and secondary creation can be taken into consideration in the setting of outdoor space scenes, to redefine different excellence instead of simply outstanding performance. The child’s basic subjects are good, or the writing style is good, or your emotions of contact with nature can transform the ability of natural coexistence between adults and people to imagine various possibilities. I hope that the children will also have a natural immunity in the face of fierce competition when they grow up. From the designer’s point of view, as much as possible to create such a rich, multi-level and inspiring space.




The definition of outdoor landscape space is not a regular matrix arrangement in the classroom, which has already crossed the definition of the class. It is a public space for children of different ages to share and integrate, learn and imitate each other, and even create a specific space for self-thinking. This has completely escaped from what trees to plant in the landscape, what flowers to plant, and what to do with waterscapes.


▼设计分析 Design analysis





The project base is located on the south side of Jintang 6th Road, Songzikeng Road, Songshan District, Shenzhen, adjacent to Pingshan Avenue and Danzi Avenue;

The overall color is calm, with black and white gray, wood color, and green tones, and then dotted with scenery, such as yellow, orange, etc. to increase liveliness and echo the architecture.





Architectural form: Continuing the modern linear form of the building, making the landscape and the building more integrated.

Architectural color: Extract architectural color as the main color to keep the space color clean and tidy.


▼建筑形式&色彩分析 Architectural form & color analysis





At the beginning of the design, it was hoped that it could become a vibrant campus of “shushan stacked courtyard” and “pastoral oasis”. Taking growth as the main line, taking book mountains and pastoral as elements, create an interactive space for children to learn and entertain, so that children can grow in the palm of the “sunshine” like sunflowers and grow purely and beautifully.

Through the imprint of “Shushan Pastoral”, a closer relationship between man and man, man and nature, and man and time can be established.


▼平面鸟瞰 Plane bird’s eye view




At the main entrance, an exclusive waiting area for parents is set up, and at the same time, a large canopy is used to reserve a waiting area and stepped reading space where students can shelter from the wind and rain. Children can hold textbooks or books while waiting. In the time of parents, sit down and chat, read books, and provide a space for children to immerse and interact.


▼学校入口空间 School entrance space




The image of Shenzhen people to the outside world is very pragmatic. But in this project, we hope that it will bring emotions into it, so that traffic, safety, fun, thinking and other needs can be handled in a “flesh and flesh” manner, and the scene will be more vivid and full of vitality.

Design different experiences from multiple identities such as faculty, students, visitors, etc., not just satisfying practicality and efficiency.


▼形象展示面 Image display surface




This is a work that has not yet been fully completed, also called “space+”. Why is it not completely completed? We expect that landscape design is only the guidance and classification of the design space, and the real user is the soul leader of the landscape space. Just as during a return visit, I happened to see other artists design some artistic graffiti on the high slope wall of the school’s outer wall in line with the learning atmosphere, and the school has already planted part of the roof according to its actual teaching needs. Replacement, this is unfinished.

Such a public campus public space is what we like. With the continuous development of the times and the different requirements of the class, it will present a variety of themes and interpretations, which is called “space +”, which is the meaning of returning to the design.


▼校园中庭空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of campus atrium

▼转折的曲线花池结合坐凳划分场地 The turning curve of the flower pond is combined with the bench to divide the site




When entering the school, in order to get there quickly, we also used the fine lines of the direction set by the paving. Following this line, you can quickly move toward the vertical elevator and pedestrian staircase light vertical traffic system, which not only solves the functionality, but also solves the aesthetics of the landscape.

We eliminate dozens of requirements to solve such problems comprehensively, and always maintain a balance between function and emotion.






The 400-meter circular track and stadium carry the beautiful memories of our youth. But the uniform sports field environment is like a single that is played repeatedly, and you will get bored after listening to it for a long time.

This school just gives us different opportunities. There is a long slope in the Z-shaped direction in the original architectural plan, just like a looming mountain trail in the mountains. At that time, we joked with the architect: “How about we make a three-dimensional fun marathon track on campus?”. Such an unreliable idea has been recognized by the Education Bureau and the Department of Works, which has greatly satisfied our childlike innocence. We must thank Shenzhen, a government leader that keeps pace with the times, for their tolerance.The Z-shaped interesting ramp shown in the figure echoes the abstract nearby mountains in our hearts, the distant mountains in the distance from the school, and the mountains outside the mountains in our hearts.


▼环形跑道球场 Circular track court

▼结合建筑设计立体的趣味马拉松赛道 A fun marathon track combined with three-dimensional architectural design

▼Z字走向的长坡,像是群山中若隐若现的环山登山道 The Z-shaped long slope is like a looming mountain trail in the mountains



I still remember that when reporting to the school leaders, the leaders said: “Your idea is both bold and grounded. If you hold a fun sports meeting in the future, it will not only exercise your body, but also let the children find more fun, you can also set some Put some fuel in the middle, so that students participating in sports and services can feel the charm of the activity.”


▼环形跑道转角处设计树池休闲空间 Design tree pool leisure space at the corner of the circular runway





Why is the starry sky wind and rain gallery made of triangular colored panels? Inspired by the childhood memories of the designer Mr. Zhu Fuling, in the summer evening of his childhood, grandpa always tells various stories in the starry yard, so we wonder if this generation of children can still have a story to listen to in the noisy city Area, so the concept of the starry sky was designed in the triangular area beside the open court.

The natural sun shines on the wooden floor through the sun panels, presenting a warm and sunny side. This will be a small stage and resting place for the students to stage their scholarly years.

The sports in the starry sky wind and rain corridor designed next to the sports field can be divided into various forms such as intense sports, large-scale activities, and light sports. It happens to be another model test field for the future development of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area. It gives us such a scale that we don’t have in the urban area, and at the same time it has the spatial relationship of high-load utilization, and it is precisely balanced.


▼木地板打造的运动场看台 Stadium grandstand made of wooden floor





The big staircase on the roof is a bit of a pity. The original architectural design was a straight staircase with the same opening size. We used to change it into a bell-shaped staircase. Why is there such an idea? The main hope is to design it as a dazed mesa where people look to the sky, or a place for every graduate to have a graduation photo here. It is more like a memory storage station for childhood and youth. However, due to the rapid progress of the project, there was no time to modify the construction drawings of the landscape.


▼屋顶大楼梯设计分析 Design and analysis of roof stairs

▼屋顶大楼梯连接上下空间 A large staircase on the roof connects the upper and lower spaces

▼喇叭口形的大楼梯与屋顶平台格栅廊架 Bell-shaped grand staircase and roof terrace grille



If you are unhappy, children can go to this platform to climb high and look into the distance. It can be seen that distant mountains are the design I really want. We have made the continuation of architecture, like a flower growing toward the sun, it has become the ups and downs of an architectural mountain range. I can have such a vision, and at the same time, I believe that every child can grow up here.




Sometimes I just want to stop while studying in a hurry, even to look at the birds in the sky, the flowing clouds in the sky, the scenery in the distance, and even look back at a train of high-speed trains passing behind.


▼以建筑的延续设计的太阳花构筑 Constructed with sunflowers designed by the continuation of the building



This wind and rain corridor is the second deepening of the architect on this basis after the idea was put forward. It is also the first time that this air film structure is used as the roof of the corridor in a cultural and educational environment. It is very much like a floating cloud in the sky. In order to realize this concept, during the epidemic period, it was customized according to the size, after ordering directly from abroad, and then transported back to China, it showed the afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the roof of the corridor with a soft luster.


▼白色气膜结构的风雨连廊 Wind and rain corridor with white air film structure



Every time we go to this place, we and the photographer always want to stop and look forward to the moment when the shutter is pressed. We hope to see here the setting sun in the west, which is reflected on this air film, and the slight light reflected by it represents a response to the distant mountains.




The scholarship platform is a stepped ascending platform. Through the stepped steps and green plants, with seats, you can not only feel the nature, but also quietly read and study.


▼阶梯式的花池坐凳 Stepped flower pond stool



In this three-dimensional and vertical space, we have designed N kinds of traffic flow relationships. You can think alone, you can read under the forest with your playmates, you can find a quiet space, look at the sky, and look at the distant mountains. In the master plan of Shushan Dieyuan, I hope to design some philosophical value spaces, how to see the world from here, and it is also a starting point for how the world sees itself.


▼垂直立体空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of vertical three-dimensional space




Look at the various small blooming flowers in the garden, as if our designer is in a childhood dream. The simplest four-leaf clover or daisy-like petals, it is a centripetal relationship.


▼设计分析 Design analysis



The relationship between the central government has become a natural classroom platform for teachers. This idea was actually inspired by the interior design of a Tama Art University library by Toyo Ito. He adopted the basic logic of the four-leaf clover petal heart, placing various types of books on the petals by classifying them, and at the same time in the position of the stamens. Designed as a service desk, organically linked and relatively independent of each unit block. This inspiration led us to design a natural lecture hall for sunflowers. At present, we are only making a lawn planting pond. In the future, the school has a possibility of secondary development. The landscape in this area is flexible. There are many possibilities that need more people to participate and reform.


▼自然课堂鸟瞰 Aerial view of nature classroom

▼屋顶花园鸟瞰 Aerial view of roof garden



Before starting to design this school, Jeffery Design Company happened to be ten years old. In the past, I always hoped that there would be some practical opportunities for public projects and some works with social value. It happens to have this opportunity to encounter this public project. Our designers have all kinds of collisions, modifications, and re-arguments. There are hesitation, fatigue, excitement, regrets, and final surprises. Finally, I would like to thank once again the leaders of the architectural designer, the Ministry of Works, the Education Bureau, and the construction party for their support and cooperation.


▼场地景观局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s eye view of site landscape

▼建筑内庭景观 Building inner courtyard landscape

▼简约的建筑外立面 Simple building facade




If there are such design opportunities in the future, I hope that our designers are still young and still have tears in their eyes. See you on the next project.


▼平面图(负一层)-Floor plan (negative floor)


▼平面图(一层)-Floor plan (1st floor)

▼平面图(三层)-Floor plan (three floors)

▼平面图(四层)1-Floor plan (four floors) 1

▼平面图(四层)2-Floor plan (four floors) 2

▼平面图(五层)-Floor plan (five floors)

▼平面图(六层)-Floor plan (sixth floor)




设计团队:朱福铃、Robert Henson(韩思聪)、梁仁威、梁绮琪、朱鑫荣、冯祥、余宝玲

Project Name: Shenzhen·Eastern Bay Area Experimental School
Owner: Shenzhen Pingshan Public Service Administration
Agent construction unit: Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Pingshan Company
Project location: Shenzhen
Project area: about 22,000 square meters
Landscape Design: Jeffrey Design
Architectural design: Shendu Design Group Shenzhen Branch
Construction unit: China Construction First Bureau
Design team: Jeffrey Zhu, Robert Henson, Liang Renwei, Liang Qiqi, Zhu Xinrong, Feng Xiang, Yu Baoling



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