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Waterfrom Design:Borrowing a Slow and Healing Moment from the Island. In the everlasting summer of Hainan, the island sways in the leisurely sunlight, and the breeze from the bay brushes against the shore, passing through various shades of tropical greens.



遗忘时间,以建筑疗愈生活 Forget time, heal your life with architecture


This project is located on Hainan Island, which boasts a long coastline and vast, lush vegetation. Waterfrom Design believes that the future community center, which is currently a sales center, should serve as a hub for connecting nature/civilization, coast/land, and traditional/modern lifestyles. The goal is not just to design a space, but to create a spiritual destination like an island gathering place, characterized by a venue that welcomes a wide range of life experiences.


▽夜景氛围 Night atmosphere


船屋之形,起居融入地景 Integrate living spaces into the natural landscape with the form of a boathouse


When the owner planned to construct a center with three buildings, the unique boathouse imagery of the southern island waterfront became the inspiration. After discussing with the architecture firm, they abandoned the cold and rigid framework and chose to integrate the local “cluster-style” architectural ecology, including the fuzzy boundary between the interior and exterior layers, sloping rooflines that promote air circulation, and a posture that adapts to the environment like traditional buildings.


▽轴测分析图 Axonometric analysis diagram

▽来自于船屋灵感的建筑形态 An architectural form inspired by a houseboat



Following the architectural concept of environmental symbiosis and shared living, we strive to dissolve the barriers between different cities through a fluid and flexible internal layout, creating a unique and pure living relationship that is typical of island living.


▽细节展示 Detail presentation



The interior is designed with wooden grids and strip windows to control sunlight and reduce the sense of disruption caused by column and frame facades. Along the roads and in areas with weaker landscape resources, the interior recedes into service cores and rear spaces. The layout and flow are designed to connect indoor and outdoor landscapes and behaviors, highlighting the fleeting flow of wild landscapes seeping into daily life. At the same time, by reducing the number of walls and promoting interconnectivity between spaces, we aim to recreate the close relationships and simple sharing of daily life found in traditional communities, embodying the concept and atmosphere of a modern island gathering place.




The ‘Island Gathering Place’ is currently an art gallery showcasing Hainan plants, minerals, and interactive audio-visual installations. It will continue to serve as an important entrance to community events and exhibitions in the future, while maintaining the value of the community.


▽极简的艺廊空间设计 Minimalist art gallery space design


以蕴代藏,打造内在意境 Using implication to create an inner atmosphere


Unlike the semi-open space next to the water, the “Daydream Corridor” uses a semi-enclosed courtyard and corridor structure to create a contrasting rhythm between compression/release and architecture/nature. To achieve this effect, the path is first covered with solid beige stone to create a starting point for layered framing. In the second section, a side courtyard is used to reduce the sense of pressure and introduce diffused light. This area is suitable for blocking out the chaotic surroundings of the neighboring road, thus increasing the sense of space stability. Finally, side high windows and end-of-axis window views are used to create rich layers of light and shadow.


▽半封闭中庭与长廊形成的「日梦长廊」 “Day-dream Corridor” formed by semi-enclosed atrium and Corridor



Entering the third section of the axis, a narrow passage with compressed walls and reduced lighting leads to the independent exhibition area. The low-lying window at the end of the passage suggests that the bottom of the axis has been reached. The dim lighting is suitable for wall projections, and in the future, this space could serve as a community movie theater or an interactive video exhibition. Additionally, a narrow window under the eaves and a path to the poolside have been designed to provide an intuitive light direction and to create a scene within a scene.


▽独立展示区 Independent display area



The descriptions of each axis segment reflect the role of architecture in allocating space and constructing life, as well as the richness of the island’s natural environment. This approach emphasizes the interaction between people and the environment, promoting a fluidity of social boundaries between individuals.


▽公共休闲区 Public recreation area



For example, the current ‘Earth Kitchen’ which serves guests will become a private kitchen area for the community in the future. The intentionally half-sunken space lowers dining seats to the same height as the pool, providing the best visual extension for diners. The ‘Small Island Living Room’ is a discreet meeting area that will become a community tea room in the future, echoing the slow living theme of the island.


▽体验馆里不同调性的休闲洽谈区 Experience the leisure negotiation area of different tones in the museum


串连生活中一座座散落的岛 Connecting the scattered islands in our lives


The layout and flow of the space are dedicated to connecting indoor and outdoor landscapes and behaviors, highlighting the fleeting flow of wild landscapes into our food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. At the same time, by reducing the number of walls and creating open spaces, the tight relationships and simple sharing of life among the past settlements and residents will be revived in the concept and atmosphere of a modern island gathering place, bringing guests from all over the country closer together and encouraging them to shed their civilized armor.




We envision different backgrounds and experiences as scattered islands in life, and the island gathering place is the architecture that symbolizes connection. Through this exchange, regardless of the duration, we create a healing experience that will be unforgettable.



恰如其分的原始,隐而不宣的秩序 Appropriate primitiveness, concealed yet orderly


To stimulate the five senses and allow people to fully experience the joys hidden in nature, we also make use of local tribal craftsmanship, such as chopping logs and rocks with axes, weaving coconut fiber, and using rustic materials such as wooden grids and clay plaster to enhance the island’s natural simplicity that is embedded in the architecture and space.




Entering the tranquil building from the radiant sun outside, the natural lighting creates a distinction between activities and moods. Artificial light sources are arranged to complement the natural lighting, often using low and subtle table lamps, hidden in between columns, or suspended from the high ceilings to create a serene and understated atmosphere.




The design not only constructs buildings, but also reflects the relationship with the natural ecology of Hainan. The behavior patterns that architecture changes will penetrate from outside to inside, affecting food, clothing, housing, and transportation, and cultivating a different, simple and peaceful lifestyle from the hustle and bustle of the city.


▽将外部景观延伸到内部的餐饮空间 Extending the exterior landscape to the interior dining space

▽舒适放松的内部空间 Comfortable and relaxing interior space

▽平面图 Plan



空间设计:李智翔、葛祝纬、林其纬、汤传亚、萧伟富、黄雅琳 /水相设计
项目业主:华润置地 (海南) 有限公司

Project:Shimei Nature Experience Hall
Designer:Waterfrom Design
Client:China Resources Land(Hainan)Co. , Limited
Location:Shimei Bay
Area:2360 m2
Layout: Reception area. Sales area. Display area. Digital media area. Shared kitchen. Atrium. VIP area. Office. Toilet
Design Period:2022.04~2022.07
Construction Period:2022.08~2023.03
Material:cherry wood, rosewood, irregular patchwork terrazzo, Spanish beige marble, fragrant rice fine flower stone, rattan weaving, hand-painted
Photographer:Vincent Wu




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