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VVdesine:Enhancing the locality and water sports culture by landscape design and planning. The existing hotel and cafe were built in different period of time, from the first row of bungalows back to 30 years ago, cafe in 2018 and the latest modern 4 storied hotel built in early 2019. Master planning was not involved in the first place and there were many clashes on circulation, sense of direction, privacy and visual sequence. VVdesine started master planing the site in 2019 by managing clearer circulation between hotel clients, cafe customers and services, together with creating a sequence of visuality and sense of direction by series of landscape feature walls using unique local bam-boo, decorating with surfboards and trees, along with guided pavement for cafe guest.



▼咖啡馆导向性的路面铺装 Guided pavement for cafe guest



Using local material like bamboo walls and wooden boardwalk, native planting species and preserving lots of existing trees creates rememberable experience, nature responsive cultural landscape related and also enhance the site’s identity as it is the most valuable asset for this development.




For hotel guest, the lobby design was elaborated by the interior where the landscape directly connects the garden right in, make the space look like one big lobby connecting with the garden outdoor. Both hotel and cafe journey are separated in physic but visually connected. Hotel circulation also connected to the hotel facility such as a swimming pool, pool terrace, then connected to the wooden boardwalk with local wood connection pattern were high-lighted, link to the beachfront area through a lush garden and under the cool shade of preserved existing trees.



▼木板路细节 Wooden boardwalk details



At the same time, the cafe’s sequenced circulation connects to an open lawn having Blue Surf Cafe as its focal point, hotel as background, then lead to the beachfront area for more relaxing beach ambient.




Service way also used as skateboard path when there is no service.




The beachfront is the most vibrant space of the project where lots of activities happen all day round. Breakfast with sunrise sea view, coffee and chill drinks in the afternoon till evening where all guests can enjoy their beach experience together in their own choices. Sandpit for kids, chill out bean bags under preserved existing trees which can hang out all day, beach pavilion with the large opening facing the beach and sea for a stunning view and enjoy seasonal water sport activities, beach party at night, this area is the heart of the projects that never sleep.





项目名称:Sichon Caban海滩度假村和蓝色冲浪咖啡馆
客户:Sichon Cabana Beach Resort
摄影:Synspacestudio Photographer

Project name: Sichon Cabana Beach Resort & Blue Surf Cafe
Completion year: 2019
Size: 8,000 sq.m.
Project location: Sichon, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Thailand
Landscape Firm: VVdesine
Clients: Sichon Cabana Beach Resort
Photo credits: Synspacestudio Photographer
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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