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ZSD:When people live in more than one physical site, and integrate the thickness and mapping of humanity, it becomes a place with longer vitality. It is an honor for designers to participate in renewing the face of the city and shaping the yearning for a better life, while being able to absorb the respect for the local history and the refinement of the spirit of inheritance, and become a ferryman of traditional imprints and contemporary aesthetics.


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Xiakeying, in Xuxiake Town, Jiangyin, Xu Xiake’s hometown, reinterprets his 400-year-old spiritual past to explore the secrets with natural, fluid, and concise modern aesthetic language to reinterpret the journey back home. Between the mountains and rivers, people’s hearts will return.




The backyard of the demonstration area will be permanently reserved for a corner of the built-up area. Unlike the presentation of an independent demonstration area, the landscape area planning in this case takes precedence. The design captures “mountain, water, forest, valley” and other natural element imagery symbols, and integrates into the garden design concept. With roaming scene nodes, more than 20 themes are introduced into the garden, forming a homecoming ritual through the Chinese landscape, real The scenes of life were put into the demonstration area in advance.


▼示范区落位分析 Analysis of the location of the demonstration area



The design is based on the trajectory of Xia Ke’s life, using travel notes to connect the city’s past classical and future modern appearances, forming an architectural and landscape space with tension and humanistic connotations, and the memories of different places in time and space can be blended and coexisted.


▼入口空间-霞客映与周边建筑,古典与现代的对话 Entrance space-Xiakeying and surrounding buildings, a dialogue between classical and modern



When the bustling streets of Xiake Town, concise and powerful lines lift up buildings that look like books. The reverie about Xu Xiake’s “turning towards the blue sea and dusking to the blue sky” opens up with the undulating rhythm in the grid of the book gallery. The retreat space of 9M dissolves the cramped horizontal relationship between the building and the municipal roads, and transforms into a scholarly gate in the transition of space, opening up Xiake’s ambitions.


▼入口夜景展示 Entrance night view display

▼层次感的线条格栅 Layered line grid



The sun and the breeze pass through the gap, and the gradual granite slabs naturally enclose a transitional arc corner. Surrounded by a simple and beautiful crape myrtle, it is like an old friend waiting for the east. A few dull set stones vaguely convey the beauty of a landscape, and the artificially shaped “boundary” is opened at the top, giving natural and upward life force.


▼平静的水面,简洁的转折空间 Calm water, concise turning space

▼造型柔美的紫薇与置石形成对景 The soft-shaped crape myrtle and the set stone form the opposite scene



The inside and outside of the screen enclosed by the grille are the city, the mountains and the sea, the past and the present. Entering into a pure dialogue with the landscape painting, briefly experiencing another form of life, the quiet, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere spreads to the depths along with the stone slabs accessible
on the water surface.




The calm waters on both sides and the winding green islands of lakes turn into mountains and seas. The green islands are not very high, and the mountains and cuckoos are beautiful, which is quite lovely.


▼湖光绿岛鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of Huguang Green Island

▼水面漂浮的绿岛 Green island floating on the water

▼静怡的场地空间 Jingyi’s venue space



At the corner of the water, the mountain stream bird hovered in the sky, and the rotating sensor device turned the bird into a constantly flying Activision. When the day went down, the silver-orange light dazzled the freedom and freedom. The lofty ambition and broad mind in the heart are entrusted to all things in the world.


▼感应装置的演绎草图 Deductive sketch of the sensing device

▼感应装置动图 Motion picture of induction device



Like travel notes, the mountains and the water, the clear sky and the clouds are tasted and characterized. “Human” is incorporated into the spectacle universe together, and the small scene in front of you is connected to the big scene in your thoughts to another time and space.




The straight path stretches the water surface to the gravel, and the water element transforms into another posture to accompany one side. The camphor and the little rabbit Pennisetum sway in the front, and the attraction of the plant’s native posture will instantly capture the emotions of exploration, within easy reach.


▼过渡空间鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of transition space



The scenery wall and the water drop device that echo the material and the modulus have become the best cutscene guests. The green island spreads from the water to the land, and thousands of books are read, and the road of thousands of miles will be on the way.


▼自然舒适的空间营造 Natural and comfortable space creation

▼精致的模数块景墙 Exquisite modular view wall

▼跌水装置的细节把控 Control the details of the water drop device



Xiake is obsessed with exploring the mystery of the operation of nature. He has been excited about nature since he was a child. This is a gift for children, and the future life scenes appear in Tongmeng Paradise.


▼童梦乐园鸟瞰 Bird’s Eye View of Children’s Dream Paradise

▼以白色为基地的廊架乐园 White-based corridor paradise

▼三色间插的棋盘转转乐景墙 Three-color interleaved chessboard turns into a music scene wall



The color of the checkerboard releases innocence, the power bicycle will slightly rise from the end of the curving water, and the hand of the wandering big tree and the fluffy plant makes people return to the deep connection with nature. Under the tree are playful children and smiling adults.


▼种类丰富的游乐设施 Rich variety of rides

▼是游乐园也是休闲空间 An amusement park and a leisure space

▼大树与棋盘廊架的关系 The relationship between the big tree and the chessboard gallery

▼微微涌起的曲水流觞 Slightly surging curved water stream



It’s sunny, embracing the world after opening up, chanting the beginning of spring grass, and autumn leaves stained with frost. Wandering for a moment in the noisy and complicated business, the instincts of the sense organs are stimulated, the heart is condensed and released, and it merges with all things. The breeze, light, springs, and trees here have exchanged exotic flowers and weeds, green lotus roots, and snow-white peaches in the distance.


▼自然野奢的后场休闲空间 Natural and wild luxury backcourt leisure space



The Xiakeying Demonstration Zone has created a recyclable life scene, and the echo of the landscape and building materials further strengthens the integrity of the site. The rigorous and pragmatic geography and the keen and affectionate of literature are combined in the site. The design starts from the sense of belonging of nature, art and urban humanities, in order to present a brand new impression of Xiake Town.





项目摄影:XF Photography

Project Name: Sunac Country Garden·Xia Ke Ying in Jiangyin
Project type: Demonstration area
Project location: Jiangyin, Jiangsu
Design completion: 2021.03-2021.07
Design area: 4000 square meters
Landscape design: ZSD
Design guide: Yuan Xiaoyu
Project team: Du Jingzhi, Yu Yujun, Zhou Jie, Wang Silin, Zhang Bizhu
Construction drawing team: Wang Licheng, Wu Ting, Wang Anyuan, Huang Xiaosu, Xu Cai, Li Yuanyuan
Project Photography: XF Photography



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