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LISM Landscape Design:Landscape design, creating life scenes for full-cycle use. From different levels of time and space, record the traces of life, and with the annual rings of plant growth, freeze each dull and real moment that makes people move.



等你回家  Waits for you to go home


The scenery of the four seasons, the sunset of the city.It’s right there, waiting for you to go home.Sunac Jiutang Mansion is located in wuxiang new district, Nanning, adjacent to Wuxiang Lake Park, surrounded by water system and crisscrossed by lakes and streams. In the first entrance ceremony, the landscape takes “ceremony” as the sequence, integrates the thinking of oriental traditional aesthetics, draws lessons from the mansion pattern at the entrance, and divides the site into five courtyards, with green ceremony, water ceremony, stone ceremony, begonia ceremony and nine courtyards progressing step by step, showing the sense of noble ceremony of returning home.


▼院落的传统格局,给与我们空间与功能的思考  The traditional pattern of courtyard gives us the thinking of space and function



Using courtyard ceremony to create landscape space, dignity and elegance are the feelings that can be obtained from the first perspective. This expression keeps telling the same story day after day, and it is there waiting for you to go home.


▼动线分析图  Dynamic analysis diagram



Entering the residential area, the living room is the link between the site and the outside world, and the sunken sunny lawn enhances the viewing surface of visitors. The central pavilion defines the spatial functionality and divides the site into two sections with different experiences before and after. Clever combination with the landscape lake in the exhibition area, introducing “Xiang Hu” into the garden, adds poetic and semi-private undergrowth space to the venue, and provides a place for every resident to chat and chat.


▼沐浴晨光,享受暖阳  Bask in the morning light and enjoy the warm sun


快乐筹码  Happy chips


People often share happiness,Will double happiness.Landscape living room is the most vivid picture when going out of the door, with meeting people and making friends, interacting and sharing. Walking and chatting, the occurrence of daily scenes, under the carrier of landscape, is more vivid and interesting. This is a happy chip to get and share. Fortunately, there is such a place where all this happens quietly and is performed every day.




Take a shower in the living room, watch children play on the lawn, sit in the central pavilion for a while, and enjoy tea and talk. No matter in communication or taking a nap, people can enjoy the beauty of life in the most comfortable state.


▼望春暖夏阳,成为时间的记忆  Hope spring warm summer Yang, become the memory of time


午后乐园  Afternoon paradise


This is my own secret garden,It will be ours from now on Children never move in a set way. In the residential area, try all kinds of possibilities to find their own small world. The regular hedge became his and their afternoon paradise. In the afternoon, making friends in the secret base, from a person to a small group, is a different pleasure brought by the landscape.


▼孩子们的秘密基地  The children’s secret base



If we say that the first major axis is the continuation of “Rites” and the connection between people, then the back garden space carries more urban people’s sustenance for their ideal life, designs and refines the urban texture, and diverts water into the garden, which also becomes a happy place to get together in the afternoon and leisure time.




The rain garden, based on sponge city design, has juxtaposed scenery. Walking in the woods, streams and birds are passing through. The afternoon seems to be a little slower.


▼红花绿林,鸟啼虫鸣,寄情夏日乐趣  Safflower green forest, birdsong insects, send feelings of summer fun




Children’s playground and sports area are set up to meet the different needs of residents of all ages for outdoor sports. From children’s games to elderly sports, we hope to add vitality and joy to their paradise.

Return to self, whispers of neighbors, children’s laughter, natural chords, the temperature of life, the changes of surrounding things can be gradually re perceived, living in the scene of allegory, can slowly restart.


▼午后乐园,定格每一个故事  Afternoon paradise, freeze every story


写在最后  At last  


Sunac Jiutang House, we didn’t record it at the first time of delivery, but let it grow naturally. It was only after the owner moved in for more than a year that we fixed the most natural and normal state in our life. Life from the perspective, the original intention and appeal of the design, these scenes, at the moment when the shutter is pressed, are extraordinarily real and precious.








Project name: Sunac · Kowloon Tong Mansion
Year completed: 2019
Project area: 66,000 square meters
Project location: Wuxiang New Area, Nanning city

Design company name (Landscape/Architecture) : Chongqing LISM Landscape
Website: www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: hr@lismdesign.com

Client/developer: Sunac Guangxi Real Estate Co., LTD
Landscape construction: Chongqing Tongqi Garden Co., LTD
Architectural design : Hualan Design (Group) Co., LTD
Exterior Decoration: Chongqing Haili Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD
Photographer: Holi Landscape Photography


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