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GVL: SUNAC LAKE is ideally located in the center of Caijia New Area, Beibei District, Chongqing, where two rails join each other. With convenient transportation, the downtown is within easy reach. According to the local planning, it is a key development area which enjoys great potential.GVL team has integrated culture and art with modern life, accomplishing the project from preliminary plan to completion within only three months, which is approved by the developer SUNAC.


“面对众多限制,怡境团队从对空间、地形的剖析中找到了最佳解决方案。不仅将下坡地形劣势转变为具有特殊体验感的空间优势,而且实现了小中见大的尺度感受。而设计中运用大胆而纯粹的白色,将立面、形体的丰富变化整合成统一语汇,形成了辨识度与艺术性兼具的空间氛围。Though faced with many restrictions, GVL team has found the best solution based on the analysis of space and terrain. They not only transformed the disadvantaged downhill terrain into a unique spatial experience, but also created a scale which will allow visitors to experience more. Changes of the façade and the volume are integrated in pure white, which helps to form an identifiable and artistic space atmosphere.”

——融创映湖十里项目景观甲方负责人 刘浩 Liu Hao, the SUNAC project manager 

项目视频 video


设计概念 Design Idea


洪花溪,项目地旁一条清澈透绿、流水潺潺的小涧,隐约看见小鱼畅游、打旋。清新的溪水,灵动的鱼儿,二者交织出轻盈舒畅之感, “花溪游鱼”这一主题顺势而出。

“Fallen flowers floating on the stream where fish swim freely and joyfully”Interpretation of Oriental Artistic Conception in Modern Ways.

Nearby the project is a clear and green stream, Honghua Stream, in which you can see some fish swimming and playing. Inspired by the pleasant image of gurgling water and lovely fish, the designer proposed the theme “Flower Stream and Swimming Fish”.


景观动线图 Flow Analysis


始入·鱼龙潜跃 Start Chapter: Fish Jumping into the Water



The story of the stream and the fish runs through the entire project.

The beginning of the story is the moment when the fish jumps into the water.In a good design, there is a good story hidden.The image of the swimming fish is converted into the curved surface of the entrance porch. Simple and elegant lines perfectly extend the narrow display interface.


精神堡垒为鳍,结合弧形门廊组成游鱼的抽象图 The spiritual fortress is in the shape of a fin, which is combined with a curved porch to form an abstract image of a fish

入口门廊格栅,透出光影跳跃 The grille at the entrance creates a perfect effect of light and shadow


渐闻·山谷跌溪 Sound · Waterfall



Between the valleys, the waterfall splashes.

Space opens upon you entering through the porch. Water gurgling down the stone steps, forms multiple space levels together with thick green plants, which provides a pleasant experience.


渐闻山谷跌溪 Heard the valley fall

采用“山谷”的元素演变,石阶体现其跌宕起伏的艺术形态  Modelled after the “valley”, the stone steps show the art of ups and downs


潜深·静谧湖心  Depth • Calm Lake



In the center of the lake, water gradually slows down and returns to calm.

The mirror waterscape creates an open lake where objects, emotions and art are integrated. The sales center stands over the lake, providing a space for leisure, thinking and meditation. Modern simple form and space skills embodies the idea of “Zen”.


山木、建筑、水面相互映衬,相互交融,巧妙构造三维一体 Trees, architecture and water complement each other, cleverly form a three-dimensional scene


稍探·林染绿荫 Exploration · Trees and Shades



The dancing shadow of the trees is reflected in the green water.

Borrowing, framing and separating views are important landscape skills in Suzhou gardens which fully embody the “beauty of nature”. GVL team has employed all these skills and created a landscape wall in the backyard to present an artistic visual effect.


框景成画,步移景异,别具一格 Frame landscape into painting and present different views as one moves 


小憩·落英泛漪 Rest · Flowers Falling into Water




The flowers fall into the water and the ripples cut the lake’s surface.

The ripples in the water are simplified as the element of “circle”, which shapes an artistic, interesting, interactive and harmonious backyard space. The space composed of different circles is full of fun and leisurely atmosphere.

Art decorations combine with recreational functions, creating a natural and fun space for interaction and participation. Considering the opening time, sprayers are installed to give visitors a cool summer.


似云朵又似水波,高低错落,趣味性呼之欲出 Sprayers, like clouds and ripples, stand high and low to provide great fun

格栅与入口门廊格栅遥相呼应,景观整体性十足 The grille echoes the one at the entrance


事必躬亲 Attend to everything personally


Mr. Ieoh Ming Pei once said, “Humans are just passers-by on the earth, only cities will last forever.” The GVL team has left a notable mark in the city with their professionalism and attitude.With a serious and dedicated attitude, the designers were responsible for the project and kept following the progress of the construction. They regularly visited the site and communicated with the construction team and development team actively to solve problems in time. Their efforts contribute to the successful completion of the project.


施工过程视频 Construction process video



怡境团队: 张信飞、朱席瑞、李夏夏、刘扬、蒋伟、黄雨阳、彭禹豪、王兰清、黄奕、李广宇、陈仁杰

Project: Chongqing SUNAC LAKE Exhibition Center
Developer: Chongqing SUNAC Hanming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Category: Boutique Housing
Area: 6,500 m2
Time of Design: May, 2019
Time of Completion: July, 2019
Construction: Chongqing Yuxi Gardens Group Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: GVL International Group
Team Members:
SUNAC Team: Nie Li, He Lili, Liu Hao, Shu Yiguo
GVL Team: Zhang Xinfei, Zhu Xirui, Li Xiaxia, Liu Yang, Jiang Wei, Huang Yuyang, Peng Yuhao, Wang Lanqing, Huang Yi, Li Guangyu, Chen Renjie
Photos :Arch-Exist Photography
Special thanks to Cheng Ruizhe team who provided the videos


项目中的植物、材料运用  Application of plants and materials in this project


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