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K-Thengono Design Studio:Talaga Sampireun,印尼一家著名的连锁餐厅,是湖畔用餐体验(talaga)和社区聚会(sampireun)的代名词,而由 K-Thengono 工作室设计的巴厘岛最新分店则将其这一理念进一步发扬光大。

Talaga Sampireun 的标准模式是围绕一片湖水建造一个独立“saung”(小屋)和主餐厅,而设计团队则致力于在这种模式的基础上,打造一种更加完整的体验。在这里,设计形成了一种叙事方式,追溯了一个依山傍水的印尼乡村的故事。

K-Thengono Design Studio:Talaga Sampireun, a well-known Indonesian restaurant chain synonymous with lakeside dining experience (talaga) and community gatherings (sampireun), lives up to its name across locations. However, their newest Bali outpost by K-Thengono Design Studio takes this concept further.

In a departure from the standard Talaga Sampireun formula of individual saung (Sundanese for huts) spread around a lake and a separate main dining hall, the design team aimed for a more integrated experience. Here, the design forms a narrative, tracing the story of a rural Indonesian village nestled beside a body of water.


© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras


故事从一条蜿蜒的河流开始,建筑流线被重新诠释为一条被湖泊环绕的连续、弯曲的脊梁。这条 “河”构成了中轴线,其弯曲的轴线上设有宽敞的用餐区。露天餐厅沿河而建,其屋顶模仿树叶的形状,与传统的河边居住区遥相呼应。

The narrative begins with a meandering river, its flow reinterpreted as a continuous, curvaceous spine surrounded by a lake. This “river” forms the central axis with spacious dining areas on its curves. Open-air saung nestled along its path, their roofs mimicking the form of leaves, echoing the traditional riverside settlements.


© Indra Wiras


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与 Talaga Sampireun 的其他分店不同,这里的主要用餐区都远离水边,而这种新的设计类型则提供了直接的通道。带小孩的家庭可以在这里喂养湖中的鱼儿,而所有客人都可以陶醉在宁静的水景中。餐厅空间没有设置任何墙壁,可以在最大限度地利用自然通风的同时,营造出令人耳目一新的开阔空间。

Unlike other Talaga Sampireun branches, where the main dining areas are set back from the water’s edge, this new design typology offers direct access. Families with young children can delight in feeding the fish that populate the lake, while all guests can revel in the serenity of the aquatic landscape. Walls are non-existent, fostering refreshing openness while maximizing natural ventilation.


© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras



The arrival sequence itself is a prelude to the immersive experience within. Upon entering, a soaring rooftop welcomes guests, its height gradually descending as one progresses toward the pathway to the dining areas. This architectural gesture creates a sense of intimacy, bringing the visitor down to a human scale – a welcoming contrast to the vastness of the surrounding water landscape. Strategic skylights pierce the high roof, bathing the space in dramatic shafts of natural light and adding another layer of visual intrigue.


© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras


该设计除了吸引视觉注意力,还能调动人的五感。悦耳的鸟鸣声与宁静的湖景相得益彰,而著名的 Talaga Sampireun 餐厅的菜肴香气扑鼻,刺激着味觉。柚木、黄铜和红砖等当地材料与现代钢结构的流畅线条相映成趣,谱写出一曲质感十足的交响乐。天花板上的装饰元素由当地工匠用藤条精心制作而成,不仅增添了一丝人情味,还弘扬了当地丰富的手工艺传统。

Talaga Sampireun 巴厘岛分店超越了纯粹的餐厅的概念。它融合了自然、传统与当代设计理念,秉承了品牌的基因。在这里,客人们不仅能够享用美食,还能沉浸在独特的印尼风情中。

Beyond visual appeal, the design is set to engage all five senses. The sound of songbirds complements the serene view of the lake, while the aroma and taste of the renowned Talaga Sampireun’s cuisine tantalizes the palate. Locally sourced materials like teak, brass, and red brick create a textural symphony, juxtaposed with the sleek lines of modern steel structures. Decorative elements on the ceilings, crafted by local artisans using rattan, add a touch of human warmth and celebrate the region’s rich craft heritage.

The Talaga Sampireun’s outpost in Bali transcends the concept of a mere restaurant. It’s a fusion of nature, tradition, and a contemporary design vision that upholds the brand’s DNA. A place of gathering where guests are not just served a meal but are invited to immerse themselves in a uniquely Indonesian experience wherever they choose to sit.


© Indra Wiras
© Indra Wiras


▽设计图纸 Design drawing

© K-Thengono Design Studio
© K-Thengono Design Studio
© K-Thengono Design Studio
© K-Thengono Design Studio




项目名称:Talaga Sampireun Bali
项目地点:印度尼西亚 巴厘岛 库塔(地图:https://maps.app.goo.gl/mAtAmRTnox4ggZDb7)

建筑事务所:K-Thengono Design Studio
首席建筑师:Kelvin Thengono
设计团队:Kevin Chandra、Natashia Angelina Theodora Sianturi
室内设计师:Sheren Pricillia Sanusi
技术图纸:Fachrudin Faruq

客户:Talaga Sampireun (https://www.talagasampireun.com/)
土木与结构工程师、机械与电气工程师、室内承包商:PT Allegra Mitra Perkasa
工料测量师:Nuansa Triutama Jaya
景观顾问:One by Tree
品牌:Asia Tile & Roman, ICI Paints Indonesia, SIKA Indononesia, Jayaboard, Asahi, Fidelio, TOTO Sanitary, Daikin Indonesia

图片来源:Indra Wiras

Project Name: Talaga Sampireun Bali
Completion Year: 2024
Scale: 1950 m2 (build area)
Project Location: Kuta, Bali, Indonesia (maps: https://maps.app.goo.gl/mAtAmRTnox4ggZDb7)

Architectture Firm: K-Thengono Design Studio
Website: https://k-thengono.com/
Contact e-mail: hello@k-thengono.com
Lead Architects: Kelvin Thengono
Design Team: Kevin Chandra & Natashia Angelina Theodora Sianturi
Interior Designer: Sheren Pricillia Sanusi
Technical Drafter: Fachrudin Faruq

Clients: Talaga Sampireun (https://www.talagasampireun.com/)
Civil & Structural Engineer, Mechanical & Electrical Engineer, Interior Contractor: PT Allegra Mitra Perkasa
Lighting Consultant: Erreluce
Quantity Surveyor: Nuansa Triutama Jaya
Landscape Consultant: One by Tree
Brands: Asia Tile & Roman, ICI Paints Indonesia, SIKA Indononesia, Jayaboard, Asahi, Fidelio, TOTO Sanitary, Daikin Indonesia

Photo Credits: Indra Wiras
Photographer’s Website: https://indrawiras.com/




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