LandLAB_ :与Monk MacKenzie建筑师Te Ara I Whiti – light path合作设计,将一个冗余的高速公路基础设施改造成一个有趣且雕塑般的自行车基础设施,穿过奥克兰市中心高速公路交汇处。该项目的设计意图是创造一个混合空间,既支持其作为循环路径的预期功能,又能进行探索、发现和占领。这条路可以让你进行一次旅行,体验一下高速公路的基础设施景观和更广阔景观的背景景观。由传感器控制的300个单独的LED灯柱被布置成沿着路径的城市侧的脊柱,从而创建一个活的和呼吸的交互式城市灯光雕塑,其响应于用户移动的不同模式和强度。

LandLAB_ :Designed in collaboration with Monk MacKenzie Architects Te Ara I Whiti – Lightpath transforms a redundant piece of motorway infrastructure into a playful and sculptural piece of cycling infrastructure threaded through Auckland’s inner city motorway junction. The design intent of the project was to create a hybrid space that supports its intended function as a cycle path but also enables exploration, discovery and occupation.  The path enables a journey and episodic experience that engages with both the infrastructural landscape of the motorway and contextual views of the wider landscape.  Three hundred individual LED light poles controlled by sensors are arranged as a spine down the city side of the path creating a living and breathing interactive urban light sculpture that responds to varying patterns and intensities of user movement.


项目名称:新西兰 Te Ara I Whiti
完成年份: 2016
客户: 克兰理事会( AC )、奥克兰运输( AT )、新西兰运输协会

Project name: Te Ara I Whiti
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Completion Year: 2016
Client: Auckland Council (AC), Auckland Transport (AT), NZTA
Landscape: LandLAB_