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YDDS元道景观:结庐在人境, 而无车马喧。问君何能尔? 心远地自偏。采菊东篱下, 悠然见南山。山气日夕佳, 飞鸟相与还。此中有真意, 欲辨已忘言。——陶渊明 《饮酒》

Yuandao Landscape Design: A hut in the world of men, without the clamor of carriages and horses. I ask you, how can you do it? The heart is far away from the ground. Picking chrysanthemums under the east fence, leisurely seeing the south mountain. The mountain air is good day and night, the birds fly together and return. There is a true meaning in this, I want to recognize it and forget the words. ——Tao Yuanming《Drinking Wine》


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久在樊笼里,复得返自然 Having been trapped in a cage for a long time, one can only return to nature.



A piece of white wall, listen to the breeze, see the trees shadow;

A pool of reflection, sit and watch the clouds rise and fall, flowers blossom; a dusty forest, seasonal changes, sitting idly to spend half a day a wisp of smoke and rain, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, get rid of the world’s pomp and circumstance, is the slanting sun through the forest, the fresh air after the rain, the dew on the leaves, is the zero distance feeling of nature. Is the fresh air after the rain, is moistened in the dew on the leaves, is the zero-distance feeling of nature, handsome and beautiful mountain peaks rest here, the quiet jungle here to breathe.


▽项目鸟瞰图 Aerial view



高黎贡山麓,心归森境闲 At the foot of the Gaoligong Mountains, the heart returns to the forest realm of leisure.


The project is located at the foot of Gaoligong Mountain in Tengchong City, overlooking the panoramic view of Tengchong. Adjacent to the national forest trail, the mountain golf course, the west and northwest side of the site has better landscape resources, the surrounding facilities are relatively complete, the surrounding attractions are dense and rich in tourism resources, with meadows, lakes, rivers and so on, the natural resources are very rich.


▽区位图 Location map



From ancient times to the present, people’s yearning for nature has never weakened, long experience of the city at the beginning of the lights, traffic flow, busy, people long to get away from the chaos of the city, taste the purity of nature, to experience “half a day of leisure” of leisure.


▽一半城嚣一半山林 Half the city and half the mountains



Mori realm forest, sunshine, tree shadow dappled, as if into a period of pure quiet and timeless time, withdrawn from the noise of the city, immersed in a slow and quiet time, this heart is my home.




对话山林谱写静享森境的慢生活乐章 Conversation with the mountains and forests to compose a slow life movement of quiet enjoyment of the forest.


At the beginning of the construction of the project, the site is a lush green primitive fir forest, with a height difference of about 40 meters, the design hopes to make full use of the site resources, combined with the built area to create a characteristic B&B landscape, the design maximizes the retention of primitive forest, local materials, white lines as the basic landscape form, through the creation of a hidden in the mountains and forests of the pure box space, linking the B&B with the mountains and forests, the formation of a mountain characteristics of aesthetics of the Senjian landscape of the B&B.


▽项目平面图 Plan



At the beginning of the design of the B&B, we faced the following questions: 1. How to utilize the mountain to enhance the experience of the residents; 2. How to protect the mountain forest; 3. How to effectively eliminate the height difference through the design; 4. How to plan the flow line, so as to make a reasonable connection between the internal and external functions of the site?


▽方案生成 Scheme generation




At the same time, the project is surrounded by abundant B&B resources, fully tapping local resources to develop hot spring B&B. There are various forms and types of B&Bs, including many Netflix B&Bs, which is a great challenge for the project to stand out from the many B&Bs.

Through communication and exchanges with the owners, it is unanimously recognized that the purpose of upgrading and renovation is to provide a peaceful place for people suppressed in the city to reconcile with the impetuous past and return to the earth surrounded by mountains and forests, and at the same time, it maintains the respect for the natural status quo of the site, and according to the natural shaping and empowerment, it transforms the words “mountains” and “forests” into the soul of the landscape, and forms a five-act forest secret, i.e., searching for the forest, encountering the forest, touring the forest, returning to the forest, and residing in the forest.


▽布局分析图 Layout analysis chart



隐匿于繁世的秘林森境 A secret forest hidden from the world.


A travel on the go, a search for the hermit’s visit, a chance encounter with the Yunqi Villa B&B, dense forest cover, the entrance, a pure white square box frame for visitors to open a journey of art and aesthetics, outside the box, the world of chaos, after the box, the dense forest Sen realm.


隐匿于山林的秘境空间 Hidden in the secret space of the mountains

▽隔绝纷扰尘世的山体空间 Insulate the mountain space that disturbs the world

▽拾级而上,秘境寻踪 Climb up the stairs and explore the secret world

▽坐落在山林的盒子空间 Box space located in the mountains



山回路转觅森境,林影笑语隐心寂 As the mountain passes by in search of woodland, the forest shadows and laughter hide the silence of the heart.


Through the staggered walkway, you will come to the courtyard, where the party area is specially set up, and the storm curtain adds highlights to the space, which looks richly stylized under the lighting at night. Through the interlocking staircase walkway, you will come to the forest theater space, where the shadows of the forest surround the sound of laughter, while the romantic party under the moon brings visitors the ultimate experience of physical and mental relaxation.


▽杉林下的纯梦空间 Pure dream space under the fir forest

▽纯粹透明的玻璃盒子 Pure transparent glass box

▽呼吸着青草泥土的自然之气 Breathing the natural breath of grass and earth

▽雾气升腾时秘境似隐似现 As the fog rose, the secret seemed to recur



Travelers pick up the stairs, accompanied by the sound of the wind whisking through the cedar forest, through the echo of the clear spring lying stream streams, unloading the labor of the road. Forget the world’s pomp and circumstance, and settle your heart in the present, picnic, sip tea, sit idly, and spend time …… Instead of catching up with time in the big city, it is better to experience the change of seasons slowly in the romance of the border town.




碧荫如池小院东,时间打湿在其中 Shades of blue like a pool in the east of a small courtyard, in which time is wet.


Time seems to have stood still, the white structure is swimming in the cloud, the cedar forest makes the scene atmosphere more prominent, seems to be far away, in the face of the slightly confined site, the design of the space to open and close the relationship between the put and take a holistic thinking, with the platform, folding line stacks to reflect the rhythm of the put and take, and enrich the landscape level.


▽纯白的结构纯粹而洁净 The pure white structure is pure and clean



Minimalist texture, pure white color, strong lines, the space is full of tension but makes people feel peaceful in it. In the isolated and secretive atmosphere, you can feel the poetic and romantic vacation time.


▽荧光点点的夜幕降临 The fluorescent night fell

▽穿梭于曲折的3D山体空间 Shuttle through the tortuous 3D mountain space



The building, wrapped in a net-like structure of pure white hollowing, is hidden in the mist, as if floating in the clouds.


▽似梦似幻的林下茶台 A dreamy tea table under the forest

▽夜幕初降时点点萤光渐显 The glimmer of light grew as night fell



Due to the bottom-up height difference, the site is able to form a multi-layered rich landscape walking experience, introducing nature into the space, displaying a “travel map of streams and mountains” in our mind, a kind of three-dimensional landscape composition.


▽于山林之中远眺 Overlooking in the mountains

▽在阳光下任时光缓缓流淌 Let time flow slowly in the sun



When the first ray of sunshine through the mist in the crystal dew glittering, a moment, the feeling of cleansing their own body of those who brought the chaos of the world, forgetfulness of the state of mind came into being.


▽当阳光与夜光相迎时 When the sun meets the night light

▽午后阳光斜洒林间的场景 Afternoon sun slanting through the woods



Above the secluded rock pool, the leaves in twos and threes, with the sparkling waves rotating and dancing. Stone, water, leaves and mountains and forests in harmonious symbiosis, no artifice, no complicated modification, only the true simplicity.




林泉叠影游嬉场,煮酒话桑乐无边 A playground with forest springs and shadows, where you can drink wine and talk about mulberry.


A series of landscape terraces, long and short sloped roofs are adjusted in terms of height and the relationship between entry and exit according to the direction of the mountain, the landscape and the view, giving different levels of different visual experiences and maximizing the use of the landscape.


▽林间回荡几处欢笑声 The woods echoed with a few choruses of laughter



The time in this country is always lazy and idle, probably God will also slow down the hands of the clock when he arrives here. People sit in cafes and enjoy life leisurely, as if all the troubles are left behind, enjoy life, only in a leisurely state can be accomplished.


▽温暖如昔的日常BBQ Warm as usual BBQ

▽与三两好友欢聚的场景 With a couple of friends together

▽浪漫的月下小饮 A romantic moondrink



Into which the streams are heard, the mist steams, and the mountains and forests are full of life.


▽于尘世外见尘世 See the world outside the world



The sky was a clear blue, and brilliant sunlight streamed down through the gaps in the forest, creating beams of thick and thin light that illuminated the gossamer mists of the forest shade.




绿树荫浓日日慢,待看花落又花开 The shade of the green tree grows slowly day by day, waiting to see the flowers fall and bloom.


There is a house in the city, a courtyard for leisure, three or five friends, sipping tea and discussing Taoism, and three meals in four seasons. The faraway place is not far away, occasionally stop and wait for the poetry behind you. Sitting idly in the courtyard, soaking in the hot springs, looking up to see the mountains and forests and the sea of clouds at a glance, looking down to see the mottled from nature.


▽晨光熹微,美景渐显 The light of morning dawned and the beauty began to unfold

▽日暮渐沉,万籁俱寂 The sun was sinking and all was still

▽静谧的归家时光 A quiet homecoming

▽温馨的归家时刻 A sweet homecoming moment

▽静享静谧疗愈时光 Enjoy quiet healing time




The small courtyard in the forest, all of which makes people long for and insist on a pure mountain life, provides people who have long been in the hustle and bustle of the city with a party to reconcile with the restless past and return to the peaceful place surrounded by mountains and forests.

Not to be perfect, not to appear, No surprise, no meeting, Tengchong Yunqishu Hot Spring Resort & B&B Area.


▽整体鸟瞰图 Overall aerial view



In the forest of Mori realm, the sunlight pours down and the trees are dappled with shadows. Seeing the mountains and hearing the valleys, exploring the mountains and forests, living in the mountains, being in the picture world. Finding a place in the mountains and water, living in seclusion among the foothills of the forest, pursuing the poetry of life and the true meaning of aesthetics. Walk into a period of pure quietness and timelessness, withdrawing from the clamor of the city, immersed in a slow and quiet time.




Project Name|Tengchong Yunqi Villa Hot Spring Resort B&B Area
Party A|Tengchong Dongshan Tiantai Real Estate Co.
Project Area|Cost per square meter: about 5,000 square meters/$200/m2
Landscape Design|Chongqing Yuandao Landscape Design Co.
Yuan Dao Team|Wang Yu, Zhang Zongdi, Zheng Yali, Liu Beidi, Hou Hui, Xu Guilin, Cheng Jinglin, Wu Hongmei, Xiong Sijia, Long Zhou, Ling Dan and so on.
Constructor|Henan Yamei Landscape Engineering Co.
Project Address|Tengchong City, Yunnan Province, China
Construction Period|2023
Photography Team|NatureSpace Architectural Photography




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