深圳31设计:  以理性建构空间,以艺术融入感悟,鸿洲天玺为三亚城央地标级高端地产项目。山河海于此交汇,设计师从生活的真实感知与体验出发,以独具包容性的态度,结合地域特色,将大自然最质朴的馈赠融入空间,构建美、创造美、设计美。艺术气息贯穿始终,触发耐人玩味的情感共鸣。

TRINITY Interior Design :   Building space rationally, integrating art into perception ,Hongzhou TianXi is a landmark high-end real estate project in sanya city center. The mountains and rivers meet here. starting from the real perception and experience of life, the designer integrates the most simple gifts of nature into space with a unique and inclusive attitude and regional characteristics to construct beauty, create beauty and design beauty. Artistic flavor runs through the whole process, triggering interesting emotional resonance.


项目外景landscape of sales center




At the beginning of the consultation office, I was wrapped up in this wide range of log colors. a warm feeling surged up. between the opening and closing of the screen, the transformation between nothingness and reality awakened the most real mood in my heart. the simple and powerful marble was shrouded in this light, and its cold air was hidden, lest I should fail to live up to the beauty of this creator.




A large number of circular arc lines are used in space, which is clever and elegant. The endless flowing lines are just like sanya’s gentle coastline and also echo the architectural appearance. The plain grey wall surface stands in the most primitive posture, where the ground meets the space. it is both a fortress and a spirit. it is more like a medium that guides us to feel the changes of nature.





The designer intends to blur the boundaries of various spaces, create a continuous and homogeneous open interface, and create a simple and comfortable environment like the space of the art museum. it is just like the traditional culture of the same origin – ” All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue.”




Carpet continues gray ground, and the visual space is extended, which is exactly the same as the seat’s texture. the continuous wooden wave seats, like surging waves, evoke imagination and echo the overall tone.




The mixed fluidity brings people visual impact and unexpected surprises, which further reflects the inclusiveness and sharing of the project itself. Just as the designer said, ” the artistry of design comes from a unique understanding of life style, while culture is rooted in the spontaneous expression of life experience and is not deliberately created. ”




大自然总是有很神奇的力量,如Maggie Macnab所著《源于自然的设计》中所说:“也许最重要的是从真实的自我产生的创造力,这是人类心灵深处的需求,心灵与大自然之间会相互影响,并通过大自然必须教给我们的内容而有所发现。” 自由散落在洽谈区的半开放围合空间,灵感来源于海岛黎族原居民的传统藤编,其传统住房,以树干作支架,竹片编墙。如今,藤编已成为一项海南省级非物质文化遗产保护项目。

Nature has always had a magical power, as Maggie Macnab’s “Design from Nature” said: “Perhaps the most important thing is the creativity from the real self, this is the deep demand of the human heart, the mind and nature will interact with each other, and through the content that nature must teach us to discover.” “Free scattered in the negotiation area of the semi-open enclosed space, inspired by the island Li Indigenous people of the traditional rattan, its traditional housing, to the trunk as a stent, bamboo pieces of the wall.” Nowadays, Rattan has become a provincial intangible cultural heritage Conservation project in Hainan Province.




The sculptural staircase was painted dark black in appearance, and was matched with the log color, further demonstrating the flowing and flowing charm of space. the connection of light points between the stairs also saw the designer’s original intention of exploring nature and blending with art from the subtle aspects. In addition, large areas of green plants are placed in space, based on long-term ecological principles and guided by the concept of aerobic low-carbon life.




In addition, the space of the sense of enclosure makes the communicator focus on it. the designer also interprets the details of the design: ” enclosure” is the scope of the line of sight, which is more private. ” penetration” is the highlight of the line of sight, which is based on the construction of indoor atmosphere. He not only uses vision as the criterion to measure the existence of things, but also starts from the tactile sensation of users in space, and then excavates the will and ideal of space.




It is understood that 31 also has its own workshop for the construction of art works. the three artistic devices appearing in the project – rattan weaving, mountain-shaped streamline stool and cloud installation – are all original works of art from the 31 workshop.

项目平面  Master Plan 1

项目平面  Master Plan 2


设计机构:深圳31设计(TRINITY Interior Design)

Project Overview
Project Name: Sanya Hongzhou TianXi Sales Center
Owner: Visun Group
Design agency: TRINITY Interior Design
The main creative design: Huang Tao, Li Zhihong
Design team: Shen Qi, Pang Jinjun, Liang Zhe
Project Photography: Yan Ming
Design Scope: Interior Design
Project Type: Sales Center
Project Location: Sanya, China
Project area: 760m2
Design time: October 2016
Built in: January 2018