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TK Studio:该项目的理念是打造“与生活相交融的景观”,为年轻一代提供充满活力的居住氛围和隐私空间。考虑到场地面积有限,我们巧妙利用多层次梯田式设计,让户外空间最大化,提高居民的隐私度,同时强调空间划分和突出各自特色,让所有使用者都能在各个角落享受到美好的景观。

TK Studio:The concept for the Base Sukhumvit 50 project is – Interlace between Landscape and the Living Environment that provides both dynamic vibe and privacy for younger generation. Although the property is limited, all outdoor space will be maximized by creating levels of terraces, which will enhance privacy for residents. The awareness of spatial characters and division will be emphasized so that all users can enjoy the nice landscape at all corners.




We are interlacing the landscape in two ways. Firstly, the landscape is interlaced with the architecture. Inspired by the geometrical pattern and the colors of the building façade, we have adapted this graphic into landscape design to form a strong design language for the entire project. The geometrical graphics that have been applied on landscape masterplan, landscape forms, paving pattern and other elements.





Secondly, the landscape interlaces the space with users. Functions and aesthetic are given equal importance in this landscape design. The well-balanced deliverable results in a favorable landscape experience of relaxed, warm and fun feelings. Users will be able to refresh their minds and souls, and it will become the relaxing place for recharging the energy of living.




With limited land, we maximize the functioning outdoor areas, while providing an exciting landscape experience by creating various landscape features such as outdoor lobby, swimming pool, water jet, and variety of relaxing seating areas.




The swimming pool is the highlight of the project. The geometrical form of graphic at the pool and the contrasting material colours of orange and blue are the extension of the architectural design. The water surface of the pool reflects the building façade onto the landscape, unifying the design language between architecture and landscape. Sun deck and a raised hidden backyard are provided along with flexible seating arrangement. Multiple layers of landscape design enhance the landscape experience and encourage the users to utilize the outdoor landscape.




Meanwhile, the planting design concept is aimed to create modern tropical landscape. Contrasting characters between big and small leaves, dark and light-coloured leaves are put in the same planter to enhance the softscape textures and variation. Dense and multi-layered of vegetation is planted on the landscape to ensure the privacy of residents. A communal herb garden will be planted to reinforce residents’ engagement, while a trellis with climbing plants will be installed behind the gym to reduce the heat generated from the parking area and provide a better view.





景观设计:TK Studio Company Limited
主创设计师:Mr. Tawatchai Kobkaikit
设计团队:Mr. Naratip Bundi, Miss Kamonchanok Srisaovanant, Miss Chonnipa Opascharoenkij
客户:Sansiri Public Company Limited
合作方:The Tokyu Corporation Company Limited
摄影:Mr. Rungkit Charoenwat

Project name: The Base Sukhumvit 50
Completion Year: 2019
Size: 6,500 m2
Project location: Bangkok, Thailand
Landscape Firm: TK Studio Company Limited
Website: http://tkstudio.co.th/
Contact e-mail: info@tkstudio.co.th
Lead Architects: Mr. Tawatchai Kobkaikit
Design Team: Mr. Naratip Bundi, Miss Kamonchanok Srisaovanant, Miss Chonnipa Opascharoenkij
Clients: Sansiri Public Company Limited
Collaborators: The Tokyu Corporation Company Limited
Photo credits: Mr. Rungkit Charoenwat



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