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CRAZYWATER:The Eye of Xintiandi is a project designed by CRAZYWATER in 2021, presenting an amazing experience to Shanghai residents and tourists under the background of the 100th anniversary of Chinese Communist.


▽项目视频 Video


© 朱清言
© 朱清言
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项目背景丨Project Background


Located in the central area of Shanghai, the northeast of former Luwan District, Xintiandi is an urban tourist attraction that reproduces the historical and cultural features of Shanghai. Based on the typical residential buildings in Shikumen Old District, it holds a variety of dining and shopping places. It is a cultural and entertainment center with functions such as performing arts, fashion week, etc. With the aim of “protecting history and promoting the city through culture”, it reproduces the living atmosphere of Shikumen by protecting the architecture of Shikumen Old District.


▽新天地平面图 Site plan




When Xintiandi Beili first opened in 2001, it was a leading trend at that time. In 2021, Xintiandi had begun a new round of renovation and upgrade. Taipingqiao Park, as the central green space of the Xintiandi area, was to welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of China, and to enhance the overall atmosphere and environment of the CCP’s “First National Congress” site and the core area of the “First National Congress” memorial hall.


▽改造后整体鸟瞰 Overall aerial view

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As the center of Taiping Lake, the water show occupies an important spot of the area. The design has considered the high-rise residential and commercial sights around the lake to meet the all-round visual experience. It reflects Shui On Land’s core value as a landmark in Shanghai and a gift for the 100th anniversary of CCP in 2021.


▽白天的喷泉效果 Fountain effect during the day

© 朱清言
© 朱清言


水景概念丨 Water Feature Design Concept


The design team proposed a sense of rhythm that matches the shape of the lake, inspired by the modern abstract curves, and combined with Xintiandi’s unique business concept to create a linear shape along with the stylish water feature. The layout of the fountain is based on the shoreline of the lake, with bright eyes as the source of inspiration, extending its graceful curve to create a unique visual experience.


▽太平湖水景平面图 Plan of taiping Lake waterscape


▽太平湖水景效果图 Taiping Lake waterscape renderings


▽市民们聚集在岸边观赏灯光水秀 Citizens gathered along the shore to watch the light and water show



The design team used high, medium and low water patterns and the combination of projection and lighting art to present a rich sense of space, making the overall fountain to meet the needs of different modes such as daily, festive, and commercial activities.


▽不同高度的水秀体现韵律感 The water show at different heights reflects the sense of rhythm

© 朱清言
© 朱清言
© 朱清言


演绎设计丨Pattern Design


This is not a simple fountain placed on the lake, but a multimedia water show with unique characteristics of Xintiandi, Shanghai culture, and a vision of the future. The design takes yesterday, today, and tomorrow as the main storyline. The performance includes Shanghai culture, red landmarks, corporate culture of Shui On Real Estate, and community culture of future technological interaction. Each theme is abstractly expressed with enjoyable visual elements, and with thematic music, it gradually shows the changes of Xintiandi and Shanghai over the past few decades. As a landmark permanent show, the water feature design will have its unique charm over time.


© 朱清言
© 朱清言

▽百变水型效果 Variable water type effect

© 朱清言
© 朱清言

▽百变水型组合效果 Variable water type combination effect

© 朱清言
© 朱清言
© 朱清言

▽扇形水幕效果 Scalloped water curtain effect

© 朱清言
© 朱清言
© 朱清言





It is a surprising, spiritual experience to watch the water show from different perspectives. The unique visual map of the water show generated into different times, locations, and emotions and became The Eye of Xintiandi, looking into the present, past and future of Xintiandi.


Project Name: “The Eye of Xintiandi” Multimedia Fountain Park
Designed by CRAZYWATER
Company website: www.crazywater.cn
Contact email: zhangzhe@crazywater.cn
Completed Year: 2021
Address: 168 Hubin Rd, Huangpu District
Design team: Ma Xueqiong, Ren Hongya
Photography: Qingyan Zhu, CRAZYWATER
Partner: DLC
Client: Shui On Land



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