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HW Studio:该项目的灵感源于对环境中这些细语低吟的聆听,以及客户对安全性和隐私性的诉求。

HW Studio:The inspiration behind this project is derived from carefully listening to the subtle murmurs and whispers of environments like this, as well as the client’s search for protection and shelter.


▼项目视频  Video



How can one feel protected? What can be done when one feels vulnerable? This question was accompanied by an image, or perhaps a memory: a frightened child covering himself with a light bed sheet as he peeks out to make sure he can see what is going on around him. Pulling a bed sheet over ourselves is a very elemental act that alludes to the most basic part of the self; a bed sheet hides, protects, wraps, and creates a space beneath it that is so safe and intimate as to keep away any spirit, ghost, or demon that may be surrounding the room.


▼鸟瞰  Aerial view

courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio



At the same time, this project generates a continuity in the beautiful living surface around the land, forming a new hill in a place already surrounded by many. The architecture is like an accent on the words of a poem, like a comma or a question mark, but never the actual poem itself. The poem is already written by the pines, the oaks, the sweet acacia, the fireflies, the road, the fence, the neighbor’s water well, the earth, the orchard, and the nightingale.


▼风景优美的宜居区域  Livable area with beautiful scenery



Four concrete walls contribute accents to the poem, surprisingly emerging from the landscape; two of them bearing the land of the new hill created by raising the bed sheet, and two others framing the access as they escort guests into the house.


▼混凝土墙  Concrete walls

courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio



The path is wide enough to walk comfortably alone, yet narrow enough to discourage accompaniment. Visitors are cast into a pilgrimage of solitude that leads to an old tree with such a significant presence that it was necessary to distort the linearity of one of the walls with a gentle curve to be able to pass next to it…so close that it is even possible to graze it.


▼小道和古树  The path & old tree

courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio



After crossing the tree threshold, going down a few solid pearled stone steps, and opening a heavy steel door, a concrete vault stands, supporting the loads of the green bed sheet that rests upon it; providing a sensation of being inside a cold, dark, but strangely cozy cave.


▼混凝土拱顶  Concrete vault

courtesy of HW Studio



Concrete was chosen as the main material due to a dream about this new rock melting while inevitably interacting with the forest, changing colors… grays that turned to greens, blacks, and yellows that were gradually incorporated into the environment. The flooring emphasizes an aroma of wood that is perceived when surrounded by pine trees, providing balance to the cold temperature of the concrete; and finally, steel that, with time and rainfall, acquires an appearance like tree bark.


▼内部空间  Inner space

courtesy of HW Studio



As for the spatial organization, public areas on the left side of the house are completely exposed to the wooded ravine, and on the right side are open more timidly to a courtyard with treetop and sky views. It was important to have very few references of elements that would connect to a specific moment in time, so the refrigerator and appliances were hidden, the lighting was arranged very discreetly, and only the four main materials were included: stone, wood, concrete, and steel. It was very important for the client to preserve the rough and primitive atmosphere of being in the mountains.


courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio
courtesy of HW Studio




项目地址:墨西哥,米却肯州,莫雷利亚,El vaquerito
首席建筑师:Rogelio Vallejo Bores and Oscar Didier Ascencio Castro.
团队:Sergio Antonio Garcia Padilla, Jesus Alejandro Lopez Hernandez, Alberto Gallegos Negrete.
雨天图片:Cesar Bejar  www.cesarbejarstudio.com
晴天图片:Dane Alonso  www.danealonso.com
视频:Mavix. Hugo Tirso Dominguez

Architectural Firm: HW STUDIO
Project location: El vaquerito, Morelia, Michoacán.
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 250 mts 2
Lead Architects: Rogelio Vallejo Bores and Oscar Didier Ascencio Castro.
Team: Sergio Antonio Garcia Padilla, Jesus Alejandro Lopez Hernandez, Alberto Gallegos Negrete.
Construction company: ARGA Constructora
Budget: 350,000 USD
Photo credits:
Rainy Mood Pictures: Cesar Bejar  www.cesarbejarstudio.com
Sunny Mood Pictures: Dane Alonso  www.danealonso.com
Video: Mavix. Hugo Tirso Dominguez




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