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Atelier NOUS:该项目在法国触发了​独一无二的创新之举,目前,它是唯一一个与居民、学校、社团组织、初创企业和各种专业人士共同设计的如此大规模的项目。这个前所未有的过程最终展示了集体智慧构思城市项目的非凡潜力。


Atelier NOUS: This project has been a one of a kind process to trigger innovative systems in France. It currently is the only one of such a scale to have been designed collectively with inhabitants, schools, associative structures, as well as start-ups and various professionals. This unprecedented process finally showcases the exceptional potential of collective intelligence conceiving an urban project.

Everyone contributed by sharing ideas and know-hows. The city’s representatives and municipal services agreed to experiment this collective approach throughout the all process, from programming to design to construction.



背景 Situation

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the “Nardal planted promenade” is an ambitious and experimental project linking density, nature and culture. The project consists of creating an urban space that connect the new district with older ones and to encourage greater social diversity. The involved local actors have been mobilized for 9 years to contribute to its success by imagining an ambitious program that integrates social and ecological innovations.The promenade is located on the site of a former hospital and above a tunnel of an obsolete railway infrastructure, which is home to the largest urban colony of pipistrelles (a protected species of bat) in Europe. Atelier Nous landscape designers have drawn the whole thread of the project based on this specificity, in order to meet the aesthetic, technical, ecological and social requirements.


▽项目视频 The video


城市规划:为所有人打造无障碍环境 Urban program : accessibility for all people


​1. “儿童休息室”为3至12岁的儿童提供游戏。该游乐场有一个提供游戏(攀爬、滑梯等)和休闲区(巨大的吊床)的巨大“蝙蝠”设施。这使得每个孩子都可以参与体验,即使是运动不便的人。

Different atmospheres punctuate the walk and encourage appropriation through multiple practices which are every-users friendly. As you walk along, five major spaces are gradually revealed: one shared garden and four lounges. Each one of these lounges hosts a different programmatic function based on discovering biodiversity and conviviality between neighbours across the ages :

1. The ” Kid’s lounge ” offers games for children from 3 to 12 years old, designed with the children of the Pierre Larousse school. This playground features a monumental bat that offers games (climbing, slide, etc.) and relaxation areas (giant hammocks). This allows each child to test himself, even in a wheelchair. A physical relationship of learning and discovery is established between this mammal and the children.


▽设计图纸 Design drawing


2. “探索休息室”是邻里之间组织活动的理想场所。它充满了关于场地、居民和社区历史的信息,这里有一个记忆游戏和一个公共共享库,一个大工作台和一个蝙蝠检测器。每个人都可以了解自己,学习和分享改编的游戏和家具。

2. The “Discovery Lounge” is an ideal place to organise events between neighbours. It is full of information about the site, its inhabitants and the history of the neighbourhood. In this sense, it has a memory game and a public shared library,a large work table and a bat detector. Everyone can inform themselves, learn and share around adapted games and furniture.




3. The “Games lounge” offers a journey around the world and Greater Paris. It includes game tables from around the world and a gigantic marble game about  green and blue corridors of Geater Paris.



4. “运动休息室”是露天体育馆的一种形式,休息室有许多可供所有人使用的运动设备,以及用于锻炼和其他团体练习(舞蹈,瑜伽课程等)的开放空间。沿着这条路,在长廊的中间有一个共享的花园,是提供服务和工具交换的中心空间。共享花园也是所有步行者的信息获取点。

4. The “Sports lounge”, a form of open-air sports hall, was designed in consultation with the “Maison des pratiques artistiques amateurs”, which is adjacent to the promenade. The lounge has a number of sports equipment accessible to all and an open space for exercises and other group practices (dance, yoga classes, etc.). Along the way and in the middle of the promenade stands a shared garden. A central space that hosts a service and tool exchange. The shared garden is also an information point for all walkers.



协作设计流程 A collaborative design process


The project design process is collective. He has formed an authentic experimental laboratory for future public spaces. The elaborated ideas and systems have been recognized as major innovations, particularly in terms of inclusiveness and accessibility for all.Everyone contributed by sharing ideas and know-hows. The city’s representatives and municipal services agreed to experiment this collective approach throughout the all process, from programming to design to construction.

This dynamic brought innovation in many areas. The collaboration with educational institutions was for instance developed through several forms. Thanks to their drawings, schoolchildren took part in the design of several pieces of furniture inspired by existing fauna, such as the bat game in the children’s lounge or the insects hotel in the discovery lounge. High school students also created the gigantic marble game that highlights the Greater Paris green and blue corridors. Other unique collaborations have led to singular pieces such as a memory game retracing the site’s history through drawings made with a local artist. Similarly, associations for the visually impaired, helped by start-ups, have created a sound guidance system for the promenade as well as a tactile map of the area.





Finally, the landscape designers have also put the French stone federation in contact with the municipal services, allowing to reintroduce a traditional French know-how able to respond to actual ecological issues. The promenade is also based on a metabolic system of available matter : rainwater and tons of reused stone belonging to the City of Paris.In addition, it has led to the development of inclusive devices allowing accessibility to everyone without discrimination.

Key figures:
240 000 paving stone be re-used
230 meters in dry-stone construction
2000 m2 in backfill made of recycled materials
8097 m2 in permeable surface





项目名称: “The promenade Nardal”
项目地点:巴黎(100 Didot Street Paris 75014)

景观/建筑公司:Atelier NOUS
首席建筑师:Concetta Sangrigoli
设计团队:Perrine Herault、Cosme Vallet、Adrien Rizzo、Pauline De Gorostarzo、Giulia Zanforlin
合作伙伴:Setec Ingénierie

图片来源:@Pierre Cattan @Vanessa Stassi @Guzzini(夜间照片)
摄影师网站:@Perrine Henault @Pierre Cattan

Project Name: “The promenade Nardal”
Completion Year: 2020
Scale: District (Landscape Park)
Project Location: Paris ( 100 Didot Street Paris 75014)

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Atelier NOUS
Website: http://ateliernous.fr/
Website project : http://ateliernous.fr/promenade-nardal/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ateliernous/?hl=fr
Contact e-mail: contact@ateliernous.fr
Lead Architects: Concetta Sangrigoli
Design Team: Perrine Herault, Cosme Vallet, Adrien Rizzo, Pauline De Gorostarzo, Giulia Zanforlin
Clients: City of Paris
Collaborators: Setec Ingénierie

Photo Credits: @Pierre Cattan @Vanessa Stassi @Guzzini (for night photography)
Photographer’s Website: @Perrine Henault @Pierre Cattan




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