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L&A Design: L&A took up great challenges of accelerating the site resilience in Ganluxi Park in China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City: How to well integrate new kinetic green energy with the existed city vitality in this offshore reclamation area? How to meet the need of gradated open spaces in the Eco-City development? How to reduce maintenance costs? How to work stormwater management? How to make more living infrastructures available to the neighboring residents?



弹性作为触媒 Accelerating Resilience

天津中新生态城甘露溪公园以弹性作为触媒。充分考虑新兴城镇和使用者的需求,提出可操作的分期建设计划,奥雅设计的团队在绿色海绵基底上(活体滤芯),构建一个灵活性 适应性 渐进性的开放空间体系的思路,以非固化的方式,给未来建设预留空间。

China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City is a new developing area in Tianjin. Less ideal public spaces are available to the residents here, of which Ganluxi Park is an ideal one. In view of this, L&A proposed an operable phased-construction plan to accelerating resilience onto the existed park site. An adaptable gradated open space system was firstly to be built on the existing spongy planting base with living filter elements. Space for further construction is well reserved by this flexible way.




It is a clever design concept to solve the dilemma the project faced: non-phased construction is unreasonable for its high maintenance cost and low use rate in the pre-phase, also impracticable for further needs in the long run.



弹性的功能 Function of Resilience


Rather than the emphasized ecological design, L&A always would like to respect the social function of a public space. An elevated annular corridor is built around the water in the park to create a natural outdoor recreational area for neighboring residents. On the center of the water, a performance stage is set to organize diverse community activities in the future. It will be a container of colorful social life.




The elegant cloud-like trellis is an important design element in this project. There are flowing trellises here and there on the site. Embraced by the blue sky and white clouds, people are leisurely lying on the wooden deck by the waterside, watching children enjoying themselves in the water. Light plays with shadows, echoing the fascinated coastal scenery on the site.


▼天光云影 Light plays with shadows



Systematic outdoor landscape facilities are functionally built for various life experience. They are continuously set throughout the site with ups and downs, creating a dynamic public space to make a wide range of outdoor leisure activities available.


▼林间穿梭的跑道 Path for sporting in the woods



A ring-shaped swing playground is designed to create more opportunities for social activities. Obviously it provides gathering and communicating with an ideal venue. The swing installations are designed for children by different ages. Parents and their children could enjoy all kinds of ways on playing on a swing. Besides the space construction for material needs, development of the Eco-City also need more cozy spaces for spiritual construction in this project.


▼飞一样的秋千 A flying swing



Vertical landscaping is well integrated into the site design to get an effective surface runoff, so as to build a reasonable stormwater control system. And a rich and dynamic green visual experience is created by the vertical landscape for people to enjoy their leisure time here.




With various landforms in the park, a large lawn and lakeside recreational area are set to provide a fresh natural scenery spot. Also, cherry blossoms are blooming in spring; golden leaves are falling here and there from gingko trees among the tree-lined trails in autumn. The park is really a rich owner of the colorful four seasons.




A natural habitat is created in the park by the scientific planting palette: native tree species with strong salt tolerance are mainly planted, such as Chinese ash, dryland willow, Chinese scholartree and Himalayan spindle, accompanied by a lot of low-maintenance aquatic plants – reeds, fleur-de-lis, giant reed, Chinese pennisetum and yellow iris.




The main entrance is orange-colored as an echo with the landscaping logo of the Eco-City.


▼公园入口景墙 Feature wall at the main entrance


弹性的海绵 A Giant Sponge with Resilience


The most serious ecological problem in Ganluxi Park is the severe soil salinization caused by land reclamation. At present, land reclamation is widely adopted in many coastal countries and regions with poor terrestrial resources in Asia to “borrow the land from the sea”. In this way, despite of huge benefits available, it brings irreversible “sequelae” to the environment. The rainy season is concentrated in a right period in Tianjin, especially the rainstorm season in July and August. Thus, it is really difficult to purify and recycle the salinized and alkalized rainwater retained on the site, to well integrate the water purifying system with the resilient sponge system.




At the very beginning, a lot of time was spent on searching the right methods to revitalize the ecological environment in the park. Finally, the deteriorating salinized environment was improved by building a “resilient sponge system”.


▼活体滤芯——盐碱地上的海绵系统 Living filter element – sponge system on the salinized land



In view of the existed situation, micro-topography was built in the park to lead the surface runoff flowing into the grassed swales to achieve the first purification, and at last, flowing into the saline-alkali water purification tank with floating aquatic plants: accumulated, purified and utilized. A green infrastructure was finally established based on the sponge system well compatible with saline-alkali water purification system.




Above the purification tank, planting soil is paved to grow the vegetation with purifying function; and below the tank, a huge mesh bag is set, filled with padding cleaning agents, such as zeolite, phosphogypsum and other industrial wastes containing calcium ions. Salinity in the water body is effectively reduced by the methods above.




Strolling in the park with your family or friends at sunset, it must be an enjoyable memory to you, to escape daily hustle and bustle.




China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City is a new model industrial zone that co-built by the two countries to fight against climate change, so as to develop more green sustainable cities. The Eco-City is about 40 kilometers from downtown Tianjin. The site of Ganluxi Park is located at the core of ​​urban green corridor in the Eco-City, “L” shaped with an area of ​​8.9 hectares.


▼总平面图 Master Plan



At present, most part of the site is still under development or under construction. This landscaping project, as a green starter, is mainly featured to adapt to the recent and long-term development of the Eco-City: it should produce a pulling effect on the value of surrounding plots with its recent basic function, and also should provide more possibilities for the future use. At the same time, a green sustainable sponge system is constructed on the land suffering from severe salinization.



结语 Conclusion



A natural and sustainable urban open space is mainly built on whether it is symbiotic with the urban ecology and its surrounding. In addition to ecological technologies, the sustainability of the project also includes the maintenance and operation of the park, furthermore, multi-functions adapting to urban development.

As a core of ecological resilience strategy, this project is well integrated into the development of its residential surroundings, further of the urban ecological environment in the near future. It will be a natural and sustainable landmark to show the vitality of the city.





项目类型:城市绿色开放空间 生态公园

设计团队:奥雅设计 北京公司 项目五组
编辑:Chameleon Haipei Christine
摄影: 一辉映画

Project Name: Ganluxi Park, China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
Project Location: China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
Project Type: Urban Green Open Space, Ecological Park
Landscaping: 120,000 m2
Design Time: 2015
Built Up: 2018
Project Owner: Management Committee of China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City
Design: L&A Design

Design team: Project Team 5, Beijing Branch, L&A
Editing: Chameleon Haipei Christine
Photographing: YH Visual Studio


项目中的植物、材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project


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