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QIDI Design: A natural aesthetic experience hall, Living a poetic habitat surrounded by forests, Like the most unrealistic dream you ever experienced.


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The ‘ISVARA·LAKEFRONT’ is located in Tuanbo New City, Tianjin.The place was originally thrived because of water transportation,the harbor branches were scattered like stars in the sky which lead in all directions.Since ancient times, canals have flourished. The canal and the wetland give the site a unique sense of sedimentation and ecological abundance over the years.


▽场地分析 Site analysis



The site is located in a permanent seawater protective green space beside the canal and lake, with American red maple as the main tree species.On breezy autumn days,the red maple and sunglow fall in the same color.On spring and summer days, the maple and poplar forest all connect together lush and green,which create a natural and pure healing ecological landscape.


▽形象界面设计分析Image interface design analysis Site analysis

▽实景呈现 Live-action rendering


示范区由入口空间、森系茶园、童真乐园、艺术剧场、生态停车场五大部分构成。景观将描绘 “艺术、森系、童真、剧场、花园”多样化的生活场景。

The demonstration area is composed of five major parts: entrance space, forest tea garden, children’s playground, art theater, and ecological parking lot. The landscape will depict the diversified life scenes of “Art, Forest, Children, Theater and Garden”.


▽场地鸟瞰景观动图 Aerial view GIF of the site



The design aims to restore the true nature of life and experience, to turn the demonstration area into a medium to convey the value of good life to customers, and to create a practical landscape life scene


▽场地空间布局 Spatial layout of site

▽夜景鸟瞰 At night have a bird’s eye view of


简洁流畅的线条,勾勒东方神韵 Simple and smooth lines, outlining the eastern charm


On the cultural level, we extracted the water elements of Tianjin’s local canal history and Tuanpo water charm, and combined them with the oriental sloping roof features of the buildings to blend throughout the project landscape, linking the past with the future.


▽入口景墙动图 GIF of the entrance view wall

▽入口局部鸟瞰 Bird ‘s-eye view of partial entrance


▽流畅简洁的立面展示 Smooth and simple facade presentation



The sculptural pure white wall forms a flowing and undulating urban interface, which is highly indicative and artistic, building the unique artistic temperament of the project.


▽昭示性城市界面 Declarative urban interface


一叶轻盈扁舟,拉开天津漕运水文化序幕 A light boat opens the prologue of Tianjin’s water transport culture


The entrance is flanked by springs and symmetrically planted with two Malus robusta, which are meant to wash away the exhaustion of the day. A flat boat is set up underneath to signify a smoothly ride towards success.


▽艺术感水景雕塑 Artistic sense of waterscape sculpture

▽别致的归家入口空间 Chic return home entrance space


捕风捉影,与自然共生 Living with Nature through light and shadow


The staggered design of the walls creates a light effect in the corridor which depict the nature within the shadow, giving the site a unique spatial quality.


▽艺术别致的门洞空间动图 Artistic and unique door space GIF

▽线条与圆的碰撞演绎东方美韵 The collision of lines and circles



The moon gate combined with the white curved wall interprets the eastern aesthetics.


▽极具特色的月洞门 The distinctive moon gate


森林秘境,清幽野奢 Forest of quietness and secludedness


A narrow green belt divides the field properties in a natural form. Half is quiet and the other half is vibrant. Natural light and shadows with dense water vapor blend through the forests,which reflect the ecological nature of the site.


▽社交场所空间动图 Social place space GIF

▽社交场所鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of social places

▽森林步道景观动图 Forest Trail landscape GIF

▽狭长的森林步道 Long, narrow forest trail


多元社区,实用活力 Diverse community with practicality and vitality


The designers wanted to maximize the practicality of the demonstration area and present the future life here. Various entertainment and social spaces such as children’s activity area, creative bazaar and technology experience zone are created.


▽娱乐社交场所 Entertainment and social place



The ‘white jumping cloud’ is a set of artistic interactive sculptures floating in the center of the site, it must be the children’s favourite. the VR based kinetic bicycle attracts the attention of adults, people can ride the bicycle and experience the beautiful life scenes of future life. This site fully shows the characteristics of the future community: artistry, modernism, fashionism, interactivity and technology.


▽漂浮的白色互动雕塑形成场地核心 Floating white interactive sculpture

▽夜晚玩耍的孩子们 Children playing at night

▽VR科技动感单车 VR technology spinning bike


“运河”景观,唤醒天津水岸记忆 The ‘canal’ landscape which awakens the memory of Tianjin’s waterfront


The designer incorporates the cultural heritage of the Tianjin Canal throughout the site, awakening Tianjin people’s common memory of life by the canal. The design of cascading waterscape between the lawn and pedestrian walkway makes a ground height difference, which increase the vertical experience of the site, and show a spatial directionality and convergence.


▽草坪空间景观动图 GIF of lawn space landscape

▽草坪空间鸟瞰 The lawn space

▽结合场地高差设计抬升的水景 Design the raised waterscape with the site elevation difference

▽流淌的水景涌泉 Flowing water features Yongquan



The small fountains and point light are guiding people enter the site, along the waterscape increases the interactivity.


▽漂浮的草坪空间 Floating lawn space


茶园戏台,构建未来生活剧场 Tea garden and stage culture, build the future of life theater


The tea garden and stage culture are some unique lifestyles that belongs to Tianjin people. It’s also a high concentration of the humanistic spirit and their attitudes towards life in this city.The abstract design of the oval lawn is compared to a theater stage to express a feeling of respect towards Tianjin people’s spirit.


▽椭圆草坪秀场 The Oval Lawn Show



The oval lawn will present various possibilities of future life: Parties, receptions, music concerts, open-air cinema, press conference, etc. To create a diversified, modern, technological and fashionable life stage.


▽草坪秀场 The lawn show


光影交织,与自然艺术共生 Interweaving of light and shadow, symbiosis with natural art


When nature, light and shadow intermingle with the space, they form the fifth dimension of nature. Together, we can perceive the free and uninterrupted world of dappled


▽光影塑造自然维度的美 Light and shadow shape the beauty of the natural dimension


以光影创造美 Create beauty with light and shadow


The essence of design is to create, and good design is derived from nature, yet higher than nature. We hope that this eastern modern experience hall will bring you a unique experience.






Project Name: Tianjin Wanda Free Lanwan
Project address: Tuanpo District, Tianjin
Project scale: Landscape design area of 3100㎡
Project Period: 2022.01-2022.06
Completion time: 2022.06
Design Consulting: New Scene Research and Innovation Center
Landscape Design: QIDI Design _ Dalian Branch
Design director: Nie Ke
Design team: Yang Zhipeng, Fang Liang, Wu Debin, Li Yanjin, CAI Xinxin, Sun Yueting, LAN Caihui, Quan Shiyu, Xu Jian, Zhang Kalong
Owner Team: Xu Tao, Zhang Pengcheng, Yang Ziyi
Developer: Wanda Real Estate (Tianjin) Co., LTD
Architectural Unit: Shanghai Lianchuang Design Group Co., LTD
Architectural Unit: Shanghai Lianchuang Design Group Co., LTD
Editor: Cynthia




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