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WTD: Emerald Forest is located at the core of Chongqing Tiandi Project. It is close to XinTiandi Commercial Street and Enterprise Tiandi Cluster. It is a 400-acre land and occupies the geometric center of Chongqing. It has unrepeatable city status, embracing the Mountain City and the changes of the ear.




Backed by the Eling Mountains and adjacent to the Jialing River, it reflects the attributes of Chongqing’s “City of Mountains and Waters”. It is a mountain city and also a state of water. Based on the characteristics of the landscapes in Chongqing, we propose the theme of “Mountain City along River”, which is embodied by the elements of “mountain, water, forest, flower, and beach”. Drawing on Chongqing’s “mountain and water” culture and profound humanistic spirit, we will create a happy time in the riverside mountain city and open up a beautiful chapter in here.



在功能上,我们结合万科悦享家”——满足全龄段业主生活需求,动享家”—— 专业运动体系规划,打造公园里的健身房,实现双重人性化的考量,打造温馨的江畔舒适生活体验。

In terms of function, we combine Vanke’s “Yuexiangjia (Home Enjoyment of Happiness)” to meet the needs of the owners of the whole age group, as well as “Dongxiangjia (Home Enjoyment of Sports)” – professional sports system planning, to create a gym in the park, to achieve dual humanity considerations, to create a warm and comfortable living experience on the riverside.



入口——关于生活的仪式感 Entrance – A sense of ritual about life


The entrance is elegant and affable. The waterscape and the wind-rain bridge shape the sense of ceremonies at home, giving the owners a respectful and dignified experience. We arrange soft seats and teahouses and expand the entrance function to provide a humanized waiting area.

In terms of materials, we replace the cold and heavy stone with a light hollow copper mesh, which creates exquisiteness and warmth in nature. This kind of warmth continues at the hollowed-out starry sky walls at both ends. When the night glows with twinkling stars, it seemed as if the road to go home is gently lit.



中庭——内外皆园的湖景生活 Atrium – the life of the lake park inside and outside


We provide a full range of open and varied space experiences, avoiding the constraints of the site, and using curved lines to outline the characteristics of Tiandi Mountain City.An up-and-down pedestrian street introduces the pedestrian circulation from the city into the private neighborhood. Following is the symmetrical water body on both sides of the main entrance with the greeting of the selected Lagerstroemia flower. The two-side walls were hidden in the bamboo forest and pass through the front field to the gradually rising sight of the atrium. The next is Huaxi Island, inspired by the abstract “boat” and “island”. The creek waterscape, intertwined with the flower pond, the sunny lawn in the atrium, and the undulating path reconstruct the green and natural spatial sequence. The waterscape is cut into twists and turns and has a sense of line, forming a “mountain boat island” with the spirit of water. Surrounded by curved water, the visitors wander through a winding path to go home. To have the seemingly simple styling, the designers have discussed many times and carefully crafted each shape and line, each sharpness and curvature.




The gallery pavilion breaks the traditional expression of the residential landscape. It eliminates the tedious decorative language and keeps the essences. The shape is also taken from “island”. The structure of the whole gallery is relatively light, as two flatboats floating in the atrium. The white modern shape also highlights the modern, pure and fashionable urban sense.


▼中庭休闲廊架 The atrium recreational corridor frame



Lying on the sunny grass slope, visitors enjoy the time of the forest and integrate the functional area into the leisure and fitness space, or as a community living room. It is not necessary to have a forest. The landscape is a song. The leaves form a cascading change, the static or moving action is fascinating comforting the dull of the cage for a long time…



乐园——多样化景观场地 Paradise – diverse landscape space


We made a 687m2 children’s paradise in the atrium through topography change. Inspired by origami, the park is cut into different slopes to create a safe and fun playground for children. It forms a 0-3-year-old play area (bunker), 3-6 years old, 6-12 years old play area (interactive), 6-12-year-old play area (climbing) and parents and children’s rest area for different ages. Children can find their own activity space to achieve more humane children’s activity space and childcare.


▼儿童乐园鸟瞰 Overhead view of the children’s park

▼儿童乐园周边 Around the children’s park



Secondly, we use a blue jacaranda flower avenue to embellish the connection of the height difference, as a beautiful landscape of the community. The two connect up and down to form a natural axis. When the jacaranda fully blossoms, the romantic purple adds a colorful touch to the green courtyard.



景观运动带——惬意的生活感受 Landscape sports belt – a comfortable life experience


Space naturally changes, as the vibrating runway of the whole area is unfolding and gently guides the transformation of space. We use the two runways as the clues to create a life sports belt and walk for 4.1-5.6 minutes to complete one loop. A scenic walk along the main park road connects the fitness area in the neighborhood. There is various sports and fitness equipment in this field to meet the needs of the whole age. The running mileage indicator is set in the ring road to remind the walking distance at any time. The night lighting system is used to achieve all-weather requirements. The landscape sports belt achieves professional, systematic, healthy and comfortable sports experience.




In the plant configuration, we chose the point tree species to create the main landscape scene of the community. The evergreen tree species and the deciduous tree are used to display the seasonal changes of the plants. The selected deciduous flowers decorate the space and enrich the colors and layers. The deciduous flower trees at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, the ancient pomegranate in the northwestern desert, the crape myrtle in the Yungui Highlands, the sweet-scented osmanthus, and the Japanese evening cherry of the spring spirit, are all-natural life that gathers the essences of the sun and moon.






设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 苏漾 余治富 苏美娜 陈怡 朱小慧 彭子娟 张华盛 罗丹 简梦洁 江季杭 薛风仪 张书桢 兰明姝
摄影:雪尔空间摄影 唐曦

Project name: VANKE Chongqing Emerald Forest
Project address: Ruitian road, Yuzhong district, Chongqing
Design time: August 2017
Completion time: 2019.06
Landscape area: 38000㎡
Client: Chongqing Vanke
Landscape design: WTD
Landscape construction: Chengdu GREENSEA landscape engineering co., LTD
Design team: Li Hui, Li Yansa, Su Yang, Yu Zhifu, Su Meina, Chen Yi, Zhu Xiaohui, Peng Zijuan, Zhang Huasheng, Luo Dan, Jian Mengjie, Jiang Jihang, Xue Fengyi, Zhang Shuzhen, Lan Mingshu
Photography: XUEER Space Photography Tang xi


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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