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A&N Shangyuan landscape:The world is noisy. We can’t escape to the mountains now. The only way is to calm down—— Wang Zengqi



▽项目夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view


「第三空间」:由美国社会学家Ray Oldenburg提出,他称家庭居住空间为第一空间,工作职场为第二空间,将居住和工作以外的公共聚集场所定义为“第三空间”。「第三空间」让人们得以逃离繁琐日常、舒解生活压力是一处完全属于自己的空间。

“The third space” was proposed by American sociologist Ray Oldenburg, who called the family living space the first space and the workplace the second space, and defined the public gathering places other than living and working as “the third space”. The “third space” allows people to escape from the tedious daily life and relieve the pressure of life. It is a space completely belonging to them.



//项目概述 Project Overview


The project is located in Jiangang Mountain Ecological Zone of Qianhai Back Garden in Shenzhen, and faces Yangtai Mountain Ecological Park in the north, overlooking Tiegang and Xili Reservoir. In the same color of water and sky, you can sit and look at the city’s mountains and forests, and sleep against the mountains. Low density and high greening rate have contributed to the “hidden life circle of the rich”. Even if there are villas and high-end residences around, public facilities are very limited.


▽项目区位 Project location

▽原始场地现状 Current situation of the original site


//破局 Break the game

设计师希望以开放性、生活感、有温度为原则,通过绿色开放的姿态延伸空间生命力 ,不同的使用者成为这里永不落幕的主角,各种活动场景最大化的在各个时间段和不同空间位置,满足使用者的多元化需求,形成弹性自由、频繁切换的使用场景,成为这座城市人们理想生活的新载体,产生不失温度且有活力的泛亚风情生活社区。

The designer hopes to take openness, sense of life and temperature as the principles, extend the vitality of space through green and open attitude, and different users will become the never ending protagonists here. Various activity scenes will maximize in different time periods and different space locations, meet the diversified needs of users, form flexible, free and frequently switched use scenes, and become a new carrier of the ideal life of people in this city, Create a warm and dynamic pan Asian living community.


▽场地思考——绿色渗透 Site thinking – green penetration

▽场地思考——无限延伸 Site thinking – unlimited extension


感知生活 x 影像化手段叙事光阴故事 Perceive life X Narrating the story of city time by means of visualization

片段一:光,落在无边界的生活场 Fragment I: Light, falling on the borderless living field


Sparse wind, flowing water, oblique shadow, green grass. The indistinct scenery attracts the eyes of exploration, The square box is on the falling water, Like a gift from nature.


▽设计分析 Design analysis



The combination of street and commerce has redefined the space scale. The artistic interpretation of the golden gift box on the waterscape has been incorporated into the landscape scene, breaking the space boundary and building a free and unknown future space. At the same time, the designer has fully respected the original site, protected the existing trees, and tried to preserve the original ecology to make the most natural landscape.


▽水景上的礼盒 Gift box on waterscape


片段二:开启更多社交可能性 Segment 2: Open up more social possibilities



Under the environment of wanton encirclement by greenery, Meet friends in the neighborhood for afternoon tea, Talk freely and walk with pets, Enjoy a pleasant time.

Interesting gardens permeate commerce and link cities, and everyone can participate in their own way. The wooden platform encloses the communication space under the shade of trees, and shrubs and trees are interspersed with each other flexibly, carrying multiple functions such as pet friendliness, rest, meeting and socializing. The selection of plant varieties has the southern characteristics of tall and thin trees, sticky leaf beans, which make the space more transparent and people connect more closely. Sitting here, you can feel the negative ions under the shade and the light spots passing through the branches and leaves, making the landscape a carrier to coordinate and set off the feelings of life.


▽社交洽谈空间 Social negotiation space


片段三:小街烟火,气沁人心 Fragment 3: Fireworks in the street, refreshing people


At the beginning of the night, Weekend in the setting sun in the afternoon, Release the allowance after work, Encapsulated with mutual feelings.


▽自然包裹的场地空间 Site space naturally wrapped



Diversified integration, breaking the traditional project that only provides a rest space for merchants, expands from the original U-shaped space to an L-shaped space, and creates a sense of surprise by opening and closing in light and shade. You can also enjoy the street scenery and pedestrians walking in the center of the site through the forest, and highlight the texture and pursuit of life in combination with modern and fashionable metal lines.


▽休闲空间局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s-eye view of leisure space


片段四:起与街角,绿林映照 Fragment 4: Rise and corner, green forest reflection


Green is spreading everywhere, walking in it with imagination, The affinity of plants reflects the warm sunshine, The pictures are all gifts of time, Describe the beauty of a corner of the city.


▽林荫漫步 Walk in the shade



In order to ensure the integrity and the current municipal road, it is a rare place for oxygen absorption under the light and shadow. Open the prologue in the green healing, and the soft resonance presents a romantic life full of Chelsea garden.


▽场地局部鸟瞰 Local aerial view of the site


片段五:林屿剧场T台秀 Episode 5:Linyu Theatre T Show


Say goodbye to the regular show, In the secret language of fashion and nature, Interpreting the sense of life theater.


▽景墙水景 Landscape wall and waterscape



In terms of detailed expression, a large number of red pottery colors of buildings are borrowed from the walls, and they become a kind of friendly and familiar symbol at the turning, the scene and the scene.


▽T台剧场 T-stage theater

▽T台剧场局部细节 Partial details of T-stage theater



Under the light, the space is infinitely extended, which looks like the lighting of the theater is particularly delicate and three-dimensional, and also gives rise to a trance fireworks show.



片段六:沉浸“奇迹里巷”时光 Fragment 6: Immerse in the time of “Miracle Lane”



It can be two or three friends chatting and whispering, Or share interesting things in groups, Sunshine writes a smart letter interwoven with the shadow of the tree, In search of or in search of inspiration, Find your own fun.

The plants are selected from the “Miracle Tree” and ground engraving lamps with pan Asian style, which echo the strong garden style business atmosphere with the atmosphere garden lamps, and the tables and chairs that can rest and talk are set up to take a moment to meditate and understand the natural time sequence. The delicate and warm texture makes each moment of life have different meanings.


▽舒适的空间氛围 Comfortable space atmosphere

▽细节设计 Detail design


设计细节 X 海绵城市篇 Design Details X Sponge City


The project is located in the residential land in the western rain area. The comprehensive runoff coefficient of the site is 0.768. While improving the rain ecology, the designer strives to improve the sense of space quality and reshape the living scene. The designer uses ecological tree grates, infiltration canals, artificial wetlands, rain retention gardens, sunken green spaces, and sponge city visualization knowledge popularization in the site to let more people understand the role of the sponge city and promote the development of the sponge city, Let sponge landscape become daily.


▽海绵城市可视化 Sponge City Visualization


海绵城市系统:场地通过线性渗透渠、下凹绿地、人工湿地、雨水花园等海绵设施,对场地雨水进行收集消纳,再利用pp 蓄水模块的蓄存、净化,最终将雨水回用于场地内部浇灌,完成海绵系统渗、滞、蓄、净、用、排的全过程 。

Sponge city system: the site collects and consumes rainwater through linear infiltration canals, sunken green spaces, artificial wetlands, rain gardens and other sponge facilities, and then uses the pp water storage module for storage and purification, finally reusing rainwater for internal irrigation of the site, completing the whole process of infiltration, stagnation, storage, purification, use and drainage of the sponge system.


▽海绵场景运用 Sponge scene application



Rainwater garden refers to a sunken garden 20 cm lower than the pedestrian road, which is composed of plants with strong water and humidity resistance, drought resistance and purification ability. It plays the role of delaying, peak elimination and purification of rainwater by collecting rainwater from surrounding roads. The organic combination of sponge function and ecological beauty has improved the ecological benefit and landscape effect of the commercial district.


▽雨水花园设计分析 Analysis of Rainwater Garden Design



The tree pond that can breathe (sponge city ecological tree pond) adopts gravel filtration structure and infiltration and drainage system at the bottom of the tree pond to strengthen the function of rainwater filtration and infiltration, and uses innovative design techniques and ecological and environmental protection materials, which not only meets the aesthetic requirements of the landscape, but also gives consideration to the sponge ecological function.


▽海绵城市可视化 Sponge City Visualization



Plan/profile of ecological tree pond Children’s water intake device: combined with sponge city, rainwater on the site is collected and treated for recycling. It increases children’s interest and realizes the reuse of rainwater resources.


▽儿童取水装置 Children’s water intake device



The metal art perforated plate gravel infiltration channel is equipped with gravel cages along the site underpass to collect the site runoff rainwater, buffer and dissipate the rainwater, and connect with the surrounding sponge measures to organize and guide the site rainwater runoff to disperse into the sponge facilities to absorb the infiltration. The gravel cage is also equipped with artistic stainless steel cover plate, which can improve the appearance of facilities and enhance the effect of sponge city landscape.


▽渗透渠设计分析 Design analysis of infiltration canal


X 植物篇 Plants


Maximize the natural memory of the original site.


▽植物分析 Plant analysis

▽最大化的保留现有植物 Maximize the preservation of existing plants



The long-term flower border of the green field is applied to the commercial space such as the street interface and the inner street, and the large trees and newly added single trunk trees are reserved on the site to ensure a clear view of the lower part, forming the overall commercial space of the park style block.




According to the analysis of the site scenery, respect the original ecology of the site, and retain the original seared beans, araucaria, phoenix trees and other trees in the site. Before business, the unified variety makes the lower part of the line of sight transparent, and the low shelter Guan Gan arbor with southern characteristics is selected to make the space more transparent and people to people links more closely.




The “miracle tree” with pan Asian style is selected as the street in the block, which is full of green, vitality and physical and mental pleasure.



X 软装篇 Soft Decoration


The soft decoration in the project mainly provides people in the scene with more lifestyles, such as rest, neighborhood communication, pet friendliness, etc., to create a high-quality business atmosphere in the street and restore the romantic life scene of fireworks world.


▽软装设计 Soft decoration design


下沉庭院式小空间以便人们进行互动沟通,为了增加空间的功能性, 不设置过大的置物台面,因此设置450*450*480的精致不锈钢边桌。为满足场地内宠物友好,同时也设置有便便收集箱、宠物饮水、宠物休息空间。

The sunken courtyard style small space is convenient for people to interact and communicate. In order to increase the functionality of the space, there is no oversized storage table, so 450 * 450 * 480 exquisite stainless steel side tables are set. In order to meet the requirements of pet friendliness in the site, a stool collection box, pet drinking water and pet rest space are also provided.



结语 Epilogue


Weave life with surprise, Turn every place into a life experience field, Perceive the comfortable colorful life in the scene. We use imaged word recording space, Connect memory points of each field in series, Narrating the wonderful life, please look forward to it.



后记:惊喜不期而遇 Postscript: Surprise



The luxuriant current plants play with the strings of light and scatter light spots, connecting the warm yellow memories of the past and the promising future.

The outbreak of the epidemic has alienated the distance from nature. When the construction enclosures are removed one by one, every space on the site seems to radiate light. At the moment when we look at him, we immediately forget all the unpleasant and tense emotions. The plants are soft and the sun is warm. All these beautiful things are like the light of the future mapping to the fragments of today, comforting people.


▽施工过程 Construction process





Explore every possibility of the site with design, write stories of every time with materials, and present the most sincere lifestyle with heart.

When the epidemic situation becomes the dividing line of remembering the past, the awe of nature, ingenuity and meticulous work will become the third space to soothe people’s hearts, and the fireworks world that returns to the balance of nature will be endowed with the greatest poetic flavor.

The past may be the light of the future.




项目名称: 深圳 万科·未来之光
项目地址: 深圳市宝安区
开发单位: 深圳市安万置业有限公司
项目类型: 示范区
设计风格: 现代
设计时间: 2022.05-2022.09
呈现时间: 2022.09
景观设计: A&N尚源景观
技术指导: 石锐
方案设计: 杨志旺、罗文彬、张丽君、李抒蓓、周钰麒
施工图设计: 陈熙浩、宋正威、孟章欢、何代勇、傅成兰、李楠、邹菊、夏林珏
后期服务团队: 向锐
甲方设计团队: 吴智彤、余旸、纪惠敏、颜璐、宋晓月、张谢鑫、赵文硕、吴婧
建筑设计: 上海日清建筑设计有限公司(方案)深圳市天华建筑设计有限公司(施工图)
灯光照明: 汉都设计顾问(深圳)有限公司
施工单位: 广州普邦园林股份有限公司
摄 影 : 三棱镜

Project name: Shenzhen Vanke · Future Light
Project address: Bao’an District, Shenzhen
Developer: Shenzhen Anwan Real Estate Co., Ltd
Project type: demonstration area
Design style: modern
Landscape design area: 3721m ²
Design time: 2022.05-2022.09
Presentation time: 2022.09
Landscape design: A&N Shangyuan Landscape
Technical director: Shi Rui
Scheme design: Yang Zhiwang, Luo Wenbin, Zhang Lijun, Li Shubei, Zhou Yuqi
Construction drawing design: Chen Xihao, Song Zhengwei, Meng Zhanghuan, He Daiyong, Fu Chenglan, Li Nan, Zou Ju, Xia Linjue
Post service team: Xiang Rui
Party A’s design team: Wu Zhitong, Yu Yang, Ji Huimin, Yan Lu, Song Xiaoyue, Zhang Xiexin, Zhao Wenshuo, Wu Jing
Architectural design: Shanghai Riqing Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (scheme) Shenzhen Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (construction drawing)
Interior design: ENJOYDESIGN
Lighting: Handu Design Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Sponge City: Shenzhen Luhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Construction unit: Guangzhou Pubang Garden Co., Ltd
Photography: prism




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