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奥雅 :本项目位于青岛万科中心屋顶花园,是万科地产为公司员工所设置营造的休息空间。然而,现场空间比较规整呆板,简单的休闲平台放置着种植箱,缺少参与感,失去了一个屋顶花园原本应该具有的景观氛围。

L&A:This project is located in the roof garden of Qingdao Vanke center, which is a rest space set up by Vanke for employees of the company. However, the on-site space is relatively regular and inflexible. A simple leisure platform has a planting box, which lacks the sense of participation and loses the landscape atmosphere that a roof garden should have.



In order to restore the original function of the roof garden, L&A designed a series of landscape renovation. Divide the garden space so that every corner can have its use function and make good use of the site. The middle of the site is the largest activity site in the garden and rectify the original fragmentary space. Designers have also used the current situation of the venue to design a number of creative highlights, hoping that employees can stimulate their creativity when participating in the event.



To create a playable, usable, and stoppable creative communication space so that employees who come to the roof garden can feel relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The logo made of metal also seems to reveal a feeling of pride, which shows the uniqueness of Vanke roof garden.


Space is limited and creativity is boundless. Lawn, as a multifunctional space, can accommodate 30 – 40 people and can carry all kinds of joy together. Mini golf, dance parties, conference salons, movies and TV appreciation can change venues according to the needs of specific activities.



The corporate culture display wall expresses the strategic layout of Qingdao Vanke’s projects on a hand-painted map, which perfectly integrates wall painting art with corporate culture. At the highest point of the site, the corporate culture logo of v – club is designed to display innovative corporate culture.


The opposite side of the creative lawn is designed with a platform and a white wall, which can meet the requirements of conference lectures, video screenings and other activities.



Entrance is the beginning of creativity, corridor staircase is a turning point from inside to outside, and it is a transitional space. After walking through the 5 – meter – long corridor, the roof garden gradually unfolded, standing at the top of the corridor, overlooking the garden’s panoramic view.



V-Club 专属万科的屋顶花园,现代简约的LOGO景墙正对花园入口,让人一进入花园就体会到亲切的归属感。郁郁葱葱、层次丰富的花草间,隐约若现的灯光,给这花园又增添了一份神秘。

V-Club’s exclusive Vanke roof garden, with its modern and simple logo wall facing the entrance of the garden, makes people feel a cordial sense of belonging as soon as they enter the garden. The lush and rich layers of flowers and plants and the gleaming lights add another mystery to the garden.



The bar counter, barbecue console and booth are set up in the emotional bar counter area. One person can indulge in the night, and two or three people can talk about each other.  Comfortable space and stylish design, this is a happy place with ten thousand kinds of emotional appeal.



The unique spiritual temperament of mountains and waters can always make people linger among them and calm their hearts. The wooden platform center is a Zen leisure area, which is a quiet and relaxing leisure space. Watching the picturesque landscape bonsai, breathing the air of the sky city and watching the clouds and rain, this is really the most luxurious and desirable office environment.



The corridor staircase not only connects the interior room with the roof garden, but also extends to the roof room. Step on the stairs that are light, concise and full of rhythm, stand higher, and see a bigger world.


总平面图   Master Plan






Project name: Vanke Roof Garden
Location: Qingdao,Shandong,China
Project type: Landscape renovation
Landscape area: 574 square meters
Design time: 2016 – 2017
Completion date: September 2017
Client: Qingdao Vanke
Landscape design: L&A Qingdao company


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