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奥雅 :扬州万科第五园座落在唐韵路,扬子江北路之间,南侧鉴真大道种满樱花,在这里,我们既感觉到有现代城市的节奏,也仿佛能触摸到鉴真时代的唐风古韵。在瘦西湖的山林意境之间,出世入世的转换带给我们一种杭州西湖的感觉。

L&A:The oriental garden is located between tangyun road and north Yangzi river road, and the south of avenue is full of cherry blossoms. We feel the rhythm of the modern city here, also the ancient charm of Tang style in the Jian Zhen era. During the artistic conception of slender west lake, it brings us a feeling of Hangzhou west lake.




The ” gate” was upgraded to ” hall”, which became the first ritual for the owners to return home. The form of lobby tried to have the spiritual space of Yangzhou gardens such as fire lane and patio. Bookshelves and two groups of sofas in the lobby provide rest space and waiting places for owners and guests, and solve the management problems brought by sending and receiving letters at the same time.





The designer designed the entire lobby building in a unified way, blurring the boundary between the roof, patio and interior, forming a natural space transition.

Eight screens of special glass are also difficult to build. The inspiration of the screen comes from the facade of a building in Tokyo. the facade of the screen changes with the movement of people. This effect is caused by the refraction of the semicircular section of glass. After the gray space where the people entered the lobby, the eight kinds of bamboo shadows of Yangzhou’s eight monsters flickered in the glass and light. even if there was not a single bamboo, they could also make people feel noble when they’re arriving.





The courtyard embodies the plain space, emphasizing the courtesy while entering, with the simplicity and purity of the water surface. When people are walking in the porch, the glass with lotus theme on the side of the porch can change between the presence and absence, enriching the scenery in the water and increasing the interest of the courtyard.





植物空间增加了体验的丰富性,营造出“庭院深深,深几许”的自然感受。 放松行走在林荫之中,能感受四季的更迭。

Plant space increases the richness of experience and creates a natural feeling of ” deep courtyard, how deep it could be”. Walking among the trees , to feel the change of seasons.





With ” moon” as its theme, it is only natural to create a living place with romantic atmosphere that can taste tea, private banquet and admire the moon.





On the wide lawn, a stage was designed to hold community activities. The stage can accommodate a variety of community activities and provide vitality for the community.



The club is designed by Shanghai daguan architectural engineering firm,design style and tone and landscape mutually permeate, harmony and unity.


总平面图  Master Plan




The L&A design team integrated the design of the lobby building landscape in the oriental garden for the first time, and consistently implemented the design concept of using function to drive community life, integrating the essence of Yangzhou traditional culture, conforming to the aesthetics of modern Yangzhou people in the design, refining the culture and form of Yangzhou, and finally creating the artistic conception of poetic habitation of the landscape. This is also the best explanation of ” Chinese culture, modern landscape” advocated by L&A design.


绿化率: 35%
摄影 :张虔希 杨磊

Project name: The Oriental Garden
Location: Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, China
Project type: Residential
Project area: 68400㎡
Architectural area: 28400㎡
Landscape area: 40000 ㎡
Plot ratio: 1.2
Greening rate: 35 %
Client: Yangzhou Wansheng real estate co., ltd.
Landscape design: L&A
Architectural design: JWDA
Interior design: DDC,Shanghai daguan architectural engineering firm
Design cycle: 2015.5.10 – 2017.7.30
Completion date: 2017.10
Photography: zhang qian xi ,Yang lei



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