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YAS DESIGN: The desire for romance prompts us to yearn for all beautiful things.
Perhaps, some people love the spectacular sunrise because of the rosy glow it brings.

Also, there are some people enjoy, facing the sea, with spring flowers blossoming and fisherman’s song lingering. And the city of Haimen, May be the place that satisfies all your fantasies. We are here to start a journey towards the beautiful future life.





Haimen is the place where the Yangtze River ends and the East China Sea begins.

Haimen, as its name implies, is the gateway to the sea. Facing the Yellow Sea on the east and nesting against the Yangtze River on the south, it is blessed with abundant mudflat resources.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view



Located in Haimen City of Jiangsu Province, with Haimen Railway Station within ten minutes’ drive, the project enjoys convenient transportation. Its landscape design is inspired by the “Golden River and Sea” as well as the local culture, creating a modern and advanced residential development that allows people to lead a happy life.



酒店式社区大堂 Hotel-style Community Lobby


Against the background of the Sea and the River, the main entrance to the Hanyuan Garden opens between the fashion street and the green park.


▽入口城市界面 Entrance city interface



The green island in the center together with the two clusters of ginkgoes shelters the Garden from the hustle and bustle of the city.


▽入口绿岛水景 Entrance Green Island water feature



Inspired by the Bulgari Hotel, the community lobby, with a noble and elegant spatial scale, presents a ceremonial atmosphere to welcome its owners. Also, the philosophy and warmth of life is integrated into it, providing both the comfort and functions of a holiday resort.


▽尊贵的仪式感入口空间 Dignified ceremonial entrance space


沉浸式双下沉庭院 Immersive Double Sunken Courtyards


Stepping into the lobby, the full screen of green in the light and shadow lifts the curtain over the community.


▽大堂水景雕塑 Lobby waterscape sculpture



Thanks to the planning of the buildings, the elements of “river and sea” are interpreted as “wave” and “floating island” respectively in the two sunken courtyards in the north and south, with one full of flowers and the other surrounded by waterfalls.


▽场地空间剖面分析 Site spatial profile analysis



In the north, a walk-in sunken courtyard impresses visitors with its 3D experience, highlighting the high quality of the community. Taking advantage of the 5.8 meters elevation difference, the design team creates a wave-like green slope, along which a tree-lined path leads people into a world of tranquility.


▽连接下沉庭院的北庭空间 The North court space connecting the sunken courtyard



Walking in it makes you feel as if in the mountain, surrounded by green plants as well as the warmth of nature.


▽自然地立体式体验空间 Experience the space naturally in stereo



Passing through the secret-garden-like terraces and looking back at the atrium, we can see the vegetation on the slope form a beautiful painting of green waves.




Hidden behind the painting is a hotel-style underground reception space of about 800 square meters, where facilities for fitness and private banquets are provided to meet the demands of a high-quality and luxury lifestyle.


▽透过玻璃看到的自然画卷 A view of nature through glass



Above is another reception room, which complements the underground space with its clever space arrangement, free atmosphere as well as the play of light and shadow. Sitting in it for a while will make you feel peaceful and relaxed.


▽地面会客厅 Ground level meeting room

▽悠享淡然与闲适的会客空间 Enjoy indifferent and leisurely meeting space



After experiencing the dynamic space of the reception room, you will arrive at the south courtyard.


▽南庭局部鸟瞰 Partial aerial view




A waterfall formed by the height difference cascades down, filling the space with spray and hazy light as well as a relaxing atmosphere.


▽庭院瀑布 The courtyard falls



The shape of the courtyard reflects the geographical features of Haimen: estuary and island. On the floating island, lush green trees create a quiet and peaceful space.




The flowing space blurs the boundaries, allowing the outside scenery to penetrate into the interior space. Every detail is carefully designed, which contributes to a high-end urban life.


▽从室内看向庭院 The interior looks out onto the courtyard



On clear and sunny days, the dancing shadow of the trees, the clouds flowing in the breeze, and the romantic light and shadow, all appeal to everyone passing by.


▽漂浮的绿岛 The floating green island


时尚假日泳池 Fashionable Holiday Pool


Inspired by “cruise ship”, the swimming pool is cleverly built above the south courtyard, creating a strong holiday atmosphere. The deep and shallow ends of the swimming pool imitate the “hull” and “stern” of the ship respectively; boundless design connects the pool with the waterfall. The dynamic pavement at the bottom together with the sunken courtyard describes a scene of a ship sailing on the sea.


▽立体式场地空间分析 Three-dimensional site space analysis

▽泳池鸟瞰 Aerial view



Around the swimming pool are green plants, which shelter the space from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing people to slow down and enjoy the peaceful and leisurely time.


▽被自然包裹的泳池 A pool wrapped in nature



Under the blue sky and the white clouds, the swimming pool looks like a mirror, smooth and clear. In the gentle breeze, light and shadow dialogues with each other, allowing you to feel like facing the sea and bathed in the sunshine.


▽休闲惬意的度假式体验 A relaxing vacation experience



When night falls, the liveliness of the day fades and the space takes on a totally new look.




Mosaics shimmer in the moonlight, and the yellow lights serve as the peacekeeper of the community.




The swimming pool is like a harbor, accompanying people to sleep soundly.



绿茵阳光客厅 Green Sunshine Living Room


Following the rolling slope and the tree-lined path, a large area of green lawn appears on the east of the pool, which is an excellent place for communication between neighbors.


▽阳光客厅场地空间分析 Space analysis of the sunshine living room

▽阳光客厅鸟瞰 Aerial view of Sunshine Living room



The tree-lined terrace, the shady bar, the grass steps, the flower beds and other spaces surround the lawn in a lively form, creating a multi-dimensional social platform.


▽休闲木平台 Casual wooden platform



In the future, all kinds of community activities can be held here. With the landscape design, we hope to build a connection between neighbors, and see people bathed in the sunshine all smiles.


▽阳光草坪 Sun lawn



The landscape space of the Hanyuan Garden is built based on the above goal. Without clear boundaries, various functions are integrated with each other, hoping to strengthen the bond between people and respond to the spiritual needs of high-quality life.



魅力商业街区 Charming Commercial Street


In the north of the Hanyuan Garden there is a commercial street, where the cruise-ship-shaped building refreshes the traditional impression of the community commerce and creates a unique shopping experience.


▽商业街场地空间分析 Commercial street site space analysis

▽商业街与周边环境 Commercial street and surrounding environment



Based on the striking architectural theme, the landscape design draws inspirations from the “river and sea”, and interprets the artistic space texture with smooth lines and curves.


▽商业街鸟瞰 A bird ‘s-eye view of the commercial street



The flowing lines break the space restrictions, allowing spaces to interact with each other. Also, it integrates the street perfectly with the urban park.


▽流线型铺装与绿地公园相呼应 The streamlined paving echoes the green park



Well-proportioned street provides a comfortable shopping experience as well as great convenience for the residents. It not only realizes people’s dream for a beautiful life on the island, but also highlights the quality of the high-end residence.



结语 Conclusion

人生进阶的每一个阶段都与“家”有关,“家是倦鸟归来的巢,是舟船避风的港”。 南通万科半岛国际·涵园基于现代都市人居需求的深度探索,塑造繁华都市中的假日天地,是对美好生活的实践与阐述, 期待不久的将来,随着全区的全面建成,这一高品质居所的精致描绘,能够成为都市发展进程中的华彩印痕。

Each crucial stage of life is closely related to “home”, since “home is the nest for weary birds and the harbor for drifting boats”. Built based on the needs of people living in the city, Vanke The River · Hanyuan Garden, Nantong shows people what the beautiful life is like. We hope, in the future, upon the completion of the whole area, this high-end residence will become a milestone in the development of the city.


▽总平面图 Plan



项目名称:南通万科半岛国际 · 涵园
业主设计管理团队:设计负责人 董恃;景观设计 马钟伯、刘磊;建筑设计 朱小丽; 室内设计 陆志翔、陆柯宇
景观设计:易亚源境 YAS DESIGN
设计团队:方案设计—王赟、王维祥、刘凯、李雨桐、陈江伟、宋佳骏、张腾飞飞、武霖等;施工图设计—谭康文、张素玲、雷文宁、仲洁、王鑫、孔安琪、张国伟;绿化设计—范永海、夏欣然 、刘娇、王海源


Project: Vanke The River One · Hanyuan Garden, Nantong
Address: Intersection of Beihai Road and Haixing Road, Haimen District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
Developer: Vanke Nantong
Developer Management Team: Dong Shi (Head); Ma Zhongbo, Liu Lei (Landscape Design), Zhu Xiaoli (Architectural Design); Lu Zhixiang, Lu Keyu (Interior Design)
Landscape Design: YAS DESIGN
Design Team: Conceptual Design – Wang Yun, Wang Weixiang, Liu Kai, Li Yutong, Chen Jiangwei, Song Jiajun, Zhangteng Feifei, Wu Lin, etc.;
Construction Drawing Design – Tan Kangwen, Zhang Suling; Lei Wenning, Zhong Jie, Wang Xin, Kong Anqi, Zhang Guowei;
Greening Design – Fan Yonghai, Xia Xinran, Liu Jiao, Wang Haiyuan
Architectural Design: LACIME ARCHITECTS
Interior Design:MAUDEA DESIGN
Construction: Huijing Landscape Planning & Engineering (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Tianrun
Time of Design: October, 2020 ~ February, 2021
Time of Completion: August 20th, 2022
Visual Designer: Kevin



审稿编辑: Maggie

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