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DOMANI:White in the East has always been a concept. From the techniques of line drawing in Chinese painting to the intention of leaving blank with ink splashing, until the status change to conceptual “emptiness” from “white” by means of religion, can be a milestone upgrading of collective thinking. Modern western architecture also uses “white”, but the western white is a logical strategy to lighten or give up, which is simple and “straightforward” with less concept. “White”, was born in the East.


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白——观念性的白 White, conceptual white

回溯庄子在 [人世间] 讲‘白’:虚室生白,吉祥止止。彼时‘白’在虚无主义的边缘尚具有一些实质性的内容,如,凝寂。或,无用之用。也是,不智之智。庄子的‘白’其实是有功能性的诉求的,他试图用‘白’讲解一种通融自如的处世关系,‘白’是其立身之道。

Review the preach of “white” in Zhuangzi’s The World of Human(Ren Jian Shi):the emptiness and cleanness make a room well-ventilated while the peaceful heart brings wellbeing. At that time, “white” still had some substantial content on the brink of nihilism, such as silence or the meaning of useless. It’s also the wisdom of ignorance. The interpretation of “white” by Zhuangzi’s is actually a functional appeal. He tried to use “white” to explain a kind of flexible relationship. “White” is his way of life.


▼人流分布与绿化分布动态图 Flow map and greenery distribution



Therefore, we take this kind of “white” and put it in a fixed environment to frame a building. It is not to show, in essence, the extreme simplicity of popular modernism design (but it does not refuse or care either). What it expresses is calm. No matter the role settling of a small building in a narrow street, or the expression of a new brand in its beginning, the sense of calm and openness are all the decisions at the beginning of thinking and drafting. This kind of decision is greater than and controls all forms of the whole scheme afterward.


▼日照分析 Sunlight analysis

▼建筑结构分析 Structural analysis

实景 Virtual display 



What we are talking about is a kind of “white” in the creative process which is divorced from the formal logic. Therefore, it develops “meaning” and then forms “environment” with techniques.




ZS is a new brand focusing on the pure white (black-grey) T-shirt and sweater category. At the product technology level, it was deep plough in fabric technology, pattern, sewing, and closing. This logic of product is of deep architecture, which naturally becomes our principle in the architectural space construction techniques of the project.




In the design background of the above concepts, our technology focuses on pure rational physical construction such as rationalization of material organization and setting, function construction, optimization of spatial dynamic line, closure of materials and structure, passive energy conservation of buildings, etc. While the architecture and interior space release the clear rational tension because of the expressed desire in the form of relief.




At the same time, we are talking about “white” in technique.



新——并无新事,但意外的有趣 New, nothing new, but surprisingly interesting


Can a store be an office? Can designers face the market and play the role of sales? Can the office module effectively combine with the product display to form an open tour line? Can the organizational structure of innovative companies be extremely flat? Can the utilitarian sense of product sales be relaxed or eliminated in another cost logic? Can R&D itself constitute the content of selling? In fact, the furthest boundary of business creation is not the cost or the operation, but regulation. There is really nothing new things we have today, but in a reasonable logical closed-loop and regulatory scope, the interwoven combination of different behaviors will bring unexpected experience and spatial form of great interest. We often call it: new formats.



网络时代的线下,‘店铺’这个传统词语还足够承载表现‘商业’这件人性丰盈的事情吗?不叫Studio或Shop,这里是ZS Lab.白。

As to the offline sales in the Internet age, can the words like SHOP or STUDIO be explicit enough to unveil the business activities, those communications filled with human nature? Not Studio or shop, we stand here as ZS Lab.WHITE.




Architecture, the honesty needed since the agreement reached. We prefer the most traditional building coating materials, as an unexpected choice, by applying texture coating and latex paint to form a complete space surface. We believe that the bones decide the detail, not the skin.




Ever since the beginning of the project, Party A and Party B would start the journey together: communicate with each other thoroughly to reach the bottom, offer the amount of controllable investment, carefully adjust the expected rate of return, rapidly reach the consensus on concepts, and promise to stand shoulder by shoulder in facing with the landing difficulties and risks. The mutual trust and honesty showed during the process could guarantee the truthful demonstration of the building quality, as well as its style.



以上,著名的AA建筑校训说:design with beauty, build in truth. 更著名的希腊哲学则概论:美与真一体多面。两句话一样,很松弛。很白。

“Design with beauty, build in truth.”, AA School of Architecture’s motto resonates with the above concept. So does the Greek philosophy, as “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty.” Both sentences sound simple in nature, and honest like white color.



网红——对待潮流的正确姿态 Internet celebrity, a pose to the trend


As a result of faithful reflection of the design concepts of ease and inclusiveness, the project site has soon become an internet-famous site in Guangzhou after the completion of works. When searching the keywords of “TIT” on a famous lifestyle community platform, your eyes would be flooded by those short videos and articles published by trend leaders and shop visitors with cameras; not to speak of the key words like “TIT white building”, “Guangzhou Aranya”, and so on. Even when we planned to film the completion of the project, we could not help but feel “disturbed” to avoid the selfies of those shining vloggers and bloggers.





But, in the design circle, internet celebrity is a neutral existence.

It is a complex and ambiguous context, just like a writer’s judgment, “Real literature refuses the title as a best-seller.” What he means is that the attraction of huge followings reveals its superficial contents. Sadly, it exists obvious logical error. The phenomenon of huge followings could only deduce that the consensus has been achieved in a very short period, not the depth of the content (no need to list examples here). So, if we take it in words like: real design refuses web celebrity, the implied word of superior sense should be — not care.



‘真正的文学不在乎畅销’ ‘真正的设计不在乎网红’看起来姿态就优雅多了。凡成潮流的人文现象,都是人性的力场,形成自底层规律的暗流。总结规律是技术活,网红是,弄潮更是。既不被潮流驾驭,也不必被语境成见驾驭。这是态度上的‘白’。

In this way, when changed into “Real literature never cares the title as a best-seller.”, “Real design never cares about web celebrity.”, it does look much better. There always exists human nature in trending phenomena, forming a trackable undercurrent form the bottom. It needs some skills to trace and summarize the general rules in it, the same to those Internet celebrities, let alone those riding the tides. We should neither be driven by trends, nor the context. This is our attitude, pure as white.




项目名称:白·ZS Lab
项目业主:ZS Lab | 织识
建筑设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设
景观设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设
室内设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设
装置陈列:A&V 桉和韦森
协作设计:Sue Wang 王舒洁 等 | DOMANI 东仓建设
传媒管理:Coco Lee 李云云 | DOMANI 东仓建设
摄影师:Vincent Wu 吴鉴泉

Name: WHITE. ZS Lab
Location: Guangzhou, China
Area: 1100㎡
Client: ZS Lab | Zhishi
Date: 2020.07
Architectural Design: Ann Yu | DOMANI
Landscape Design: Ann Yu | DOMANI
Interior Design: Ann Yu | DOMANI
Installation: A&V
Cooperative Design: Sue Wang | DOMANI
Media Management: Coco Lee | DOMANI
Photographer: Vincent Wu
Construction Side: Duanzhen Design


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