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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: The body and mind regain peace between the city and nature.


▼ 项目视频 Project video


城市中有森林|Forest in the City


Under the shadow, what flows is the nature and life’s temperament. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the site is constructed to create a peaceful atmosphere in the space.





The continuous urban expansion has triggered the body’s unfamiliarity with space. It seems that he has stepped into the “different space” without knowing it, as if his body is hanging in the air and roaming endlessly, panicking.


▼漫游在无边际的“异空间” Roaming in the infinite “different space”



The logic of spatial construction on Wuyuanwanshang encloses the site, sorting out the emotions of pedestrians. The winding path leads to secluded, occasionally turning and connecting, like meeting a shy Jiangnan lady.


▼枝桠多姿的乌桕树  The tallow tree has many branches



Thousands of clusters of gradual patterns, dense phobia patients feel a numb scalp, but Virgo has been comforted by its regularity. Although a design technique can not cure everyone, it makes the space interesting and contains the spirit of the venue.




Continuing the green and healthy living concept of the newly-added Phi-style residence, the designer will imagine the tropical rainforest and present the warm and moist scene of “rainbow, wetland, forest”. As a result, it brings a sense of breathability to the space, which implies the vitality of nature and the love of life.


▼雨帘、湿地、森林  Rain curtain, wetland, forest

▼浅香槟金的图文景墙  Pictographic wall in light champagne gold






Lines, as a primitive artistic language derived from nature, the microscopic mountain and water forms have become a “curved state” with time and space spirituality.


▼自然的艺术语言,微观的山水形态  Natural art language, micro landscape form

▼静谧的曲境夜景 A quiet night scene

▼艺术山水间种植的黄花风铃木 & 蓝宝石铺装  Artistic landscape planted between the yellow flower suzuki & Sapphire paving



The rhythm of light and shadow, the whirling shadows of trees, the gurgling water, the singing of insects and birds… Gradually “eliminate” the city mark behind the person, bringing a brand-new spatial situation experience.


▼充满艺术的蓝宝石水景  A sapphire water feature full of art



Under the night, walking, as if you are moving on the dazzling starlight stage, creating a natural-themed forest space. Surrounded by the forest, play a march of the night.


▼自然主题的林下空间夜景  Night view of the forest space with nature theme

▼璀璨的星光舞台  Bright starlight stage

▼质感的细节处理  Texture details processing




Life is ordinal, design is to of condense and upgrade the ordinary life. Design is inspired by life but beyond it. It creates a poetic situation, surprises and aesthetics.


▼入口空间  The entrance space

▼简洁诗意的空间营造  Simple and poetic space construction

▼道路一旁的小叶榄仁 Olive leaflet beside the road




Thinking about the meaning of design is actually to create an atmosphere, to break the solid impression, to create an emotion, and to make the living space becoming more comfortable.

If Xiamen is a kind of sentiment, then Wuyuanwanshang will stage a new scene prologue. At the moment yearning for a green and healthy community, we look for a kind of tranquility in the urban forest residential community.






Project Name: Xiamen Xuhui Hengji Boyue·Wuyuanwanshang
Entrusted Owner: Xiamen Xingzhang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD
Architectural design: Liang Huanggu Architectural Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Xiamen Tangsong Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape Photography: ZOOM Architectural Photography/S.P.I Brand Department
Video Produced: S.P.I Brand Department
Project location: Xiamen, Fujian
Design area: about 6000㎡
Design time: December 2020
Completion time: March 2021
Editor: Wang Qi


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