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奥雅设计:“ 回归山水、乐于自然 ” 永远是人类最本真的渴望。

L&A design:”Returning to the landscape and enjoying nature” is always the most genuine desire of human beings.




Here, it is close to the clouds and far from the traffic. Here, surrounded by mountains, with lakes flowing. There are lush forests, natural landscape and idyllic life.




Choose a mountain to live in, return to the purest form of life. Stay away from the busy and complicated city life. Slow down the pace in nature. A beautiful and elegant life in the mountains will start since then.



山林秘境—拥抱沉浸式山居|Mountain secrets space-Embrace immersive mountain living



At first sight, it is a simple door.

The ecological and natural material use, modern and simple line composition, weaken and eliminate the constraints and limitations of the boundary, and integrate the landscape into the current situation with the low impact development method, so that it becomes so natural to enter the site.


▼入口山门 Entrance mountain gate

▼简洁的线条和朴素的木质材料相融合 Concise lines and plain wood materials blend


避世山林 A sheltered mountain forest


The gravel path and the white clover in full bloom, as if nature has given this place a surprise, are another spatial experience when you walk up through this winding and wild path.


▼林间自然的碎石汀步 The natural gravel step in the forest

▼景观分析图 Landscape analysis chart



An original forest of poplar trees is preserved, and the design uses a low-impact approach on the ground cover layer to create a clean and intact green substrate. A light wooden walkway floats in the middle of it, which is secluded, sheltered and peaceful, presenting a rare hidden mountain scenery.


▼保留原有的杨树林 Keep the original poplar forest

▼曲径的木栈道穿梭林间 The winding path of the wooden plank walks through the woods


林中野趣 Wilderness in the Forest


As you walk down the steps, the bamboo and rocks are interwoven, and the steps seem to have a lightness to them as you stroll through nature. The Smoke tree on both sides whisked your face, creating a Japanese garden atmosphere in every stone and tree.


▼随地形设计的台阶,消化场地高差 Steps designed according to the terrain, digest the height difference of the site


在这里,自然山水唯美、素雅、静谧, 行走在竹木之上,山石之间,感受着轻松、美好、释然。


Here, the natural landscape is beautiful, elegant and quiet, walking on the bamboo and wood, between the rocks, feeling relaxed, beautiful and relieved.

Between the mountains and the water, outside of the hustle and bustle, tranquility in the heart, everything here satisfies our yearning for mountain life.


▼自然毛石堆砌的台阶挡墙 Stepped retaining wall made of natural rubble


浪漫童心 Romantic Childhood



The blazing summer sun is more than romantic. The stream flowing, clear and transparent.

Children are playing on the scattered steps, gently fiddling with the water and enjoying themselves; the laughter echoes with great vitality and vigor.


▼不规则的条石步道,池底放置自然肌理的块石 Irregular stone trails with natural texture stones placed at the bottom of the pool

▼看似随意的池边处理更加自然 The seemingly random poolside treatment is more natural




The calm water surface reflects the shadows of the mountains and trees, and the scattered steps on the stream are interesting. Nature and artificiality complement each other, and the place is quiet and simple.

Grass slope terrain through the surface of the water, the natural relationship creates a playful water park. The lush greenery and sparkling water, the unknown experience inspires people to explore nature.


▼局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s eye view


在这里, 孩子们奔跑追逐、游戏嬉闹,家长们谈天说地,品茗读书,如此这般,岁月静好……

Here, children run and chase, play and laugh, parents talk and read,with a cup of tea, so on and so forth, the times are quiet ……



林泉溪谷—自然与诗意的交织|Forest Springs Valley-The interweaving of nature and poetry



The building’s elevated floor is used to create the Star Tower waterfall, which is the source of the valley.

When the night falls, along with the sunset, the waterfall pours down from the sky, and the natural scenery in the water is concealed into interest, revealing warmth and comfort between the virtual and real.


▼利用建筑架空的灰空间设计线性流瀑 Design a linear waterfall using the gray space overhead of the building

▼静面水景倒影的景象 The reflection of the still surface waterscape


庭院之间 Between courtyards

树,以自然式种植引入园内,因地制宜; 路,以蜿蜒曲折之势不断延伸,明确通达; 溪,以轮廓的变幻嵌合着植物与铺装,自然灵动;这一切在空间中创造出步移景异的可能。

Trees, introduced into the garden by natural planting, adapted to the site. The road, with its meandering and winding trend, is clearly accessible. The streams, with their changing shapes and contours, are embedded with plants and pavements, which are natural and dynamic. All these create the possibility of moving in space with different view.




The simple and minimalist corridor not only extends the space, but also separates it invisibly, using the framing technique to make the space more delicate and rich in layers.



廊架下质朴的休闲座椅与置石、石阶共同呈现出一种闲适雅致的空间氛围,取材自然 , 融于 自然 , 高于自然,实现了人与自然的对话。

The rustic leisure chairs under the porch, together with the stone and stone steps, present a leisurely and elegant space atmosphere, which is taken from nature, integrated with nature and above nature, realizing the dialogue between human and nature.




The thin layers of planting pools simulate the outline of streams and interlock with each other, continuing with the veins of the valley. The stone steps are designed to weaken the volume of the planting pond, as if floating on the ground, which is flexible and extendable.



山林会客 Meeting in the mountains and forests



Between the mountains and forests, there is a deep courtyard. It is a place for leisure in the morning and a place for seclusion in the evening.

Besides being a home for living, it also offers more possibilities for outdoor meditation and rest.



携一缕阳光,静坐于庭院之间,倚靠山墙,沐浴春风, 听溪水潺潺,满眼绿意盎然。

Take a glance of sunshine, sit quietly in the courtyard, lean against the mountain wall, bath in the spring breeze, listen to the gurgling of the stream, and see the greenery in full bloom.



闲暇时,离开人山人海,拥有一方天地。与家人相聚, 与友人相约,在属于自己的时间里,享受平淡时光。

In your leisure time, you can leave the crowd and have a world. Gather with your family, meet with your friends, and enjoy the peaceful time with your own.



设计后记 —低影响无界景观 |Low Impact Boundless Landscape


“Emphasis is placed on the naturalness of the design process, respecting the existing natural environment and allowing life to blend into nature.”


▼总平面图 Plan


阳光城北京 · 溪山悦项目基于现场勘探展开设计,以轻介入的方式尽可能保留场地原有的自然环境,路径的开口、道路的走向、水景的位置、植物的点位均依据现场条件而定。


Sunshine City Beijing – Xishan Yue project was designed based on site exploration, and the original natural environment of the site was preserved as much as possible in a lightly-involved manner, with the opening of the path, the direction of the road, the location of the water scenery, and the location of the plants all determined according to the site conditions.

There is a 9m steep hill at the site, through the topographic investigation of the site, the design is based on the preservation of the current situation of large trees to design a suitable path opening and road direction. The site is protected by a retaining wall of hewn stone , and the winding steps of bamboo and wood are designed to create a natural environment of mountain forest and stone attraction.


▼原始场地高差 Original site height difference

▼剖面分析图 Profile analysis chart




By sorting out the site space and sight lines, the design integrates the new landscape into the existing site environment with low-impact development, and extends the boundaries of space into the surrounding environment with various scenic borrowing techniques.

By blurring the boundaries of space with nature, the design creates an “immersive mountain residence” that returns to the landscape and enjoys nature, satisfying people’s aspirations for mountain living and harvesting inner peace between the landscape and the hustle and bustle.


▼施工中 vs 建成后对比 During construction vs after construction

▼利用片岩碎片推敲模拟池底堆叠方式 vs 水景池底建成效果 Using schist fragments to simulate the bottom stacking of the pool vs.



Located on the east bank of Baihe River in Miyun District, Beijing, the west side of the project is adjacent to Beijing Sunshine City Xishan Yue Music Farm, which is also designed by the L&A design team. As a supplementary facility of the future district, Xishan Yue Music Farm embeds music performance, children’s entertainment, tent camp, bonfire and other functions, taking advantage of the surrounding mountains and forests, blurring the boundaries of space with nature, creating a low-density mountain living paradise and forming a borderless farm landscape.




Both implement the low-impact development concept of “letting the landscape blend with nature”, fully preserving the natural environment and characteristics of the original site and bringing new values to the site on this basis.





项目名称:阳光城北京 · 溪山悦
景观设计:奥雅设计 北京公司 项目十二组
景观施工:福建省森泰然景观工程有限公司 / 北京溪盛绿化工程有限公司
采写 / 奥雅设计 北京公司 项目十二组
编辑 / 慢慢
摄影 / ZOOM琢墨建筑摄影  一辉映画

Project Name: Yangcheng Beijing – Xishan Yue
Project Location: Xi Wengzhuang, Miyun District, Beijing
Project Type: Residential Community
Land area: 13276㎡
Building area: 404㎡
Landscape area: 12,872㎡
Client Name: Sunshine City Beijing Region
Landscape Design:L&A Design Beijing Project 12 Group
Landscape construction: Fujian Sentairan Landscape Engineering Co.
Beijing Xisheng Green Engineering Co.
Design time: 2019.10-2020.10
Completion time: 2021.04
Writing: Group 12 of L&A Design Beijing Group
Editor: Manman
Photography:  ZOOM Architectural Photography Studio,Yihui Visual



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