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Ma Zhicheng: This is a re-new project indoor,the location is an apartment in southern Beijing,the owner of the house is the jewelry brand manager and artist.the original intention of the house was to build a typical unilateral lighting apartment.But,the owner would like to change it into a new residence fitted for daily creation and Party.


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Even though the level of the house is high, but there are nothing scenery to view.In order to add Green and the beauty of the occlusion. The plan is to design an huge space for the house and plant an olive tree in the central.Eventually, it presents a indoor courtyard image. The tree planted is like the third member home.at the same time,it combines every piece of the house, like dining room and living room, even the second floor and the first floor.


▼餐桌及树池 Dining table and tree pool

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▼厨房移门及餐厅 Kitchen sliding door



We can see old rough concrete wall frame when the demolition work began. This is the original part of the house. So Putting our efforts to build a new space co-existed with the old one is our main task. Using the simple material meet the function needs.To make simple to simple, delicacy to delicacy.


▼餐厅看向起居室 The dining room looks into the living room 

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▼起居室细部 Details

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The original space doesn’t have a storage space, Xuanguan district. The whole space presents a limited image. Besides the toilet is half-closed. We need an independent Xuanguan district with its water basin outside and the toilet and the shower Separated. Move around the dining table, to make it fits 8 people having dinner together, build the pool to plant olive tree at the same time.


▼起居室看向楼梯 View of the staircase from the living room 

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Put the easy-maintain fern down to the stairs. In the daytime, it can make a fresh atmosphere. Under the light of the sun, the radial shadow of the stairs and the layer upon layer blade combines into a special image. With the change of the Green plant, the house has four seasons.


▼楼梯通向二层 The stairs leading to the second floor

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▼楼梯细部 Details

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▼绿植区细节 Green area details




The second floor of the project is set as a private space. As an independent box space, it has bedroom cloakroom and toilet function.Put the bathtub on the second floor, facing the living room, which is easy to clean even with the cloakroom and toilet together.

The toilet is separated into three spaces including washing closet, cleaning area and bathing zone.


▼卧室 Bedroom

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▼从卧室看向楼梯 View of the stairs from the bedroom

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▼卧室浴缸及清洁间 The bathtub in bedroom

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▼卧室细部 & 淋浴房 Details & Shower room



The painting and the device use as a part of space and life created by the owner of the house. The pure space and a lot of white space provide the possibility of the artwork’s future growing.


▼室内画作 & 室内装置 Interior painting & Indoor installation



The elegant furniture and dense plants indoor make the space meaningful.Rearrange put more sunlight and air into the space,which makes people,the plant and the house a unit.Although, the apartment is in noise city,it is still a shelter with ease,providing leisure time for people.


▼室内夜景,起居室 The living room at night

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▼室内灯光总览 Overview of interior space at night

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▼平面图 Plans 

▼分析图 Concept section




联系邮箱: mazhicheng0207@foxmail.com

Project name:Z House
Project type:Interior renovation
Completion time:June.2021
Indoor area:60㎡
Main project design:Ma Zhicheng
Project photographer: Jin Weiqi
Contact: mazhicheng0207@foxmail.com


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