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L&A design: Do plants have emotions? It grows and keeps silent for countless days and nights. We feel the emotion from the vigorous and powerful posture and the emerald under the snow and attach our feelings to the plants. Does the landscape talk? It carries nostalgia and memory, immersed in wind, frost, and rain. We can find the story from a courtyard, a wonderland, or a pine.





Where my heart settles in my hometown. People are looking for the source of nostalgia, the root of culture, and a place to settle down. Zhuzilu is the destination. It should be elegant, refined, and luxurious. It is rooted in Zhengzhou with a profound history and the spirit of the past.

Since ancient times, literati and scholars express their subjective feelings about mountains and rivers. Nowadays, the landscape is limited. Fortunately, there is a courtyard. In countless days and nights of tracing and painting, in many rounds of reviewing, we finally found an affectionate expression — Why not the pine? Accompanied by the breeze and water.



枕石 Pillow Stone


In the vestibule, the rough stone texture contrasts with modern glass material setting the artistic style of Zhuzilu. A piece of local black stone lies in the center where water spreads out and drops in the lower pool, making natural sounds and create a comfortable environment for thinking.




Behind the glass are the silhouette of pines. The branches stretch out inviting guests. This is a reclusive place for the guest to chat and enjoy.



挥墨 Splash ink


A stone bridge crosses the water court. A flat stone of the water feature shaped like a paperweight is under the arhat pine by the water. The stone bridge seems like a time machine to travel through time and space. We may see the literati writing calligraphy in the forest with pines falling leaves in the background.



回廊 Cloister


The corridor and the water court create a quiet space. Do we need music? The silence is better here.




The corridor uses a glass curtain wall to hide the load-bearing posts, allowing the interior and exterior to extend. The bamboo is designed to grow in the sunken courtyard, bringing people into the realm of paintings. The rhythm of the spirit is hidden in the water, between the bamboos, and under the corridor.



赏砖 Appreciate the Brick 


The glass bricks are well selected to express the relationship between space, scene, and atmosphere. The 79% transparent glass bricks can create a light and shadow space and cultural atmosphere, and to have an impact on the surrounding environment.




The scenery wall adopts the combination of glass brick and scenery stone. We used 3,200 pieces of customized glass bricks, with precise dimensions of 40cm*20cm*8cm, each weighing 16.5kg.



松风 Pine Breeze


Black pine and water. Each pine is unique and has various gestures and stories. The fusion and contrast between the vigorous pine trees and the Central Plains culture integrate the artistic conception of mountains and rivers into the landscape through modern design techniques.




The pine forest is inspired by the soul of Mount Tai of the Chinese landscape painting, the trees are also planted from the foot of Mount Tai. The designer went to Mount Tai several times to measure the size and shape for tree selections. Finally, the dream pine is found.



下沉 The sunken space


The bright moon shines on a bright heart.




In the sunken courtyard, pines and cypresses are having a dialogue with their shadows reflected by water. The edge of the planter is piled with diagonal stones and stone strips. The collision of materials enriches the textures. Sitting by the water and taking a rest, people can enjoy the pine with wind and bamboo shadows.




The black pine in the garden is a precious species from Japan. The pines were delivered from Japan half a year before construction and relocated here after 6-months-cultivation in Fangcun, Guangzhou. Trees convey emotions. The pine expresses a soft feeling in its vigor gesture. When people visit at night, they can see the graceful pine dancing in the moonlight.



置石 Stone Placement


The scenery stone is the essence of the mountain. Each scenery stone has a different artistic conception, expressing different connotations and emotions.




The scenery stone at the gate adopts the concept of mountains and rivers, blends the beauty of mountains and rivers, retains the original natural texture, and contrasts with the micro natural surface. The scenery stone on the side of the sales office depicts the Winding Stream Party Every detail is taken care of. The stone contrasts with the waterscape through different water feature layers. The water feature stone in the sunken courtyard weighs 2 tons. The on-site placement and inclination angle have been carefully considered, expressing the artistic conception of “contain the mountains and rivers, find the source of water”.



设计师说 Designer’s Notes


The designer uses a unique language to find and inherit the spiritual style that belongs to Zhuzilu. It is an ancient picture scroll, which brings people back to the simplest way of life with sincere and direct emotional expression and the natural scenery.




This language and style are fully discussed, studied, and refined. A seed will not grow into a big tree overnight, and beauty cannot be achieved with a flash of light. What the audience sees is not just a brick, a tree, and a pool but the sun, the moon, the stars, and the craftsmen.


▼设计手稿 Design sketches


▼施工过程 Construction process



景观设计:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目八组
灯光设计:IDDI design group

采写:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目八组
摄影:丘文建筑摄影 卢团伟

Project name: Zhengzhou Kangqiao Zhuzilu
Project address: Zhengzhou
Project type: Residential
Area: 38091㎡
Building area: 9933㎡ (architecture base)
Landscape area: 28158㎡
Client: Zhengzhou Kangzhu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: L&A Design Shanghai Office Project Group 8
Architectural design: Lacime Architects
Interior design: Ju Bin
Lighting design: IDDI design group
Construction: Shanghai Jialai Engineering Co., Ltd.
Design period: 2018-2019
Completion time: 2020.08

Writing: L&A Design Shanghai Office Project Group 8
Editor: Christine
Photography: ARCH·QW – Lu Tuanwei


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