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Farmerson Architects: Love, the enduring theme of humanity, remains an eternal topic to this day.




在广东连南瑶族自治县的石漠公园 “万山朝王”景区,建设一座观景桥,起源于山区连南县与临海台山市的“旅游联姻”:山与海,自然让人联想到成语“海誓山盟”。恒久的爱之情感,是一种美好愿望,我们希望它像山一样高,海一样广,一生一世那般长。

In the “Wanshan Chaowang” scenic area of Shimo Park in Lianan Yao Autonomous County, Guangdong Province, a viewing bridge was constructed, inspired by the “tourism union” between Lianan County in the mountains and Taishan City by the sea. The connection of mountains and sea naturally evokes the saying “exchange vows by the sea and mountains.” The enduring emotion of love is a beautiful wish, and we hope it stands as tall as the mountains, as vast as the sea, lasting for a lifetime.


▽爱情桥与周边环境 Love Bridge and its surroundings


▽夕阳下的爱情桥 Love Bridge at sunset




Hence, the straight-line length of this bridge is 131.4 meters, symbolizing “a lifetime.” This straight line points directly towards the myriad green mountains, disappearing into the vastness of nature, lasting forever. In combination with the original Wanshan Chaowang observation deck, we designed intersecting pathways, penetrating the existing forest, symbolizing the twists and turns, separations, and reunions in love before and after union in reality. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, and people experience joys and sorrows, separations and reunions, this is an ancient truth that must be acknowledged.


▽长131.4米的爱情桥 131.4 meters long Love Bridge



唐朝诗人刘禹锡曾在连州为官,写下多首与瑶族风情及当地山水有关的诗篇。其中《连州腊日观莫徭猎西山》[ 海天杀气薄,蛮军步伍嚣。林红叶尽变,原黑草初烧。围合繁钲息,禽兴大旆摇。张罗依道口,嗾犬上山腰。猜鹰虑奋迅,惊鹿时跼跳。瘴云四面起,腊雪半空消。箭头余鹄血,鞍傍见雉翘。日暮还城邑,金笳发丽谯。——唐刘禹锡《连州腊日观莫徭猎西山》]很可能就在万山朝王这块地方写的。因此,在直桥的开端,放置刘禹锡观猎雕像,结合台阶,情景结合。其实,写出“东边日出西边雨,道是无晴却有晴。”千古名句的刘禹锡,直接可以成为一生一世爱情桥的代言人。

The Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi once served in Lianzhou and wrote several poems related to the Yao ethnic culture and the local landscape. Among them, “Observing Moyo Hunting in the Western Mountains on Lare Day in Lianzhou” was likely written in the vicinity of Wanshan Chaowang. Therefore, at the beginning of the straight bridge, we placed a statue of Liu Yuxi observing hunting, combined with steps, creating a picturesque scene. In fact, Liu Yuxi, the author of the timeless lines “The eastern sky grows light while the western rain falls; they say there is no sunshine, but there is,” could directly become the spokesperson for the “a lifetime” bridge.


▽爱情桥鸟瞰 Aerial view


▽云海上的爱情桥 The Love bridge over the sea of clouds




The endpoints of the bridge represent a climax. Two butterfly-like sculptures dance gracefully, symbolizing two lovebirds beginning to soar together. Looking from one end of the straight bridge, between the sculptures are two archways that lead loving couples into a new realm—the realm of love. Combining scenic views, a transparent triangular glass platform has been designed here to offer the sensation of soaring into the sky amid the treetops.


▽桥上的艺术雕塑 Art sculpture on the bridge




The entire bridge is constructed using steel structures, designed to float lightly between the valley and treetops. The railings and handrails incorporate simplified Yao embroidery patterns, adding a touch of local ethnic elements. However, more importantly, it interprets universal love, profound love, and love that lasts a lifetime from the perspective of nature and human perception.



▽一生一世爱情桥平面图 Plan


▽一生一世爱情桥立面图 Elevation






Project name: A lifetime of love theme bridge in Liannan
Project type: Landscape infrastructure
Project address: Sanpai Town, Yao Autonomous County, Liannan, Guangdong
Design unit: Farmerson Architects
The firm’s website: www.farmerson.cn
Company location: Beijing
Design time: 2020.3-2022.3
Construction time: 2021.3-2023.9
Building area: 860 square meters
Chief Designer: FangMu Sheng
Chief designer Email: mmmmfang@126.com
Design team: Su Yaling, Ma Jiale, Yang Lei
Photography: Fang Musheng, Chen Zhijun, Chen Shulin
Video clips: Matsuki, Ma Jiale

Project participant
Client: Liannan County Government
Co-designer: Hunan University Design & Research Institute Co., LTD
Structural design: Hunan University Design and Research Institute Co., LTD
Landscape Design: FangMusheng Landscape Design (Beijing) Co., LTD
Construction Party: Jinzhongkai Construction Group Co., LTD. (formerly Guangdong Zhongkai Construction Engineering Co., LTD.)
Building materials: steel, pinewood, plastic wood, glass, granite, etc




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