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MBDI: Nature is the mother tongue shared by every different soul, and it seems to resonate with people without adaptation. In addition to its primitive wildness, nature also carries more philosophical and artistic reveries. The designer envisions that the garden life should be such a space where universality and individuality coexist.




The commercial space of this town, which will be completed in 2021, is located next to a residential area in Anji Town. the designer wants to achieve a place to escape from the cage of the city, to live with the fields and blue sky, and at the same time to feel the convenience and interest of life brought by the development, while addressing the needs of the residents in the neighborhood.




In order to create a vacation habitat landscape without affecting the countryside and at the same time not to detach from the mood of life, the designer changed the strategy, abandoning the traditional countryside landscape and urban landscape approach, and blending the urban life interest of the sea school with the natural relaxing natural environment of the countryside, trying to make the two reach a balance. Publicity, openness and inclusiveness are the commonalities of the space we create ecological landscape: city park, rain garden, commercial square, performing arts theater …..


▽城市公园 City ​​park


▽雨水花园 Rain garden


▽商业广场 Commercial Plaza


▽演绎剧场 Deductive Theater


城市公园 City Park


As the largest green ecological patch in the urban green space system, the urban park is the richest place for flora and fauna in the city, and has always played an active and effective role in improving the urban ecological environment and protecting biodiversity. Since the birth of urban park, it has been given a special aesthetic meaning in urban life. It integrates ecology, culture, science and art into one, and meets the ecological guidelines of comprehensive human requirements for the environment.


▽城市公园入口 City park entrance


▽错落交叠的“圈圈圆圆”创造独特的艺术体验 Staggered and overlapping “circles and circles”

▽夕阳下,呈现简单安宁的生活美学 It has been given a special aesthetic meaning in urban life



Whether it’s a family weekend or a small gathering between friends, this kind of back-to-nature and hands-on life experience is a strong contrast to the daily high-intensity, programmed office life, and the original ecological vacation experience is more relaxing to find your true self to feel the little beauty in life.


▽草坪露营 lawn camping

▽夕阳下,野外间,感受生活中的小美好 Under the sunset, in the wild, feel the little beauty in life


雨水花园 Rain Garden


On the basis of emphasizing the spatial publicness of the landscape and the interest of urban life, the design of plants is adapted to local conditions, taking into account the local soil conditions and selecting appropriate native plant species, eliminating traces of artificial planting, restoring the original growth posture of plants, retaining their natural wilderness beauty, and creating a natural and relaxing vacation environment in the countryside.



▽交错的圆形铺装塑造空间层次 Staggered circular paving shapes spatial hierarchy

▽因地制宜的乡土植物搭配,营造自然的荒野之美 The matching of native plants according to local conditions creates the beauty of natural wilderness


商业广场 Commercial Plaza


In the natural and wild scenario atmosphere created by the landscape, the scenario soft furnishings along the street commercial full of petty moods with open grass, dense woods and unrestrained growth of grass, relieves the tension of urban life and naturally integrates into the relaxed, pleasant and comfortable environment.


▽商业广场入口 Commercial Plaza


▽充满自然野趣的情景广场 A scene square full of natural and wild interest

▽广场喷泉 Square fountain


▽舒适的户外休闲 Comfortable outdoor recreation

▽剧场 Arts theater



The warm night lighting decoration adds a stronger sense of life to the commercial plaza along the street. The evening sunset in the distance blends with the quiet warm environment over here, allowing us to release the regrets in our lives, cherish the people and things around us, have more tolerance for real life, and have more aspirations and expectations for our future life.


▽夜景氛围 Night scene atmosphere


结语 Ending


Abandoning the hustle and bustle of the city, staying away from the crowds and getting close to nature, enjoying the leisurely rural life is the joy and tie in life. Take a holiday for the hurrying mood, completely immerse yourself in the peace of nature, find your true self, and embrace nature freely.






甲方团队:(集团)周进 夏瑾 孙康 (小镇)史宏伟 陈淑恒

Project Name: Anji Aijia·Linxi Valley
Project Location: Anji, Zhejiang
Landscape Design: MBDI Nianyihe Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Design Team: Zhang Xue, Xu Ping, Li Muyao, Zhao Xuan, She Han
Design Director: Gan Junfeng
Developer: Aijia Group
Party A’s team: (Group) Zhou Jin Xia Jin Sun Kang (Town) Shi Hongwei Chen Shuheng
Design area: 9000㎡
Design time: 2021.10-11
Photography Team: Nianyihe, Li Wei



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