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WTD: Located between two valleys and enveloped by spectacular mountains, Aranya · Sanya is a secluded place away from the vast sea, where people will feel it easy to calm down when isolated from the outside world.


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▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view



Besides, the ideal location allows it to have its unique micro-environment, making it cool and comfortable compared with the sultry and humid air at the seaside. Set off against the clear blue sky, the Mediterranean-style architecture with white tiles and red roofs creates a peaceful atmosphere. Buildings are arranged in a loop, with a driveway running through the site.



在去年完工的阿那亚y hotel设计中,景观以异域风情的沙生植物群、苍劲而极富生命力的白千层,在自然光影之下共同演绎出与印象中的三亚截然不同的静谧诧寂空间氛围。


In the design of Aranya Y Hotel, exotic psammophytes and vigorous cajeputs are employed to create a surprising quiet atmosphere that is quite different from people’s impression on Sanya.

As the central residential area, the north area of Aranya where Y Hotel is located, is designed with the principles of “wabi-sabi”, turning the limited courtyard space into a container for life and creating a quiet and comfortable corner for souls.


▽以异域风情的植物组团,营造自然舒适的景致 Exotic plant groups create natural and comfortable scenery



Buildings in Aranya Sanya are designed mainly in white, which create an elegant atmosphere together with the clear blue sky of Sanya. Since we hope to make soft and vigorous plants the protagonists of the landscape, hard landscape elements are completely weakened. 


▽让柔软而具生命力的植物成为景观的主角 Let soft and vital plants become the protagonist of the landscape



Instead, we focus more on the arrangement and details of vegetation, trying to decorate and soften the sculptural buildings. Plants are randomly scattered and also there is enough negative space, presenting the beauty of imperfection and impermanence.


▽精心的布置点缀,犹如自然的生长而成 Elaborate decoration, as if the growth of natural



Psammophytes as the protagonists continue to present themselves in the space, looking like a lively oil painting in grayish blue and green unfolding in front of you. Psammophyte clusters at the entrance echo the graceful Moringa drouhardii Jum; along the path Strelitzia Reginae Aiton and Lacy tree philodendron stand against the white wall, making the space pleasantly cool. Plants vary from variety to color, from height to shape, creating a completely new landscape experience.


▽住宅区入口空间 Entrance space of residential area




Both entrances are designed with asymmetric white walls, which help to shape independent borders and connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. The landscape tries to dialogue with the buildings. In the shelter of broad-leaved psammophytes, the white walls seem to extend from the building and become part of the building group.

Walking through the rain trees along the path, you can feel a touch of coolness in the hot weather. Tall Moringa drouhardii Jum, low bushes and vigorous psammophytes are scattered on both sides of the entrance, making people feel as if they were in the mountains.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



Natural materials also help to make the space elegant and pleasant. To keep the “wabi-sabi” style of the space, we employed natural materials and kept their original textures and forms, celebrating the beauty of imperfection.


▽用自然的材料,打造极致的细节之美 Using natural materials, create the ultimate beauty of details




Wooden table and chairs, rough wall, randomly-shaped pottery pot, and rattan-woven pergola remind people of the old days.

When the sun shines into the courtyard through the pergola, psammophytes cast shadows on the white wall, and flowerpots and pottery pot tell stories about the past, allowing people to have a dialogue with time and space as well.


▽在光影斑驳的庭院中,拉近人与时间与场地间的距离 In the courtyard mottled with light and shadow, the distance between people and time and the site is narrowed



The buildings are closely arranged, creating a variety of long and narrow lanes and courtyard spaces. The original height difference is transformed into exquisite corridor space and terrace landscape, forming a lot of scattered public spaces, small but delicate.


▽住宅区局部鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽设计顺应地势,打造高低错落的巷道院落 The design conforms to the terrain, creating high and low scattered laneway courtyard

▽精致的台地小景 Exquisite terrace view



Plants growing among buildings range from Mediterranean Tuscan style, wabi-sabi style to tropical style, showing the beauty of diversity. Eye-catching frangipani plants present the ebb and flow of the space, and enrich the landscape experience.


▽小而精致的院落公共空间 Small and delicate courtyard public space



We paid attention to every detail, creating a warm atmosphere with soft and romantic light. Edges of the steps are softened to avoid potential risk to people. With respect for different requirements, we carefully considered the feelings of people living in the space and created the landscape in a considerate way.


▽傍晚时分的夜景氛围,给人温馨的感受 The nightscape atmosphere in the evening gives a warm feeling



What Aranya · Sanya conveys is not the romance of blue sea and sky, but a natural and quiet attitude towards life. We create a beautiful and unique world in Sanya, which not only allows people to enjoy the natural resources but also blocks out the hustle and bustle of city life. The combination of art and ideal creates an atmosphere that tells the beauty of Aranya.




设计团队:李卉 张黎 赵冬舸 唐志杨 张盼 熊颖 黄满玉 王玉彤 梁雅雯 李理 李玥 张一雷 刘思雨 丁怡然 张书桢 李苗 王利如 庞虹宇 於文鑫 宋照兵 胡小梅
摄影/视频:xf photography

Project Name: Anaya Sanya
Owner Unit: Anaya
Landscape area: 50078 square meters
Project address: Jiyang District, Sanya City
Landscape Design: WTD design
Design team: Li Hui, Zhang Li, Zhao Dongge, Tang Zhiyang, Zhang Pan, Xiong Ying, Huang Manyu, Wang Yutong, Liang Ywen, Li Li, Li Yue, Liu Siyu, Ding Yilan, Zhang Shuzhen, Li Miao, Wang Liru, Pang Hongyu, Yu Wenxin, Song Zhaobing, Hu Xiaomei
Architectural design: Jian Yan Architecture
Lighting Design: Beijing Zhou Hongliang Lighting Design Co., LTD
Psammophyte Unit: Longhai City nine Lake Qian Duo garden
photography/video: xf photography
Completion time: 2022.12




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