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麦微景观:与重庆中央公园对望,入目皆为四季之景。走进第五季,追寻自然,与自然Say Hi。

MW’ LANDSCAPE ARCHIECTURE:Facing the park,all eyes have four seasons of scenery . Walk into the fifth season,follow nature and then say hi to the nature.




The Park Avenue , located on the other side of Chongqing Central Park, is the most natural landscape space. In the future, it will be open to the public as a community park and become a space-time channel connecting with nature in this reinforced city. In the indifferent urban environment, people who have been shackled by steel and concrete for a long time are out of touch with nature. People increasingly want to escape from the city to embrace nature, feel the change of seasons and receive the healing power from nature.


▼项目场地与重庆中央公园对望 The project site faces the Central Park of Chongqing


场地梳理 Site combing


At the beginning of the design, we analyzed the current situation of the site. From the current situation of the site, the biggest challenge of the site is the height difference. The overall height difference of the site is about 45m. There is a flood discharge channel on the site, and it connects to the water system of Chongqing Central Park on the west side. Affected by Chongqing’s mountainous terrain and the rainy summer climate, Chongqing is extremely vulnerable to heavy rains and floods under extreme climates, and needs to meet the necessary flood discharge needs. The height difference in the spillway area is the largest. How to balance the impact of the spillway on the site is also one of the challenges we face.


▼场地现状高差关系 Site Height Difference


▼场地设计完成剖面 Site design completed section


设计思考Design thinking

在此次设计中,我们期望于依托原始自然环境,在设计上将人为的干预降到最小。面对场地内最大的挑战——高差,我们首先想到的就是重庆魔幻3D交通网络。利用场地现有高差打造 3D 立体景观,跳出空间限制,对场地进行重构。用艺术架构一座空中浮桥,感受自然与艺术的碰撞交融。


In this project, we hope to rely on the original natural environment to minimize human intervention in the design.Facing the biggest challenge in the site — the height difference, the first thing that came to our mind was chongqing’s magical 3D transportation network. Make use of the existing height difference of the site to create three-dimensional landscape, jump out of the space restriction, and reconstruct the site. We use artistic techniques to construct a floating bridge in the air to feel the collision and integration of nature and art.

For the west spillway area, on the basis of the original terrain, taking into consideration the flood discharge and safety factors, we planted the moisture-resistant ground cover with good aesthetics, flowers and a few moisture-resistant trees to form a natural understory landscape space.In the safe period, the participation of people should be increased, such as the addition of steps, footpaths and temporary activity areas, to perfectly transition the city and nature, so that people can feel the most primitive nature.


▼景观策略 Landscape strategy



In order to find a balance between nature and art, we took ” the fifth season” as the design concept, conforming to the height difference of the site, using the natural curve to make the construction, light and shadow, space interweave and interweave each other, and integrate the site with the natural landscape. Use four acts to create the situation: explore the fifth season, shuttle the fifth season, life with the fifth season, dialogue the fifth season. After meeting the four Seasons, it’s the ultimate experience of the fifth season.


▼项目视频 Video


探寻五季 Explore The Fifth Season


Minimalism is a kind of return, Return to nature, Return to the heart




At the corner of the city road, We met the scenery of the fifth season. The height difference of the entrance space is about 2.1M. it is extended downward with natural staggered steps, combined with the natural planting form, weakens the landscape boundary, and puts the fifth season space into the natural environment. Stepping down, the journey of exploring nature has already begun.


▼入口处错落的台阶指引着一场探寻自然之旅 The staggered steps at the entrance guide a journey into nature


▼回看入口白天与夜景效果 Night view of entrance 



Wandering into the site, the purely flexible curved arc wall, interspersed, enclosed, and extended, forms the entrance space of the fifth season. Light and shadow fall on the wall, mapping out the mottled tree shadow. The line of sight through, hazy peep hidden in this quiet valley, the inside and the outside of the site are in harmony.


▼天光云影倒映水中,感受内心的宁静 Skylight and clouds reflected in the water, feeling the inner peace


▼简洁灵动的曲线弧墙,极简的手法,表现出视觉的纯粹和向上生长的力量感 The curve arc wall of concise ,clever and minimalist ,showing the purity of vision and the sense of strength of upward growth



穿梭五季 Shuttle The Fifth Season


The temperature of nature awakens the silent mind in the city.




Comfortable transition space. When passing through the walkway dappled with light and shadow, we set up a shuttle line through the forest with a height difference of 3.9 meters. The natural texture of the landscape walls on both sides, staggered curving stairs, scattered Tallow trees and scattered stones under the forest, enable people to feel the natural temperature in the fifth seasons, achieve the effect of moving different scenes, and wake up the quiet heart in the city for a long time.


▼林间穿梭,树影斑驳 Shuttle through the forest, the shadows of the trees are mottled


▼过渡空间夜景 Night view of entrance and transition space


焕彩五季 Life With The Fifth Season


Three-dimensional space-time, The collision of nature and art.




Rrelying on Chongqing’s three-dimensional transportation network, we have introduced three-dimensional landscape design techniques to enrich the space experience and add an artistic trestle bridge leading to the city at the same time . In this three-dimensional space and time, you can feel the coolness of the breeze under the tree, touch the comfort of the treetops on your forehead,and feel the sudden opening of your vision after crossing the branches.


▼林里穿梭的一道红色栈桥 A red pier shuttling through the forest


▼立体的艺术栈桥丰富了空间体验 The artistic trestle bridge enricifies the space experience


▼桥下是儿童玩耍的空间 Under the bridge is a space for children to play


▼艺术栈桥夜景 The Night view of the artistic trestle bridge


对话五季 Dialogue Five Seasons


You stand on the bridge and look at the scenery, and the people watching the scenery look at you on the opposite side.





The sequential and extended metal circles form a frame, cleverly framing and focusing the scenery at the end. Stepping into it, passing through the space-time tunnel formed by light and shadow, when people’s eyes focus on the end of the bridge with the continuous gradual sequence of circles, it is the end of the fifth season.

From the perspective of ecological corridor, we cooperate with the original spillway to increase human activities. During the safe period, it can be used as a daily walking path under the forest and a playground for pets. The spillway period can be submerged.



回望 Look back


The important thing is not that I have nature, but that I live with it.Looking back to the original intention of design, we have never stopped exploring the relationship between city and nature, art and life. We hope to create a space with strong artistic appeal based on the principle of respecting nature, convey a warm interpersonal relationship, and create a community to participate in nature. The vigorous atmosphere connects art, nature and life.



项目面积:12789 ㎡

Project name: Hong Kong Land & China Merchants Shekou Holdings·Park Avenue forest Valley PARK
Project location: Chongqing Central Park
Project area: 12789㎡
Completion time: April 2021
The owner unit: Chongqing Yizhi Merchants Real Estate Development Co., LTD
Design director: GAN, KIM
Design team:Yuan Qiang,Zhao Liangying,Liu Yuqing,Wang YaoJuan,Chen JingFeng,Jiang QinLing,Xie Lin,Zheng Peng,Liu LiJun,Lin Ying,Guo Feng,Zhu YuTing
Construction: Chongqing Shengjingcheng Garden Engineering (Group) Co., LTD
Photograph: Tri-prism architectural landscape photography
Market brand: Anson


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