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Leedscape: As the overhead structure of metro, except changing the way of business, the big impact makes the office environment to be more various. For city, the superstructure provides a sustainable development model for the orderly growth of urban space.


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机遇:区域城市化的枢纽 Opportunity:Hub of Regional Urbanization


The site is located as the core of transportation network around site, shows in a stable triangle, which consists of 3 parts: the fifth ring-road in the south, the Jingcheng Expressway in the west, and the railway in the northeast.The southern part of the site is adjacent to Laiguangying West Road, which runs east-west. Its easthern part is adjacent to Guangshun North Street and Laiguangying North Road which runs north-south in the west. The south entrance of the site connects to Laiguangying Station of Beijing Metro Line 14, and 500 meters to the west is the city bus terminal. The complete transportation facilities make the project to be a hub of regional urbanization.


▼区域城市化枢纽 Hub of regional urbanization


挑战:将便利转化为盈利 Challenge: Convert Convenience into Profit


Metro brings people to commerce and office. How to convert the “visitor” into the “customer” and turn convenience into profit, is the key to the success of comprehensive office area on metro. For the site, the south square is near to the subway exit, the eastern one is in front of the 2 tallest office buildings, and west square is close to the residential area. Therefore, how to unify the complicated space around and gather the crowd, are the 2 key problems to be solved in our landscape plan.


▼主轴形成立体的动线流 The chief axis forms a three-dimensional circulation flow


策略:景观对话建筑 Strategy: A Dialogue Between Landscape & Architecture


“Ecologic” means “organic”. There is no organic organization can exist independently. So, the “interaction” is its necessary condition. Only when dialogues happen between landscape and architecture can this space be possible to simplify the complexity. Seven office buildings are interspersed and laid out in the site, shaping the spatial pattern of overhead and subsidence with modern concise style. Therefore, it is necessary to define flexible design system, link the spatial pattern of the building, and solve the challenges of the project by landscape design.


▼与绿地呼应的立体生态空间 Three-dimensional eco-space

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策略:景观整合空间 Strategy: Integrate Space by Landscape


The dynamic space is always inclusive, so it can express the diversity and vitality of modern commercial space better. Landscape strategy aims at integrating tree array, lawn, water feature, lighting and other landscape elements with a dynamic design method, and integrating different elevation spaces through interactive design to guide the flow of users.


▼项目平面图 Plan


▼鸟瞰模型 Bird-viewing model


▼应对不同高程的景观空间 Response to landscape space at different levels


实践:折线蔓延城市峡谷 Practice:A Broken Line Spreads over the Urban Canyon


We boldly use the broken line elements. All landscape elements are extended and changed in broken line style, which shuttle between the urban canyons of the site.


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Walking into the site, people will feel the surprise of change.


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Overlooking the site, people can feel the rich rhythm of space at different levels above the pavement.


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We strengthen the site image by combining the water feature and logo display. Also, we set the pavement and water into the broken line style, so that the crowd can easier to gather here.


▼良好导向性系统的铺装,利于人流的聚集引导 The pavement of good guiding system is beneficial to the gathering and guiding of people

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The sunken courtyard connects to the commercial space, which is fascinating.The guide of circulation obviously follows the “broken line” and extend from south to north. The huge broken line pavement conveys the dynamic feeling and high energy of the commercial office complex at the same time.


▼下沉的庭院空间 The sunken courtyard

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▼巨大的折线状铺装同时传递着商业办公综合体所具有的动感与高能量 The huge broken line pavement conveys the dynamic feeling and high energy of the commercial office complex at the same time.

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The buffer zones, which connect with the “urban canyon”, is carried out by using greening to reduce the interference of traffic flow to the interior. The edge zones, which are close to the surrounding parks, extend the greenery. So we set the resting wooden platforms and areas to meet the needs of user. Urban Canyon: lead the trend of modern life.


▼利用绿化进行了缓冲处理,减少车流对内部的干扰 Using greening to reduce the interference of traffic flow to the interior

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▼满足使用者停留休憩的休息区域 A rest area for the user to rest

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© 一辉映画






Program name: CCT Center
Completed year: 2016年6月 June 2016
Program area: 22200㎡
Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing
Design: Leedscape
Partner: Landscape construction team: STAR-RIVER LANDSCAPING
Photography: YH Visual Studio


项目中的植物、材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project


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