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Metrostudio: In the design thinking of locality, with the aim of creating a landscape of deep memories, we focus on exploring the story of the site itself. Listening to the voice of history and using new design techniques to evoke it.



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01. 电建旧厂 | 社会主义工业基地


Established in 1952, Hubei Electric Construction Company is the earliest electric power construction enterprise in the central and southern regions, and is known as the “First Brigade of Chinese Electric Construction”. In the 1970s, the processing workshop of the electric construction plant was located at Xiaoguishan, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, and developed into a strong production base. Along with the transformation of China’s industrial layout, the blueprint of Wuhan city planning was released. This former proud industrial back-end production base gradually fell into despair, leaving only dilapidated old factory buildings.


电建一公司旧址The old site of  Hubei Electric Construction Company

▽废旧的厂区环境 Abandoned factory environment

▽厂房内部照片 Factory interior photos


02. 小龟山 | 破碎生长的山体公园


Xiaoguishan belongs to Zhongnan Road Street, located east of Zisha Road and north of Xiaoguishan Road, positioned as an important mountain park in the central area of Wuchang. The peak elevation of the mountain is about 63.8m, and the mountain form is irregular and obviously affected by the construction. The project is located on the slope of Xiaoguishan Mountain, and after a long time of plant construction, the original mountain has basically disappeared. A huge height difference has been formed inside the site. Between roads, terraces and slopes, the height difference is mostly 7m-12m, with a local maximum height difference of 21.5m.


▽山体缓坡 Gentle slope hills

▽现场保留的茂密植被 Dense vegetation remains on site


在场地里游走,时间忽然慢了下来,像是进入另一个世界。混乱、无序、破败的街区,上百棵大树散落在场地中,法国梧桐、青钱柳、构树、香樟······· 阳光透过树梢,在墙上、地面上投下斑驳的影子。浓郁的传统老街区氛围迎面而来。红砖厂房,废弃的轮胎、龙门吊、生锈的机械配件,这些遗留的工业元素,为场地打上了深刻的重工业烙印,也为艺术再创造提供了丰富的元素。

Wandering around the grounds, time suddenly slowed down, like entering another world. The dilapidated neighborhood, hundreds of large trees scattered in the site, sunlight through the treetops, casting dappled shadows on the walls and ground. The rich atmosphere of the old traditional neighborhood greets you. Red brick factory buildings, discarded tires, gantry cranes, rusted machinery parts, these leftover industrial elements have marked the site with a profound heavy industry, and also provide rich elements for artistic re-creation.


▽现场踏勘 Site survey



It is a place full of stories and contradictions, and every scene seems to tell the story of the once hot and now lonely desolation. As the future Xiaoguishan Financial Cultural Park in Central China, we need to find a new direction for it to “live”.


▽改造前后对比 Comparison before and after reconstruction





Financial Theme: Combined with the location conditions of the site, the cultural and financial park is positioned to present the historical process of Wuhan’s financial development with its characteristics in the form of art.

Site History: The historical culture of the original factory is fully explored, and the old industrial facilities and equipment left in the original factory are used to show the development, opportunities and challenges brought by historical changes.


▽遗留的老工业设施 The legacy of old industrial facilities



Site Elevation: The elevation of the lowest point in the site is 22.3M and the highest point is 43.8M, a difference of 21.5M. The solution of the height difference problem is the biggest challenge for the design and the best opportunity to show the charm of landscape design.


▽原场地高差与边坡挡土墙 Original site height difference and slope retaining wall


01 艺术再创造 | 重焕产业活力

▽区位 · 定位Location · Positioning



In line with the city’s development strategy, this project will create a Central China Financial & Cultural Industrial Park. The landscape design, around the city’s positioning, puts forward the design concept of “Central Finance – Central Park”, using design to integrate the financial industry needs, plant renewal, urban park, through artistic techniques, so that old memories into new places, so that life and art meet unexpectedly.


▽草图:空间推导 Sketch: spatial derivation



Through the concept, our design bond with the surrounding resources, inherit the historical culture, reshape the vitality of the site, connect to the future life, and finally become the vitality engine of Huazhong Financial Center.


▽模型 Model


02 回归是城市更新永恒的主题


The overall framework revolves around “two axes, three centers and many nodes”, forming a “financial landscape theme axis and landscape space axis”, with “Culture Square, Performance Square and Xiaoguishan Forest Park” as the center, connecting the south entrance square, north entrance square, office garden and other node spaces.


▽草图 The sketch

▽总平面图 Plan


CHAPTER 01 活力的回归:龙门秀场 · 中央公园

▽空间策略 Spatial strategies



Gantry Showground, a rectangular space about 130 meters long and 45 meters wide, with the original railway tracks and gantry crane, has become the most distinctive memory of the factory’s era. The current space is flat, open and slightly monotonous. The gantry crane is isolated in the site, lacking the atmosphere. We believe that artistic intervention is not to break up and start over, but to find the real source of vitality in a scene. On the basis of fully preserving the current resources, we redefined this space to form a distinct rhythmic sequence.


▽改造前:荒废土地上的龙门吊 Before transformation: gantry crane on abandoned land

▽建设中:重整场地,刷上红漆 Under construction: refurbished site, painted with red paint

▽改造后:变身为醒目的复古艺术装置 After transformation: Transformed into a striking retro art installation




Walking through the red brick factory under the sunlight to the Performing Arts Center, standing on the circular corridor, the once faded and old gantry crane on the open lawn area, repainted in bright red, stands, showing the unique time memory of the park.





The gantry crane, in both scale and shape, is the visual focal point of the park.


▽建设中:从厂房一角回望龙门吊 Under construction: looking back at the gantry crane from one corner of the workshop

▽旧厂房 The old factory



The “Eye of Finance” aerial walkway contrasts with the square building in a spiral structure, responding to the ancient Chinese spatial order of “Heaven and Earth”. The spiral walkway creates a centripetal force and cohesion, and implants a financial culture totem, witnessing the new growth force together with the thriving forest.


▽改造前:厂房前的硬质空地 Before transformation: hard space in front of the plant

▽建设中:龙门吊与螺旋栈道架构 Construction: gantry crane and spiral plank road structure

▽改造后:螺旋上升,回应天圆地方的空间秩序 After transformation: spiraling up, responding to the space order of round sky and place




The combination of several landscape sequence nodes makes Longmen Showground a diversified and operable art activity venue, where communication, party, music PARTY, and all kinds of imagination of life can be accommodated, and it becomes the vital heart of the whole park.




CHAPTER 02 自然的回归:重塑“小龟山” · 小龟山森林公园

▽空间策略 Spatial strategies



Xiaoguishan Forest Park is the ecological heart of this project. Due to the construction of the plant, the mountain is fragmented, the slopes are intertwined, and the maximum height difference is 22 meters. However, we believe that this mountain is precisely the most original memory of this site. Through the design, we hope to bring the mountain back to the site.


▽改造前:山坡上错落分布的废厂房 Before transformation: The abandoned workshop scattered on the hillside

▽改造后:与自然共生的生态产业园区 After transformation: ecological industrial park symbiosis with nature



The original site of Xiaoguishan faded into the “industrial wasteland” over time. Deep into the site, the designers worked hard to find and piece together the fragments of the mountain, trying to bring it back. The design restores the slope of the mountain to create a park with different heights, and connects the sunny lawn and oxygen-rich shade with the office park, allowing people to meet Xiaoguishan again.


▽改造前:生产生活建设破坏山体,现场杂乱无章却又仿佛孕育着新生 Before the transformation: production and living construction destroyed the mountain, the scene is chaotic but as if pregnant with new

▽改造后:还原山体坡度,重建公园绿地 After reconstruction: reducing mountain slope and rebuilding park green space


▽重塑厂房环境 Reshaping the factory environment


▽静谧的办公花园 Quiet office garden


▽星空艺术绘画,赋予墙体活力Starry sky art painting endows the wall with vitality




As the sun sets, acow stands idly on the grassy slope, looking away from the busy financial street in the distance. The breeze of nature welcomes you, it is the return of the mountain and the return of life.


▽改造前园路 Renovate qianyuan Road

保留原址植被 Preserve the original vegetation




The forested financial street stretches in the dense greenery, encountering vintage red brick factory buildings and modern facilities and installations along the way; walking through it is like riding a time train, inadvertently feeling the harmony of the old and the new, and the temperature of life’s interest.




CHAPTER 03 记忆的回归:小龟山文化广场

▽空间策略 Spatial strategies



The South Entrance Plaza, as the main entrance of the whole park, lacks a clear guide and an interface for urban display, with a small space and a confusing background. As the beginning of a story, we want to open up the boundary and channel the view into the core, bringing out the strong time imprint of the site.





The design uses a rusted iron LOGO sculpture wall, and then the original industrial elements of the site, with an open eight-shaped arrangement, forming a line of sight guide, the tall LOGO wall that effectively obscures the mixed space outside the red line, but also with the retained red brick wall building to form a good echo. It will naturally lead the flow of people to the “Culture Square”.





The financial bull is the first focal point that opens the whole landscape sequence. The simple and powerful lines and distinctive red color ensure the penetration of sight lines and flow lines, but also become the unique visual center of this square space with an open posture.


▽金融牛雕塑 The financial bull




The financial track, extending from the entrance plaza, guides the flow of people. Continuing the form of the railroad track, the financial history events are engraved in shade through the metal plates, as if strolling along the long river of time, from the old time into the new era.


▽改造前 Before modification

▽建设中 Under construction

▽旧铁轨改造的金融轨道 A financial track transformed from an old railroad track




We have preserved the remaining industrial machinery components, combined them in the landscape, and through artistic re-creation, built sculptural installations with the mark of heavy industry. It is a unique landscape that belongs to the history, but by the hand of art, it connects with the modern, preserving the memory of the past and rejuvenating its appearance.


▽厂区中的铁轨、机械与锈板 Rail, machinery and rust board in the factory

▽工业机械的保留 Retention of industrial machinery

▽工业元素的再创造 Re-creation of industrial elements



设计师寄语 Message From Designers


The first time I stepped into this site, I was attracted by the unique environment of this site, the leaves of the trees swayed, the red brick factory walls seemed to be talking, and the remaining traces of the park recorded the story of what had happened in this site. At that time, I thought, this site has a character, a temperature and a soul, and I want to treat it well. We realized the precipitation of culture, the preservation and reproduction of memory, the park where the trees grew, and the return of the mountain through several scenes of reproduction. To reshape the soul of the site and give it a new life, so that Little Turtle Mountain can come back to the vision and life of Wuhan people.



景观设计:metrostudio 迈丘设计
主创:谭贡亮 李文军
设计团队:聂赫纬 潘轶凡 吴慧仪 钟建辉 孙权东 杨柳 黄淑云
景观面积:69071 ㎡

Project name: Central China Xiaoguishan Financial & Cultural Park
Design: metrostudio
Website: www.metrostudio.it
Contact e-mail: info@metrostudio.it
Design year & Completion Year: 2018-2020
Leader Designer: Lyon Tan, Grubby Lee
Design Team: Norton Nie, Eva Pan, Vina Wu, Gavin Zhong, Jordon Sun, Ivy Yang, Sherry Huang
Project location: Wuhan, Hubei Province
Landscape Area: 69071 ㎡
Photo credits: Holi, Lv Lin, Shuang Pan, Eva Pan
Architectural Design: SHUISHI DESIGN
Clients: Langold Real Estate Co.,Ltd.
Interior Design: JCDesign
Lighting Design: Wuhan Branch of Shanghai Laiyiting Illuminance Technology Co.,Ltd.
Signage design: Wuhan Missky AD
PC material: Hubei Jinyun New Building Material Co.
Plant: Sanshiliu Wan Seedlings




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