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RAFA Design: 拉查达中心公寓位于泰国曼谷的一个重要中央商务区,该区的活动多种多样,有活跃的昼夜市井生活,对人们来说是很有魅力和吸引力的一个场所。然而除了生活的乐趣,有时人们仍然需要一个休憩之地,逃离社会和城市化,寻找到内心的平静,而中央区拉查达公寓就有这样一种平静祥和的感觉。

RAFA Design: A prime condominium, Centric, Ratchada, Huai Khwang, located in one of the most significant central business districts (CBDs) of Bangkok metropolis, Thailand. With area’s characteristics of various activities and vivid day & night street life around the clock, the district is charm and attractive for people to live in. Beside the joy of life, however, sometimes people still need the areas to rest and escape from society and urbanization, in order to fulfill their peace of mind. The Centric provides such a sense of calm and tranquility.


©Milk Photography



Landscape design areas are divided into 3 different zones — Ground floor, Facility & Swimming pool and Sky garden. The harmonization of pattern design (Lines and Bars) and planting design are carefully implemented within all zones.  The sculpture-like forms of trees are selected, while the mixture of shrubs are combined amazingly to create ‘modern tropical’ atmosphere, providing the feeling of relaxation and naturalistic while maintaining senses of order and cleanliness.



Ground Floor:

The corresponding of floor pattern with the building structures and columns, representing continuity and simplicity as design language, is one of the main key concepts in this zone, juxtaposed with meaningful pieces of green stripes and lawns making its overall area even more interesting and attractive. The main entrance is wisely emphasized by different rhythms and sizes of harmonized materials in this signature area as memorable and unforgettable space for users’ experience.


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Module formation, the completely adjoining of proportion among materials and building’s columns, is another major concern in this design. The selected shades of colors, Black, Dark gray and Light gray, provide the formal and prudent space with peaceful mood and also accentuate the architecture.


©Milk Photography
©Milk Photography




Facility & Swimming pool:

As the major amenities of the project, the facilities and swimming pool zone wherein residents will use their time mostly for relaxing and exercising, is seamlessly transferred design concepts from the Ground floor area. With the soften tone of materials’ colors and selections, the area is more naturalistic; for example, the infinity-edge swimming pool use natural stone flooring, reflecting the daylight spectrum into blue-green color and the resting areas, beside the pool, use artificial nature-like wood paving, all giving the naturally vibrant environment.


©Milk Photography
©Milk Photography



Medium-sized trees are selected for use in this zone in order to provide shade & shadow, privacy and intimate scale with natures. Most of them are contained in slim-edge planters to lighten feeling of design outlook and widen the space for utilization.


©Milk Photography
©Milk Photography


▼柔和的灯光为泳池区带来夜晚宁静的氛围  The soft light brings peaceful and calm to the area

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Sky Garden:

The ‘Climax’ space is named for this design area. Beside continuingly using lines and bars patterns, the new gimmick of elevated floor level, inspired from ‘Skyline of High-rise Buildings’ around the project, is proposed as marvelous design concept. Some of these elevated areas are relaxing courts, resting areas with benches and passage way, which generate interesting designs, using spaces underneath for other engineering building’s systems and giving more spaces for planting adjacent to the building.


©Milk Photography
©Milk Photography



The Sky Garden, at its both sides, connects to small ‘Pocket spaces’ as destination of the journey and the end of story of linkage lines and bars throughout the project from Ground Floor, Facility & Swimming Pool and Sky Garden, perfectly pronounce the concept of ‘Dynamic of Calm and Simplicity’.


▼地面层总平面  Ground Floor Layout Plan


▼地面层入口平面  Ground Floor Entrance Plan


▼屋顶层总平面  Roof Floor Layout Plan




项目名称: 中央区惠恭王拉查达公寓
设计年份: 2013年
完成年份: 2016年
设计: RAFA Design Office Co.,Ltd.
项目地点: 泰国曼谷
-场地面积: 5,960平方米
-设计面积: 1,950平方米
照片版权: Milk Photography
客户: SC Asset Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.

Project name: Centric Ratchada-Huai Khwang
Design Year: 2013
Completion Year: 2016+
Design: RAFA Design Office Co.,Ltd.
Project location: Bangkok, Thailand
Landscape Area:
-All: 5,960 Sq.m
-Design Area: 1,950 Sq.m
Photo credits: Milk Photography
Clients: SC Asset Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.


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