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JL Design:During the Xiaoman solar term (Grain Buds), spring is still in the air, and the summer heat has not yet arrived. The locust trees are lush and dense, with willow branches swaying in the wind, filled with warm and cool in the early summer. Stepping into the Central Palace at this time, a kind of years of peace experience lingers in the heart when the evening breeze of early summer on the face and the sound of raindrops and cicadas around the ear.



小得盈满 Near Fullness


The vitality of grass and trees, the serenity of water and corridors, the change of light and shadow, to feel the charm of nature in the details. Just like the solar term of Grain Buds, there is an answer for the time here, and still retain the expectation. Near fullness is a just right state. Wandering in the site, avoiding the disturbance around. Wherever my heart has settled down, there is my hometown, and the little happiness in the simplicity of life leads to the long-lasting bliss.



PART 1 浅夏初逢 隐匿的边界 Meet in the Early Summer: The Hidden Border



Camphor trees, the typical trees for Changsha City, are used as the main tree species in the street area, integrating with the neighborhood and weakening the sense of boundaries.

When entered the site, the first thing that struck me was the dense camphor forest. As the city tree of Changsha, camphor is used as the main tree species in the street area, mixed with the other camphor trees on municipal sidewalks, weakening the sense of boundaries and seamless integration with the city context. In the early summer, the new leaves of the camphor are verdant, contrasting with the old ones, giving off a fresh smell of camphor fragrance with a cozy feeling for people.




Like calligrapher Zhang Xu’s cursive script, the two sculptures are stable and vivacious standing above the water feature. Their dynamic postures seem to be like a dialog between sky and earth, it can’t help but recall the majestic and surging Xiangjiang River. Wrapped in this camphor forest, the noise of this internet-famous city gradually fades away with the sound of water gurgling, allowing us to focus more on this artistic conversation.


▽水景艺术雕塑 Waterscape art sculpture


PART2 光影叙事 时光的纹理 Narrative of Light and Shadow: Texture of Time



The sunlight in early summer is bright and clear and plays with the new leaves on branches, the light and shadow write down the traces of time.

When the gentle and bright summer light shines on the new leaves that have just climbed all over the branches, the beauty of the crystal clear outlines the texture of the leaves, showing the fine craftsmanship of nature. As the sunlight moves, the light and shadow jumps and flickers on the leaves with a feeling of vitality and energy.


▽景观跌水 Landscape drop



The four-layer water feature interacts with light and shadow, the shade on the stone wall is natural and dynamic. The simple sculpture with soft curves and natural texture looks more elegant in contrast to the water ripples.




When the morning light pours into the porch through the dense forest and purple flowers, the corner that is lit up is like shining into the heart, it is so warm and delicate. And the whole porch also becomes lighter and more elegant due to the addition of light.


▽户外休闲廊架 Outdoor lounge frame



Everything here gradually becomes a container of light and a theater of shadow. The freedom of light, the chase of shadow and the stay with water, accompanied by the coolness of early summer, everything is so harmonious and peaceful.




The hollowed wall allows the natural light to interact with the light inside the porch, presenting a much stronger visual perception and providing a more secluded experience. The greenery introduced through the hollow surface adds a touch of soft vitality to the porch, highlighting the vigor of early summer.




The wind and rain corridor, meandering and skillfully connecting the various nodes in the courtyard, brings an exquisite living experience and is more like a flowing scroll. It decorates every scene in the courtyard and creates an elegant and harmonious atmosphere.


▽风雨连廊 Wind and rain corridor


PART 3 初夏乐章 自然的回响 A Movement in Early Summer: Echoes of Nature



The natural vitality under the tree shade, the leisurely time near the waterside. The fresh breeze blows gently, life is like a musical movement.

A verse in Chinese poetry says, “From fountainheads water streaks out thin and quiet, soft and sunny are trees reflected in the pond.” In the early summer, when the leaves of the trees have just filled the branches, they are green and vigorous, which can form the shade and sunlight can be dripped. When people are seated here, they will find peace of mind. The curved water feature is chic and elegant, the thoughts will drift far away and beyond this part of the territory when looking out the wide lawn.




Following the guidance of light, found another corner of tranquility. The texture of the wall is richly layered, and the hollow frames are like an unfolding scroll, forming a landscape where the indoor and outdoor permeate each other.




The red maple is probably my favorite plant of the season, a little red in the midst of all the greenery and coloring this early summer.




In the evening, the verdant branches are still clear and vibrant, and the undulating and streamlined ground cover is as wonderful as the musical notation, which seems to be always ready to play the music of life.




The early summer is even better than spring, the breeze accompanied by the fragrance of flowers, the green leaves swaying, time seems to slow down the pace so that people are lost themselves in this quiet and beautiful summer time.




Changsha Central Palace is featured in the fourth issue of our theme product “Almost Always”. At the time of the Xiaoman solar term in May, we went into the project site and recorded the freshness and cheerfulness it presented in the early summer, and felt the delicacy and beauty of the early summer time in Changsha City.




摄影师:E-ar TARS

Project Name: Changsha CMSK · Central Palace
Completion: November 2023
Project Area: approximately 9,000 sq.m.
Project Location: Guansha Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Landscape Design: JL Design
Company Website: www.jlplan.cn
Email: qinjian@jllan.cn
Design Team: Zhang Zhang, Zhang Jianhua, Tan Xuewei, Li Zhe, Wei Tianjiao, Yang Kaixue, Xie Jiayu, Deng Xiaoxue, Xu Qianyue, Ding Zhangwei, Xue Rui, Ren Yunyu, Tian Tian, Zheng Jun, Liu Tao, He Jieyi, Xiang Hui, Liu Qin, Huang Qing, Liu Manyi
Developer: China Merchants Shekou Changsha Company
Photographer: E-ar TARS



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