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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: In 2019, Changsha Longhu Chunjianglicheng Exhibition Area was an excellent example of combining Changsha’s natural culture with modern landscape. The design concept of “out is prosperous, into is quiet” finally presents a unique riverside community in summer after 3 years of precipitation.


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The pure landscape environment is introduced into the community, and the function of natural enlightenment is further superimposed in these Spaces. By means of public sharing, people can get close to nature and gradually ease the embarrassment of isolation from nature, aiming to create a community space with a new good-neighborly relationship.



第一幕:繁华之中的绿心|The first act – The heart


Build a residence in the bustling riverside, isolated from the hustle and bustle, with natural tranquility, wrapped facial features, out of the bustling, into the quiet.



时光的入口 The entrance of time



Connecting the quiet and prosperous entrance, so that the first glance back home is the beginning of the holiday.

The surrounding environment of the project is noisy, and the image and dignity of the ceremony entrance maximize the high-quality experience of the project. When you walk into the project, you can only hear the sound of water, and when you bow down, about 3M cascades come into view, which not only reproduces the visual impact of the water of the Xiangjiang River, but also makes the space experience more three-dimensional and shield the outside interference.



一步入山林 Step into the forest


Suddenly I heard the sound of water, and went to find the sound, as soon as I stepped into the forest: in front of me, I saw the water leaping down in the green trees, and the water mist rising up, as if I had stepped into the forest and water stream. The natural water island regained consciousness here, just like the quiet roar.


▼入口水景鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the entrance water feature



Combined with its own height difference, with the shape of the water as the carrier, let the waterfall from about 6 meters out of the drop platform, reproduce the shocking scene of Xiangshui falling from high. In the ups and downs of the formation of staggered fall waterfall space.


▼挑台跌水 Fall into the water


流淌的轴线 Flowing axis


Content environment, situation blends return home axis: the road below tree shadow dance, recording the flow of time, the two sides of the symmetrical type of the road is surrounded by trees, forest falls water and waves light spring jubilant flowing, the wave light below sunshine and tree shadow interweave confluence, this is the beauty of the contemporary poetry below natural content environment and situation confluence.


▼轴线鸟瞰 Axis bird’s eye view

▼仪式感的轴线景观 Ritual axis landscape

▼雕塑与景墙跌水形成对景 The sculpture and the scenery wall fall into the opposite scenery

▼精致的细节处理 Exquisite detail processing


漂浮的花溪 Floating Flower Creek


The site conditions are skillfully used to add ecological interactive water streams, enrich children’s immersive playing experience through flower border, mist forest, tallow shade, etc. At the same time, the forest leisure area is set up to meet the needs of adults for social interaction, rest, care and other needs, and create an outdoor playing space for all ages.


▼漂浮花溪鸟瞰 Aerial view of floating flower stream


▼花境,雾森,乌桕林荫等,丰富儿童沉浸式游玩体验 Flower borders, fog forests, tallow trees, etc., enrich children’s immersive play experience



Through the cascading waterfall to carry on the prosperity of the outside world, across the axis, 8 meters height high zelkova trees are symmetrically planted on both sides, and the waterfalls under the trees and the wave light spring flows with joy. In the three-story sequence, plants, water sound, walls, rhythm, light and shadow construct a quiet world that breaks the time limit.


▼舒适的林阴休闲空间 Comfortable Linyin leisure space

▼水溪、花岛围合的木平台 Wooden platform enclosed by Shuixi and Huadao

▼充满意境的雾森休憩空间 A recreational space full of artistic conception in Wusen


第二幕:电影视角的假日周末|The second act – The movie


As far as the eye can see, it is exquisiteness and quality. Come here, live like the hero of the movie, life is more exciting than the movie, feel together…here·this time·this person



此地·迷人的日常生活 Here · Fascinating Daily Life


Some common vacation scenes are inserted to make daily life charming. Walking among plants, trees and water, tactile natural features enhance the connection with the natural world, and the attraction of green space makes people more willing to spend time enjoying this refreshing landscape.


▼日常的生活演绎着度假的场景 Daily life interprets the vacation scene


▼孩童在草坪中奔跑,与大自然亲密接触 Children running in the lawn, in close contact with nature


繁林间·书舍 Forest Room·Book House


The first central lawn meeting room equipped with air conditioning, book bar, TV and other comprehensive functions in Changsha is set up, which together with the central lawn forms the central park landscape, engraved with the memory of time and brings a holiday atmosphere.


▼中央草坪会客厅 Central Lawn Meeting Room

▼多功能的会客空间 Multifunctional meeting space


此刻·光影作诗 At the moment, light and shadow compose poems


With the growth of the forest, the garden presents changes. The scenery of the four seasons is different. The materials, grass leaves, colors and flowers together create a calm and lush atmosphere. When one paces in it, or sits at the water’s edge to rest in the shade, walking under the metasequoia tree, it is suddenly unaware of the passage of time.



记忆里的水杉林 Metasequoia forest in memory


150 metasequoia forest into a piece of planting, summer leaves are fine, the wind is silent, the four seasons are the scenery, at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the Chinese fir forest do catch, very ornamental.


▼水杉林鸟瞰 Aerial view of Metasequoia forest

▼漫步林间,感受四季 Walk in the woods and feel the four seasons

▼水杉林草坪里奔跑遛狗 Running and walking the dog on the lawn of Metasequoia forest


此人·皆为剧中人 This person is the person in the play


To provide a more comfortable way of life for people living in this community is the most sincere expectation of the designer as the “director of the scene” for the future life.




The integration system of homing ring and holiday ring creates a comfortable and rich holiday experience in the central landscape core, forming the concept of the integration of multiple functions and shared space. The vast lawn, the smart green island and the tallow garden road of metasequoia trees connect all the surrounding space nodes, presenting a community of mutual integration and extension.


▼园区中庭景观鸟瞰 A bird’s-eye view of the atrium of the park


第三幕:化身剧中人|The third act – The starring


When you walk back and forth, you are already immersed in the venue unknowingly. It is better to become the person in the play and wander in the comfort of holiday.



森林里的徜徉 Wandering in the forest


The shade of the forest allows children to return to the natural state of play, in the shadow of the mottled trees for a light game, here you can run, climb, overlook, also can slide, sand digging, painting, in the forest to touch the roll.


▼儿童乐园鸟瞰 Bird’s-eye view of children’s playground

▼掩映在森林里的游乐场 Playground hidden in the forest

▼种类丰富的游乐设施 Rich variety of rides


穿越森林归家 Go home through the forest


The lush trees form an open and quiet channel. In the landscape space, through the smooth curve of the garden road, the landscape is made by the plants with rich levels, forming a modern and quiet activity place, providing the space for users to stay and rest.


▼曲径通幽的林间步道 A winding path in the forest

▼舒适品质的归家园路 Comfortable and high-quality Guijiayuan Road



Through the enclosure of landscape plants and multi-level landscaping, an open and green outdoor meeting room is created, providing comfortable and comfortable space for residents to stay and talk, and bringing rich and diverse use feelings.


▼宅间景观鸟瞰 Aerial view of house landscape



The multi-functional climbing site provides outdoor leisure, meeting and negotiation, energetic fitness and ball games to meet the various functional needs of residents.


▼品质单元入户 Quality unit entry




项目名称:长沙龙湖 · 春江郦城大区

Project Name: Changsha Longfor · Chunjiang Licheng District
Entrusted Owner: Changsha Longhu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Party A’s designers: Wang Cong, Yang Xuemei, Zou Yuan
Landscape design: S.P.I Guangzhou Design Institute Changsha Branch
Architectural design: Shanghai Huizhangsi Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Hunan Lifang Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape photography: Yingchi Photography Studio
Video production: Yingchi Photography Studio & S.P.I Brand Department
Project location: Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Design area: 77000㎡
Design time: October 2018
Construction time: November 2020-October 2021



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