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WTD: The total TOD scale of Chengdu Administration College Station is about 947 acres of land.In the future, it will be built into a TOD complex life home with the integration of station and city.




In this big TOD city, different spaces are staggered and linked to form a line, connecting people’s different demands for travel, education, social interaction, etc.People derive more links and intricate associations from the blending of different time and space, and finally build an organism that integrates and penetrates with each other.


▽成都行政学院TOD是成都首批示范项目 TOD is one of the first demonstration projects in Chengdu


▽在场地中感受时间与空间的交融 Feel the blend of time and space in the site



Relying on the TOD of the School of Administration, the High Line Park is a community interior space that carries people’s vision for life.At the beginning of the design, we envisioned it as an expression of naturalistic aesthetics beyond its function, turning it into a place where people can rest both physically and mentally. The landscape emphasizes the multiple organic penetration of the community, ecological nature, and lifestyle, reconstructs the opening and closing of residential forms, and introduces beautiful life scenes into the community.


▽具有美好生活想象的社区空间 A community space with the vision of a better life



The High Line Park is an exploration of Chengdu’s “Future Park Community” plan. It realizes the integration of the community into the park, expresses the thinking about the ecological city, creates more scenes and interesting spaces, and allows people to have more connections in the space.


▽礼序是空间的嵌套和交融,是住宅的腔调 The sequence is the nesting and blending of space, the tone of the house


自然森林 Natural forest


As the last station of the TOD life mode, the landscape space needs to create a “slow travel system”. When people walk from a rushing subway station into a park-like community, they can quickly switch from a tense rhythm to a relaxed state.


▽绿意盎然的社区景观 Green community landscape



Trees with rich layers, shrubs of various colors, dense forests, and tropical groundcovers with peculiar leaves all together create a natural barrier for the community. It provides a colorful space for people to rest and socialize under the forest.


▽多变的植物类型带来丰富的视感官体验 Varied plant types bring rich visual and sensory experience



According to the plant design principle of adapting to local conditions and suitable trees, the designer considers the shape, texture, seasonal changes, ornamental characteristics, diversity and other factors of plants.



场景定制 Custom space


Focusing on people’s social interaction and connection in the community, more tailored functional spaces are needed, which not only displays emerging lifestyles, reflects the sense of space scene and interest, but also activates and promotes the formation of a new social circle.


▽不同大小功能的主题性场景,创造一片社交的小天地 Thematic scenes with different sizes of functions create a small social world



The addition of customized artworks increases the ornamental and artistic taste of the space, and uses the artistic frame to shape the picture to achieve an immersive landscape artistic conception.


▽水面上以艺术装置制成的火塘,火焰漂浮跳跃 Flames float and jump in an art installation on the water


细节质地 Quality and details



The matching of materials, texture and lines, color and shape, light and shadow, these details determine the quality and details of the space.

Wood-colored grille rack, delicate stone splicing, marble texture on the wall,The different materials create a unique texture, which makes the space more layered and textured between different natural lighting.


▽质地选择、拼接组合、色彩搭配,都体现设计的用心 Texture selection, stitching combination, color collocation, all reflect the intention of the design



The busy urban rhythm makes people always want to escape. The project allows us to re-examine the meaning of TOD – in addition to satisfying people’s demands for “convenience”, it also needs to satisfy “life” in the true sense.


▽从面到线到点,从色彩搭配到质感选择,重视每一处细节 From surface to line to point, from color collocation to texture choice, pay attention to every detail



设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 田乐 陈奥男 王云怡 彭柯人 李理 简梦婕 谷雨 王园园 贺谧 张燕 杨力 石雪婷 张书桢 兰明姝 郑卓璠 胡小梅 叶良有
甲方管理团队:唐星宇 纪敏 李兆喆 梅洛银
建筑设计:AAI国际建筑师事务所 / 中国建筑西南设计研究院有限公司

Project Name: Chengdu Vanke High Line Park
Owner: Vanke (Chengdu) Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Landscape area: 3000㎡
Project address: Yidu Avenue, Longquanyi District, Chengdu
Landscape Design: WTD GROUP
Design Team: Li Hui, Li Yan, Satian Le, Chen Ao, Wang Yunyi, Peng Keren, Li Lijian, Mengjie, Yuwang Garden, He Mi, Zhang Yan, Yang Li, Shi Xueting, Zhang Shuzhen, Lan Mingshu, Zheng Zhuofan, Hu Xiaomei, Yeliang,
Management Team: Tang Xingyu, Ji Min, Li Zhaozhemei Luo Yin
Architectural Design: AAI International Architects / China Architecture Southwest Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. Photography: xf-photography



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